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V-ATPase_C PF03223.10 V-ATPase subunit C

V-ATPase_G PF03179.10 Vacuolar (H+)-ATPase G subunit

V-ATPase_H_C PF11698.3 V-ATPase subunit H

V-ATPase_H_N PF03224.9 V-ATPase subunit H

V-set PF07686.12 Immunoglobulin V-set domain

V-set_CD47 PF08204.6 CD47 immunoglobulin-like domain

V-SNARE PF05008.10 Vesicle transport v-SNARE protein N-terminus

V-SNARE_C PF12352.3 Snare region anchored in the vesicle membrane C-terminus

V1R PF03402.9 Vomeronasal organ pheromone receptor family, V1R

V4R PF02830.13 V4R domain

Vac14_Fab1_bd PF12755.2 Vacuolar 14 Fab1-binding region

Vac14_Fig4_bd PF11916.3 Vacuolar protein 14 C-terminal Fig4p binding

Vac7 PF12751.2 Vacuolar segregation subunit 7

VacA PF02691.10 Vacuolating cyotoxin

VacA2 PF03077.9 Putative vacuolating cytotoxin

VacJ PF04333.8 VacJ like lipoprotein

Vac_Fusion PF02346.11 Chordopoxvirus fusion protein

Vac_ImportDeg PF09783.4 Vacuolar import and degradation protein

VAD1-2 PF15310.1 Vitamin A-deficiency (VAD) rat model signalling

Val_tRNA-synt_C PF10458.4 Valyl tRNA synthetase tRNA binding arm

Vanabin-2 PF11437.3 Vanadium-binding protein 2

VanW PF04294.8 VanW like protein

VanY PF02557.12 D-alanyl-D-alanine carboxypeptidase

VanZ PF04892.7 VanZ like family

VAR1 PF05316.7 Mitochondrial ribosomal protein (VAR1)

VARLMGL PF14383.1 DUF761-associated sequence motif

Varsurf_PPLC PF03490.8 Variant-surface-glycoprotein phospholipase C

Vasculin PF15337.1 Vascular protein family Vasculin-like 1

Vasohibin PF14822.1 Vasohibin

VASP_tetra PF08776.6 VASP tetramerisation domain

Vault PF01505.13 Major Vault Protein repeat

VBS PF08913.5 Vinculin Binding Site

VCBS PF13517.1 Repeat domain in Vibrio, Colwellia, Bradyrhizobium and Shewanella

VCX_VCY PF15231.1 Variable charge X/Y family

VD10_N PF08476.5 Viral D10 N-terminal

VDE PF07137.6 Violaxanthin de-epoxidase (VDE)

VEFS-Box PF09733.4 VEFS-Box of polycomb protein

VEGF_C PF14554.1 VEGF heparin-binding domain

VEK-30 PF12107.3 Plasminogen (Pg) ligand in fibrinolytic pathway

Vel1p PF10339.4 Yeast-specific zinc responsive

Velvet PF11754.3 Velvet factor

VERL PF11386.3 Vitelline envelope receptor for lysin

Vert_HS_TF PF06546.6 Vertebrate heat shock transcription factor

Vert_IL3-reg_TF PF06529.6 Vertebrate interleukin-3 regulated transcription factor

VESA1_N PF12785.2 Variant erythrocyte surface antigen-1

Vesiculo_matrix PF06326.7 Vesiculovirus matrix protein

Vezatin PF12632.2 Mysoin-binding motif of peroxisomes

Vfa1 PF08432.5 AAA-ATPase Vps4-associated protein 1

VGCC_alpha2 PF08473.6 Neuronal voltage-dependent calcium channel alpha 2acd

VGCC_beta4Aa_N PF12052.3 Voltage gated calcium channel subunit beta domain 4Aa N terminal

VGLL4 PF15245.1 Transcription cofactor vestigial-like protein 4

Vg_Tdu PF07545.9 Vestigial/Tondu family

VHL PF01847.11 von Hippel-Lindau disease tumour suppressor protein

VHP PF02209.14 Villin headpiece domain

Vhr1 PF04001.8 Transcription factor Vhr1

VHS PF00790.14 VHS domain

Vicilin_N PF04702.7 Vicilin N terminal region

VID27 PF08553.5 VID27 cytoplasmic protein

Vif PF00559.12 Retroviral Vif (Viral infectivity) protein

VIGSSK PF14773.1 Helicase-associated putative binding domain, C-terminal

Vinculin PF01044.14 Vinculin family

Vint PF14623.1 Hint-domain

Vip3A_N PF12495.3 Vegetative insecticide protein 3A N terminal

Viral_Beta_CD PF04530.7 Viral Beta C/D like family

Viral_coat PF00729.13 Viral coat protein (S domain)

Viral_cys_rich PF08008.7 Viral cysteine rich

Viral_DNA_bi PF02236.12 Viral DNA-binding protein, all alpha domain

Viral_DNA_bp PF00747.12 ssDNA binding protein

Viral_DNA_Zn_bi PF03728.8 Viral DNA-binding protein, zinc binding domain

Viral_env_E26 PF11050.3 Virus envelope protein E26

Viral_helicase1 PF01443.13 Viral (Superfamily 1) RNA helicase

Viral_Hsp90 PF03225.9 Viral heat shock protein Hsp90 homologue

Viral_NABP PF05515.6 Viral nucleic acid binding

Viral_P18 PF04521.8 ssRNA positive strand viral 18kD cysteine rich protein

Viral_protease PF08715.5 Papain like viral protease

Viral_Rep PF02407.11 Putative viral replication protein

VirArc_Nuclease PF12187.3 Viral/Archaeal nuclease

VirB3 PF05101.8 Type IV secretory pathway, VirB3-like protein

VirB8 PF04335.8 VirB8 protein

VirC1 PF07015.6 VirC1 protein

VirC2 PF07181.6 VirC2 protein

VirD1 PF07328.6 T-DNA border endonuclease VirD1

VirDNA-topo-I_N PF09266.5 Viral DNA topoisomerase I, N-terminal

VirE PF05272.6 Virulence-associated protein E

VirE1 PF12189.3 Single-strand DNA-binding protein

VirE2 PF07229.7 VirE2

VirE3 PF06661.6 VirE3

VirE_N PF08800.5 VirE N-terminal domain

VirionAssem_T7 PF11653.3 Bacteriophage T7 virion assembly protein

VirJ PF06057.6 Bacterial virulence protein (VirJ)

