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P-II PF00543.17 Nitrogen regulatory protein P-II

P-mevalo_kinase PF04275.9 Phosphomevalonate kinase

P12 PF12669.2 Virus attachment protein p12 family

P120R PF08062.6 P120R (NUC006) repeat

P16-Arc PF04699.9 ARP2/3 complex 16 kDa subunit (p16-Arc)

P19Arf_N PF07392.7 Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2a p19Arf N-terminus

P2 PF07194.6 P2 response regulator binding domain

P21-Arc PF04062.9 ARP2/3 complex ARPC3 (21 kDa) subunit

P22_AR_C PF10548.4 P22AR C-terminal domain

P22_AR_N PF10547.4 P22_AR N-terminal domain

P22_CoatProtein PF11651.3 P22 coat protein - gene protein 5

P22_Cro PF14549.1 DNA-binding transcriptional regulator Cro

P22_Tail-4 PF11650.3 P22 tail accessory factor

P2X_receptor PF00864.14 ATP P2X receptor

P2_Phage_GpR PF06891.6 P2 phage tail completion protein R (GpR)

P30 PF07390.6 Mycoplasma P30 protein

P33MONOX PF15302.1 P33 mono-oxygenase

P34-Arc PF04045.9 Arp2/3 complex, 34 kD subunit p34-Arc

P35 PF02331.10 Apoptosis preventing protein

P3A PF08727.6 Poliovirus 3A protein like

P4Ha_N PF08336.6 Prolyl 4-Hydroxylase alpha-subunit, N-terminal region

P5-ATPase PF12409.3 P5-type ATPase cation transporter

P53 PF00870.13 P53 DNA-binding domain

P53_C PF11619.3 Transcription factor P53 - C terminal domain

P53_TAD PF08563.6 P53 transactivation motif

P53_tetramer PF07710.6 P53 tetramerisation motif

P5CR_dimer PF14748.1 Pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase dimerisation

P63C PF10546.4 P63C domain

P68HR PF08061.6 P68HR (NUC004) repeat

PA PF02225.17 PA domain

PA-IIL PF07472.6 Fucose-binding lectin II (PA-IIL)

PA-IL PF07828.7 PA-IL-like protein

PA14 PF07691.7 PA14 domain

PA14_2 PF10528.4 GLEYA domain

PA26 PF04636.8 PA26 p53-induced protein (sestrin)

PA28_alpha PF02251.13 Proteasome activator pa28 alpha subunit

PA28_beta PF02252.13 Proteasome activator pa28 beta subunit

PaaA_PaaC PF05138.7 Phenylacetic acid catabolic protein

PaaB PF06243.6 Phenylacetic acid degradation B

PAAR_motif PF05488.8 PAAR motif

PaaSYMP PF14738.1 Solute carrier (proton/amino acid symporter), TRAMD3 or PAT1

PaaX PF07848.7 PaaX-like protein

PaaX_C PF08223.6 PaaX-like protein C-terminal domain

Pab87_oct PF13969.1 Pab87 octamerisation domain

PABP PF00658.13 Poly-adenylate binding protein, unique domain

PAC2 PF09754.4 PAC2 family

Pacifastin_I PF05375.8 Pacifastin inhibitor (LCMII)

Packaging_FI PF14000.1 DNA packaging protein FI

Pacs-1 PF10254.4 PACS-1 cytosolic sorting protein

PACT_coil_coil PF10495.4 Pericentrin-AKAP-450 domain of centrosomal targeting protein

PAD PF03068.10 Protein-arginine deiminase (PAD)

PadR PF03551.9 Transcriptional regulator PadR-like family

PADR1 PF08063.7 PADR1 (NUC008) domain

PAD_M PF08527.5 Protein-arginine deiminase (PAD) middle domain

PAD_N PF08526.5 Protein-arginine deiminase (PAD) N-terminal domain

PAD_porph PF04371.10 Porphyromonas-type peptidyl-arginine deiminase

PAE PF03283.8 Pectinacetylesterase

PAF-AH_p_II PF03403.8 Platelet-activating factor acetylhydrolase, isoform II

Paf1 PF03985.8 Paf1

Paf67 PF10255.4 RNA polymerase I-associated factor PAF67

PAG PF15347.1 Phosphoprotein associated with glycosphingolipid-enriched

PAGK PF15284.1 Phage-encoded virulence factor

PagL PF09411.5 Lipid A 3-O-deacylase (PagL)

