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W2 PF02020.13 eIF4-gamma/eIF5/eIF2-epsilon

WaaY PF06176.6 Lipopolysaccharide core biosynthesis protein (WaaY)

WAC_Acf1_DNA_bd PF10537.4 ATP-utilising chromatin assembly and remodelling N-terminal

Waikav_capsid_1 PF12264.3 Waikavirus capsid protein 1

WAK PF08488.6 Wall-associated kinase

WAK_assoc PF14380.1 Wall-associated receptor kinase C-terminal

WAP PF00095.16 WAP-type (Whey Acidic Protein) 'four-disulfide core'

WAPL PF07814.8 Wings apart-like protein regulation of heterochromatin

WASH-7_C PF14746.1 WASH complex subunit 7, C-terminal

WASH-7_mid PF14744.1 WASH complex subunit 7

WASH-7_N PF14745.1 WASH complex subunit 7, N-terminal

WASH_WAHD PF11945.3 WAHD domain of WASH complex

WavE PF07507.6 WavE lipopolysaccharide synthesis

Wax2_C PF12076.3 WAX2 C-terminal domain

WBP-1 PF11669.3 WW domain-binding protein 1

Wbp11 PF09429.5 WW domain binding protein 11

WbqC PF08889.6 WbqC-like protein family

WBS28 PF15164.1 Williams-Beuren syndrome chromosomal region 28 protein homologue

WBS_methylT PF12589.3 Methyltransferase involved in Williams-Beuren syndrome

WCCH PF03716.9 WCCH motif

WCOR413 PF05562.6 Cold acclimation protein WCOR413

WD-3 PF09765.4 WD-repeat region

WD40 PF00400.27 WD domain, G-beta repeat

WD40_alt PF14077.1 Alternative WD40 repeat motif

WEMBL PF05701.6 Weak chloroplast movement under blue light

WES_acyltransf PF03007.11 Wax ester synthase-like Acyl-CoA acyltransferase domain

WGG PF10273.4 Pre-rRNA-processing protein TSR2

WGR PF05406.10 WGR domain

WG_beta_rep PF14903.1 WG containing repeat

WH1 PF00568.18 WH1 domain

WH2 PF02205.15 WH2 motif

WHEP-TRS PF00458.15 WHEP-TRS domain

WHG PF13305.1 WHG domain

WHH PF14414.1 A nuclease of the HNH/ENDO VII superfamily with conserved WHH

Whi5 PF08528.6 Whi5 like

WhiA_N PF10298.4 WhiA N-terminal LAGLIDADG-like domain

Whib PF02467.11 Transcription factor WhiB

WHIM1 PF15612.1 WSTF, HB1, Itc1p, MBD9 motif 1

WHIM2 PF15613.1 WSTF, HB1, Itc1p, MBD9 motif 2

WHIM3 PF15614.1 WSTF, HB1, Itc1p, MBD9 motif 3

Whirly PF08536.6 Whirly transcription factor

WI12 PF07107.6 Wound-induced protein WI12

WIF PF02019.13 WIF domain

WIYLD PF10440.4 Ubiquitin-binding WIYLD domain

WLM PF08325.5 WLM domain

WND PF07861.6 WisP family N-Terminal Region

Wound_ind PF08186.6 Wound-inducible basic protein family

WPP PF13943.1 WPP domain

WRC PF08879.5 WRC

WRKY PF03106.10 WRKY DNA -binding domain

WRW PF10206.4 Mitochondrial F1F0-ATP synthase, subunit f

WSC PF01822.14 WSC domain

WSK PF03832.8 WSK motif

WSN PF02206.13 Domain of unknown function

WSS_VP PF12175.3 White spot syndrome virus structural envelope protein VP

WT1 PF02165.10 Wilm's tumour protein

WTF PF03303.8 WTF protein

WTX PF09422.5 WTX protein

WVELL PF14043.1 WVELL protein

WW PF00397.21 WW domain

WWamide PF08258.6 WWamide peptide

WWbp PF10349.4 WW-domain ligand protein

WWE PF02825.15 WWE domain

Wx5_PLAF3D7 PF09688.5 Protein of unknown function (Wx5_PLAF3D7)

WXG100 PF06013.7 Proteins of 100 residues with WXG

WxL PF13731.1 WxL domain surface cell wall-binding

WYL PF13280.1 WYL domain

Wyosine_form PF08608.7 Wyosine base formation

Wzt_C PF14524.1 Wzt C-terminal domain

WzyE PF06899.6 WzyE protein

Wzy_C PF04932.10 O-Antigen ligase

Wzz PF02706.10 Chain length determinant protein

W_rich_C PF07483.6 Tryptophan-rich Synechocystis species C-terminal domain

wnt PF00110.14 wnt family