VirK PF06903.7 VirK protein

Virulence_fact PF13769.1 Virulence factor

Virulence_RhuM PF13310.1 Virulence protein RhuM family

Virul_Fac PF10139.4 Putative bacterial virulence factor

Virul_fac_BrkB PF03631.10 Virulence factor BrkB

Vir_act_alpha_C PF10400.4 Virulence activator alpha C-term

VIT PF08487.5 Vault protein inter-alpha-trypsin domain

VIT1 PF01988.14 VIT family

VitD-bind_III PF09164.5 Vitamin D binding protein, domain III

Vitelline_membr PF10542.4 Vitelline membrane cysteine-rich region

Vitellogenin_N PF01347.17 Lipoprotein amino terminal region

VitK2_biosynth PF02621.9 Menaquinone biosynthesis

VIT_2 PF13757.1 Vault protein inter-alpha-trypsin domain

VKG_Carbox PF05090.9 Vitamin K-dependent gamma-carboxylase

VKOR PF07884.9 Vitamin K epoxide reductase family

VlpA_repeat PF04649.7 Mycoplasma hyorhinis VlpA repeat

VLPT PF07122.6 Variable length PCR target protein (VLPT)

Vma12 PF11712.3 Endoplasmic reticulum-based factor for assembly of V-ATPase

VMA21 PF09446.5 VMA21-like domain

Vmethyltransf PF01660.12 Viral methyltransferase

Vmethyltransf_C PF08456.5 Viral methyltransferase C-terminal

Voldacs PF03517.8 Regulator of volume decrease after cellular swelling

Voltage_CLC PF00654.15 Voltage gated chloride channel

VOMI PF03762.12 Vitelline membrane outer layer protein I (VOMI)

VP40 PF07447.7 Matrix protein VP40

VP4_2 PF08935.5 Viral protein VP4 subunit

VP4_haemagglut PF00426.13 Outer Capsid protein VP4 (Hemagglutinin)

VP7 PF00434.13 Glycoprotein VP7

VP9 PF09625.5 VP9 protein

VPEP PF07589.6 PEP-CTERM motif

VPR PF00522.13 VPR/VPX protein

VPS11_C PF12451.3 Vacuolar protein sorting protein 11 C terminal

Vps16_C PF04840.7 Vps16, C-terminal region

Vps16_N PF04841.8 Vps16, N-terminal region

Vps23_core PF09454.5 Vps23 core domain

Vps26 PF03643.10 Vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 26

VPS28 PF03997.7 VPS28 protein

Vps35 PF03635.12 Vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 35

Vps36_ESCRT-II PF11605.3 Vacuolar protein sorting protein 36 Vps36

Vps39_1 PF10366.4 Vacuolar sorting protein 39 domain 1

Vps39_2 PF10367.4 Vacuolar sorting protein 39 domain 2

Vps4_C PF09336.5 Vps4 C terminal oligomerisation domain

Vps5 PF09325.5 Vps5 C terminal like

Vps51 PF08700.6 Vps51/Vps67

Vps52 PF04129.7 Vps52 / Sac2 family

Vps53_N PF04100.7 Vps53-like, N-terminal

Vps54 PF07928.7 Vps54-like protein

Vps55 PF04133.9 Vacuolar protein sorting 55

Vps8 PF12816.2 Golgi CORVET complex core vacuolar protein 8

VPS9 PF02204.13 Vacuolar sorting protein 9 (VPS9) domain

Vpu PF00558.14 Vpu protein

VP_N-CPKC PF11475.3 Virion protein N terminal domain

VQ PF05678.9 VQ motif

VRP1 PF03538.9 Salmonella virulence plasmid 28.1kDa A protein

VRP3 PF03536.10 Salmonella virulence-associated 28kDa protein

VRR_NUC PF08774.6 VRR-NUC domain

VSG_B PF13206.1 Trypanosomal VSG domain

VSP PF03302.8 Giardia variant-specific surface protein

Vsr PF03852.10 DNA mismatch endonuclease Vsr

VTC PF09359.5 VTC domain

VWA PF00092.23 von Willebrand factor type A domain

Vwaint PF14624.1 VWA / Hh

VWA_2 PF13519.1 von Willebrand factor type A domain

VWA_3 PF13768.1 von Willebrand factor type A domain

VWA_CoxE PF05762.9 VWA domain containing CoxE-like protein

VWA_N PF08399.6 VWA N-terminal

VWC PF00093.13 von Willebrand factor type C domain

VWD PF00094.20 von Willebrand factor type D domain

V_ATPase_I PF01496.14 V-type ATPase 116kDa subunit family

V_cholerae_RfbT PF05575.6 Vibrio cholerae RfbT protein

v110 PF01639.12 Viral family 110

vATP-synt_AC39 PF01992.11 ATP synthase (C/AC39) subunit

vATP-synt_E PF01991.13 ATP synthase (E/31 kDa) subunit

vMSA PF00695.14 Major surface antigen from hepadnavirus

vWA-TerF-like PF10138.4 vWA found in TerF C terminus

vWF_A PF12450.3 von Willebrand factor