PagP PF07017.6 Antimicrobial peptide resistance and lipid A acylation protein PagP

PAH PF02671.16 Paired amphipathic helix repeat

Paired_CXXCH_1 PF09699.5 Doubled CXXCH motif (Paired_CXXCH_1)

Pal1 PF08316.6 Pal1 cell morphology protein

PalH PF08733.5 PalH/RIM21

Palm_thioest PF02089.10 Palmitoyl protein thioesterase

PALP PF00291.20 Pyridoxal-phosphate dependent enzyme

Pam16 PF03656.8 Pam16

Pam17 PF08566.5 Mitochondrial import protein Pam17

PAM2 PF07145.10 Ataxin-2 C-terminal region

Pantoate_ligase PF02569.10 Pantoate-beta-alanine ligase

Pantoate_transf PF02548.10 Ketopantoate hydroxymethyltransferase

PAN_1 PF00024.21 PAN domain

PAN_2 PF08276.6 PAN-like domain

PAN_3 PF08277.7 PAN-like domain

PAN_4 PF14295.1 PAN domain

Pan_kinase PF03309.9 Type III pantothenate kinase

PaO PF08417.7 Pheophorbide a oxygenase

PAP1 PF08601.5 Transcription factor PAP1

PAP2 PF01569.16 PAP2 superfamily

PAP2_3 PF14378.1 PAP2 superfamily

PAP2_C PF14360.1 PAP2 superfamily C-terminal

PAPA-1 PF04795.7 PAPA-1-like conserved region

PapB PF03333.8 Adhesin biosynthesis transcription regulatory protein

PapC_C PF13953.1 PapC C-terminal domain

PapC_N PF13954.1 PapC N-terminal domain

PapD-like PF14874.1 Flagellar-associated PapD-like

PapD_C PF02753.12 Pili assembly chaperone PapD, C-terminal domain

PapD_N PF00345.15 Pili and flagellar-assembly chaperone, PapD N-terminal domain

PapG_C PF03628.8 PapG chaperone-binding domain

PapG_N PF03627.8 PapG carbohydrate binding domain

Papilloma_E5 PF03025.9 Papillomavirus E5

Papilloma_E5A PF05776.7 Papillomavirus E5A protein

PapJ PF14855.1 Pilus-assembly fibrillin subunit, chaperone

Papo_T_antigen PF02380.10 T-antigen specific domain

PAPS_reduct PF01507.14 Phosphoadenosine phosphosulfate reductase family

PAP_assoc PF03828.14 Cid1 family poly A polymerase

PAP_central PF04928.12 Poly(A) polymerase central domain

Pap_E4 PF02711.9 E4 protein

PAP_fibrillin PF04755.7 PAP_fibrillin

PAP_PilO PF06864.7 Pilin accessory protein (PilO)

PAP_RNA-bind PF04926.10 Poly(A) polymerase predicted RNA binding domain

PAR1 PF06521.6 PAR1 protein

ParA PF10609.4 ParA/MinD ATPase like

Paralemmin PF03285.10 Paralemmin

Paramecium_SA PF01508.11 Paramecium surface antigen domain

Paramyxo_C PF01692.13 Paramyxovirus non-structural protein c

Paramyxo_ncap PF00973.14 Paramyxovirus nucleocapsid protein

Paramyxo_NS_C PF02725.9 Non-structural protein C

Paramyxo_P PF01806.12 Paramyxovirinae P phosphoprotein C-terminal region

Paramyxo_PCT PF14320.1 Phosphoprotein P region PCT disordered

Paramyxo_PNT PF13825.1 Paramyxovirus structural protein V/P N-terminus

Paramyx_P_V_C PF03210.8 Paramyxovirus P/V phosphoprotein C-terminal

Parathyroid PF01279.12 Parathyroid hormone family

ParB PF08775.5 ParB family

ParBc PF02195.13 ParB-like nuclease domain

ParBc_2 PF08857.6 Putative ParB-like nuclease

ParcG PF10274.4 Parkin co-regulated protein

ParD PF09386.5 Antitoxin ParD

Pardaxin PF07425.6 Pardaxin

Parecho_VpG PF06344.6 Parechovirus Genome-linked protein

PaREP1 PF05942.6 Archaeal PaREP1/PaREP8 family

PaRep2a PF07903.6 PaRep2a protein

PaRep2b PF07775.6 PaRep2b protein

ParG PF09274.5 ParG

PARG_cat PF05028.9 Poly (ADP-ribose) glycohydrolase (PARG)

PARP PF00644.15 Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase catalytic domain

PARP_reg PF02877.9 Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase, regulatory domain

PARP_regulatory PF01358.13 Poly A polymerase regulatory subunit

Parvo_coat PF00740.13 Parvovirus coat protein VP2

Parvo_coat_N PF08398.5 Parvovirus coat protein VP1

Parvo_NS1 PF01057.12 Parvovirus non-structural protein NS1

PAS PF00989.19 PAS fold

PASTA PF03793.14 PASTA domain

PAS_10 PF13596.1 PAS domain

PAS_11 PF14598.1 PAS domain

PAS_2 PF08446.6 PAS fold

PAS_3 PF08447.6 PAS fold

PAS_4 PF08448.5 PAS fold

PAS_5 PF07310.8 PAS domain

PAS_6 PF08348.6 YheO-like PAS domain

PAS_7 PF12860.2 PAS fold

PAS_8 PF13188.1 PAS domain

PAS_9 PF13426.1 PAS domain

Pas_Saposin PF09016.5 Pas factor saposin fold

PAT1 PF09770.4 Topoisomerase II-associated protein PAT1

Patatin PF01734.17 Patatin-like phospholipase

Patched PF02460.13 Patched family

Pathogen_betaC1 PF09593.5 Beta-satellite pathogenicity beta C1 protein

PAX PF00292.13 'Paired box' domain

Pax2_C PF12403.3 Paired-box protein 2 C terminal

Pax7 PF12360.3 Paired box protein 7

Paxillin PF03535.8 Paxillin family

PAXIP1_C PF15364.1 PAXIP1-associated-protein-1 C term PTIP binding protein

PAXNEB PF05625.6 PAXNEB protein

PAZ PF02170.17 PAZ domain

PAZ_siRNAbind PF12212.3 Piwi/Argonaute/Zwille siRNA-binding domain

PA_decarbox PF05870.6 Phenolic acid decarboxylase (PAD)

PB1 PF00564.19 PB1 domain

PB1-F2 PF11986.3 Influenza A Proapoptotic protein

PBAN PF05874.6 Pheromone biosynthesis activating neuropeptide (PBAN)

PBC PF03792.8 PBC domain

PBCV_basic_adap PF08789.5 PBCV-specific basic adaptor domain

PBD PF00786.23 P21-Rho-binding domain

PBP PF01161.15 Phosphatidylethanolamine-binding protein

PBP-Tp47_a PF14889.1 Penicillin-binding protein Tp47 domain a

PBP-Tp47_c PF14888.1 Penicillin-binding protein Tp47 domain C

PBP1_TM PF14812.1 Transmembrane domain of transglycosylase PBP1 at N-terminal

PBP5_C PF07943.8 Penicillin-binding protein 5, C-terminal domain

PBP_dimer PF03717.10 Penicillin-binding Protein dimerisation domain

PBP_GOBP PF01395.17 PBP/GOBP family

PBP_like PF12727.2 PBP superfamily domain

PBP_like_2 PF12849.2 PBP superfamily domain

PBP_sp32 PF07222.7 Proacrosin binding protein sp32

PBS_linker_poly PF00427.16 Phycobilisome Linker polypeptide

PC-Esterase PF13839.1 GDSL/SGNH-like Acyl-Esterase family found in Pmr5 and Cas1p

PC4 PF02229.11 Transcriptional Coactivator p15 (PC4)

PCAF_N PF06466.6 PCAF (P300/CBP-associated factor) N-terminal domain

Pcc1 PF09341.5 Transcription factor Pcc1

PCDO_beta_N PF12391.3 Protocatechuate 3,4-dioxygenase beta subunit N terminal

PCEMA1 PF07418.6 Acidic phosphoprotein precursor PCEMA1

PcF PF09461.5 Phytotoxin PcF protein

PcfJ PF14284.1 PcfJ-like protein

PcfK PF14058.1 PcfK-like protein

PCI PF01399.22 PCI domain

PCIF1_WW PF12237.3 Phosphorylated CTD interacting factor 1 WW domain

PCI_Csn8 PF10075.4 COP9 signalosome, subunit CSN8

PCMT PF01135.14 Protein-L-isoaspartate(D-aspartate) O-methyltransferase (PCMT)

PCNA_C PF02747.10 Proliferating cell nuclear antigen, C-terminal domain

PCNA_N PF00705.13 Proliferating cell nuclear antigen, N-terminal domain

PCNP PF15473.1 PEST, proteolytic signal-containing nuclear protein family

PCP PF02429.10 Peridinin-chlorophyll A binding protein

PCP_red PF08369.5 Proto-chlorophyllide reductase 57 kD subunit

PcrB PF01884.12 PcrB family

PCRF PF03462.13 PCRF domain

PCYCGC PF13798.1 Protein of unknown function with PCYCGC motif

PC_rep PF01851.17 Proteasome/cyclosome repeat

PD-C2-AF1 PF09310.5 POU domain, class 2, associating factor 1

PD40 PF07676.7 WD40-like Beta Propeller Repeat

Pdase_C33_assoc PF14756.1 Peptidase_C33-associated domain

PDCD2_C PF04194.8 Programmed cell death protein 2, C-terminal putative domain

PDCD9 PF07147.7 Mitochondrial 28S ribosomal protein S30 (PDCD9)

PDDEXK_1 PF12705.2 PD-(D/E)XK nuclease superfamily

PDDEXK_2 PF12784.2 PD-(D/E)XK nuclease family transposase

PDDEXK_3 PF13366.1 PD-(D/E)XK nuclease superfamily

PDDEXK_4 PF14281.1 PD-(D/E)XK nuclease superfamily

PDDEXK_5 PF11645.3 PD-(D/E)XK endonuclease

PDE6_gamma PF04868.7 Retinal cGMP phosphodiesterase, gamma subunit

PDE8 PF08629.5 PDE8 phosphodiesterase

PDEase_I PF00233.14 3'5'-cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase

PDEase_II PF02112.10 cAMP phosphodiesterases class-II

PDEase_I_N PF08499.7 3'5'-cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase N-terminal

PDGF PF00341.12 PDGF/VEGF domain

PDGF_N PF04692.8 Platelet-derived growth factor, N terminal region

PDGLE PF13190.1 PDGLE domain

PDH PF02153.12 Prephenate dehydrogenase

PDR_assoc PF08370.6 Plant PDR ABC transporter associated

PDR_CDR PF06422.7 CDR ABC transporter

PDT PF00800.13 Prephenate dehydratase

PduL PF06130.7 Propanediol utilisation protein PduL

PduV-EutP PF10662.4 Ethanolamine utilisation - propanediol utilisation

PdxA PF04166.7 Pyridoxal phosphate biosynthetic protein PdxA

PdxJ PF03740.8 Pyridoxal phosphate biosynthesis protein PdxJ

PDZ PF00595.19 PDZ domain (Also known as DHR or GLGF)

PDZ_1 PF12812.2 PDZ-like domain

PDZ_2 PF13180.1 PDZ domain

PDZ_assoc PF10600.4 PDZ-associated domain of NMDA receptors

PE PF00934.15 PE family

PE-PPE PF08237.6 PE-PPE domain

Pea-VEAacid PF08111.6 Pea-VEAacid family

PEARLI-4 PF05278.7 Arabidopsis phospholipase-like protein (PEARLI 4)

Pecanex_C PF05041.10 Pecanex protein (C-terminus)

Pectate_lyase PF03211.8 Pectate lyase

Pectate_lyase22 PF14583.1 Oligogalacturonate lyase

Pectate_lyase_2 PF06917.7 Periplasmic pectate lyase

Pectate_lyase_3 PF12708.2 Pectate lyase superfamily protein

Pectinesterase PF01095.14 Pectinesterase

Pec_lyase PF09492.5 Pectic acid lyase

Pec_lyase_C PF00544.14 Pectate lyase

Pec_lyase_N PF04431.8 Pectate lyase, N terminus

Pedibin PF08182.6 Pedibin/Hym-346 family

PEGA PF08308.6 PEGA domain

PEGSRP PF07623.6 Protein of unknown function (DUF1584)

PEHE PF15275.1 PEHE domain

Pellino PF04710.9 Pellino

PELOTA_1 PF15608.1 PELOTA RNA binding domain

PemK PF02452.12 PemK-like protein

PEMT PF04191.8 Phospholipid methyltransferase

PEN-2 PF10251.4 Presenilin enhancer-2 subunit of gamma secretase

Penaeidin PF05927.6 Penaeidin

Penicillinase_R PF03965.11 Penicillinase repressor

Penicil_amidase PF01804.13 Penicillin amidase

Pentapeptide PF00805.17 Pentapeptide repeats (8 copies)

Pentapeptide_2 PF01469.13 Pentapeptide repeats (8 copies)

Pentapeptide_3 PF13576.1 Pentapeptide repeats (9 copies)

Pentapeptide_4 PF13599.1 Pentapeptide repeats (9 copies)

Pentaxin PF00354.12 Pentaxin family

PEP-utilisers_N PF05524.8 PEP-utilising enzyme, N-terminal

PEP-utilizers PF00391.18 PEP-utilising enzyme, mobile domain

PEP-utilizers_C PF02896.13 PEP-utilising enzyme, TIM barrel domain

Pep3_Vps18 PF05131.9 Pep3/Vps18/deep orange family

PEPcase PF00311.12 Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase

PEPcase_2 PF14010.1 Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase

PEPCK PF00821.13 Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase

PEPCK_ATP PF01293.15 Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase

Pepsin-I3 PF06394.8 Pepsin inhibitor-3-like repeated domain

PepSY PF03413.14 Peptidase propeptide and YPEB domain

PepSY_2 PF13670.1 Peptidase propeptide and YPEB domain

PepSY_TM PF03929.11 PepSY-associated TM helix

PepSY_TM_1 PF13172.1 PepSY-associated TM helix

PepSY_TM_2 PF13703.1 PepSY-associated TM helix

PepSY_TM_3 PF13706.1 PepSY-associated TM helix

Peptidase_A17 PF05380.8 Pao retrotransposon peptidase

Peptidase_A21 PF03566.8 Peptidase family A21

Peptidase_A22B PF04258.8 Signal peptide peptidase

Peptidase_A24 PF01478.13 Type IV leader peptidase family

Peptidase_A25 PF03418.9 Germination protease

Peptidase_A2B PF12384.3 Ty3 transposon peptidase

Peptidase_A2E PF12382.3 Retrotransposon peptidase

Peptidase_A3 PF02160.10 Cauliflower mosaic virus peptidase (A3)

Peptidase_A4 PF01828.12 Peptidase A4 family

Peptidase_A6 PF01829.11 Peptidase A6 family

Peptidase_A8 PF01252.13 Signal peptidase (SPase) II

Peptidase_C1 PF00112.18 Papain family cysteine protease

Peptidase_C10 PF01640.12 Peptidase C10 family

Peptidase_C11 PF03415.9 Clostripain family

Peptidase_C12 PF01088.16 Ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase, family 1

Peptidase_C13 PF01650.13 Peptidase C13 family

Peptidase_C14 PF00656.17 Caspase domain

Peptidase_C15 PF01470.12 Pyroglutamyl peptidase

Peptidase_C16 PF01831.12 Peptidase C16 family

Peptidase_C1_2 PF03051.10 Peptidase C1-like family

Peptidase_C2 PF00648.16 Calpain family cysteine protease

Peptidase_C21 PF05381.7 Tymovirus endopeptidase

Peptidase_C23 PF05379.6 Carlavirus endopeptidase

Peptidase_C24 PF03510.9 2C endopeptidase (C24) cysteine protease family

Peptidase_C25 PF01364.13 Peptidase family C25

Peptidase_C25_C PF03785.9 Peptidase family C25, C terminal ig-like domain

Peptidase_C26 PF07722.8 Peptidase C26

Peptidase_C27 PF05407.7 Rubella virus endopeptidase

Peptidase_C28 PF05408.6 Foot-and-mouth virus L-proteinase

Peptidase_C3 PF00548.15 3C cysteine protease (picornain 3C)

Peptidase_C30 PF05409.8 Coronavirus endopeptidase C30

Peptidase_C31 PF05410.8 Porcine arterivirus-type cysteine proteinase alpha

Peptidase_C32 PF05411.7 Equine arteritis virus putative proteinase

Peptidase_C33 PF05412.7 Equine arterivirus Nsp2-type cysteine proteinase

Peptidase_C34 PF05413.6 Putative closterovirus papain-like endopeptidase

Peptidase_C36 PF05415.6 Beet necrotic yellow vein furovirus-type papain-like endopeptidase

Peptidase_C37 PF05416.7 Southampton virus-type processing peptidase

Peptidase_C39 PF03412.10 Peptidase C39 family

Peptidase_C39_2 PF13529.1 Peptidase_C39 like family

Peptidase_C3G PF12381.3 Tungro spherical virus-type peptidase

Peptidase_C4 PF00863.14 Peptidase family C4

Peptidase_C41 PF05417.6 Hepatitis E cysteine protease

Peptidase_C42 PF05533.7 Beet yellows virus-type papain-like endopeptidase C42

Peptidase_C47 PF05543.8 Staphopain peptidase C47

Peptidase_C48 PF02902.14 Ulp1 protease family, C-terminal catalytic domain

Peptidase_C5 PF00770.13 Adenovirus endoprotease

Peptidase_C50 PF03568.12 Peptidase family C50

Peptidase_C53 PF05550.6 Pestivirus Npro endopeptidase C53

Peptidase_C54 PF03416.14 Peptidase family C54

Peptidase_C57 PF03290.8 Vaccinia virus I7 processing peptidase

Peptidase_C58 PF03543.9 Yersinia/Haemophilus virulence surface antigen

Peptidase_C6 PF00851.13 Helper component proteinase

Peptidase_C62 PF12380.3 Gill-associated viral 3C-like peptidase

Peptidase_C65 PF10275.4 Peptidase C65 Otubain

Peptidase_C69 PF03577.10 Peptidase family C69

Peptidase_C7 PF01830.13 Peptidase C7 family

Peptidase_C70 PF12385.3 Papain-like cysteine protease AvrRpt2

Peptidase_C71 PF12386.3 Pseudomurein endo-isopeptidase Pei

Peptidase_C74 PF12387.3 Pestivirus NS2 peptidase

Peptidase_C78 PF07910.8 Peptidase family C78

Peptidase_C8 PF03569.8 Peptidase family C8

Peptidase_C80 PF11713.3 Peptidase C80 family

Peptidase_C9 PF01707.11 Peptidase family C9

Peptidase_C93 PF06035.6 Bacterial transglutaminase-like cysteine proteinase BTLCP

Peptidase_C97 PF05903.9 PPPDE putative peptidase domain

Peptidase_C98 PF15499.1 Ubiquitin-specific peptidase-like, SUMO isopeptidase

Peptidase_G2 PF11962.3 Peptidase_G2, IMC autoproteolytic cleavage domain

Peptidase_M1 PF01433.15 Peptidase family M1

Peptidase_M10 PF00413.19 Matrixin

Peptidase_M10_C PF08548.6 Peptidase M10 serralysin C terminal

Peptidase_M11 PF05548.6 Gametolysin peptidase M11

Peptidase_M13 PF01431.16 Peptidase family M13

Peptidase_M13_N PF05649.8 Peptidase family M13

Peptidase_M14 PF00246.19 Zinc carboxypeptidase

Peptidase_M15 PF01427.12 D-ala-D-ala dipeptidase

Peptidase_M15_2 PF05951.8 Bacterial protein of unknown function (DUF882)

Peptidase_M15_3 PF08291.6 Peptidase M15

Peptidase_M15_4 PF13539.1 D-alanyl-D-alanine carboxypeptidase

Peptidase_M16 PF00675.15 Insulinase (Peptidase family M16)

Peptidase_M16_C PF05193.16 Peptidase M16 inactive domain

Peptidase_M17 PF00883.16 Cytosol aminopeptidase family, catalytic domain

Peptidase_M17_N PF02789.12 Cytosol aminopeptidase family, N-terminal domain

Peptidase_M18 PF02127.10 Aminopeptidase I zinc metalloprotease (M18)

Peptidase_M19 PF01244.16 Membrane dipeptidase (Peptidase family M19)

Peptidase_M2 PF01401.13 Angiotensin-converting enzyme

Peptidase_M20 PF01546.23 Peptidase family M20/M25/M40

Peptidase_M22 PF00814.20 Glycoprotease family

Peptidase_M23 PF01551.17 Peptidase family M23

Peptidase_M24 PF00557.19 Metallopeptidase family M24

Peptidase_M26_C PF07580.9 M26 IgA1-specific Metallo-endopeptidase C-terminal region

Peptidase_M26_N PF05342.9 M26 IgA1-specific Metallo-endopeptidase N-terminal region

Peptidase_M27 PF01742.12 Clostridial neurotoxin zinc protease

Peptidase_M28 PF04389.12 Peptidase family M28

Peptidase_M29 PF02073.10 Thermophilic metalloprotease (M29)

Peptidase_M3 PF01432.15 Peptidase family M3

Peptidase_M30 PF10460.4 Peptidase M30

Peptidase_M32 PF02074.10 Carboxypeptidase Taq (M32) metallopeptidase

Peptidase_M35 PF02102.10 Deuterolysin metalloprotease (M35) family

Peptidase_M36 PF02128.10 Fungalysin metallopeptidase (M36)

Peptidase_M3_N PF08439.5 Oligopeptidase F

Peptidase_M4 PF01447.13 Thermolysin metallopeptidase, catalytic domain

Peptidase_M41 PF01434.13 Peptidase family M41

Peptidase_M42 PF05343.9 M42 glutamyl aminopeptidase

Peptidase_M43 PF05572.8 Pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A

Peptidase_M44 PF03410.8 Protein G1

Peptidase_M48 PF01435.13 Peptidase family M48

Peptidase_M49 PF03571.10 Peptidase family M49

Peptidase_M4_C PF02868.10 Thermolysin metallopeptidase, alpha-helical domain

Peptidase_M50 PF02163.17 Peptidase family M50

Peptidase_M50B PF13398.1 Peptidase M50B-like

Peptidase_M54 PF07998.6 Peptidase family M54

Peptidase_M55 PF04951.8 D-aminopeptidase

Peptidase_M56 PF05569.6 BlaR1 peptidase M56

Peptidase_M57 PF12388.3 Dual-action HEIGH metallo-peptidase

Peptidase_M6 PF05547.6 Immune inhibitor A peptidase M6

Peptidase_M61 PF05299.7 M61 glycyl aminopeptidase

Peptidase_M64 PF09471.5 IgA Peptidase M64

Peptidase_M66 PF10462.4 Peptidase M66

Peptidase_M7 PF02031.11 Streptomyces extracellular neutral proteinase (M7) family

Peptidase_M73 PF12389.3 Camelysin metallo-endopeptidase

Peptidase_M74 PF03411.8 Penicillin-insensitive murein endopeptidase

Peptidase_M75 PF09375.5 Imelysin

Peptidase_M76 PF09768.4 Peptidase M76 family

Peptidase_M8 PF01457.11 Leishmanolysin

Peptidase_M85 PF13678.1 NFkB-p65-degrading zinc protease

Peptidase_M9 PF01752.12 Collagenase

Peptidase_M90 PF06167.7 Glucose-regulated metallo-peptidase M90

Peptidase_M91 PF14891.1 Effector protein

Peptidase_M9_N PF08453.5 Peptidase family M9 N-terminal

Peptidase_MA_2 PF13485.1 Peptidase MA superfamily

Peptidase_S10 PF00450.17 Serine carboxypeptidase

Peptidase_S11 PF00768.15 D-alanyl-D-alanine carboxypeptidase

Peptidase_S13 PF02113.10 D-Ala-D-Ala carboxypeptidase 3 (S13) family

Peptidase_S15 PF02129.13 X-Pro dipeptidyl-peptidase (S15 family)

Peptidase_S21 PF00716.12 Assemblin (Peptidase family S21)

Peptidase_S24 PF00717.18 Peptidase S24-like

Peptidase_S26 PF10502.4 Signal peptidase, peptidase S26

Peptidase_S28 PF05577.7 Serine carboxypeptidase S28

Peptidase_S29 PF02907.10 Hepatitis C virus NS3 protease

Peptidase_S3 PF00944.14 Alphavirus core protein

Peptidase_S30 PF01577.11 Potyvirus P1 protease

Peptidase_S31 PF05578.7 Pestivirus NS3 polyprotein peptidase S31

Peptidase_S32 PF05579.8 Equine arteritis virus serine endopeptidase S32

Peptidase_S37 PF05576.6 PS-10 peptidase S37

Peptidase_S39 PF02122.10 Peptidase S39

Peptidase_S41 PF03572.13 Peptidase family S41

Peptidase_S46 PF10459.4 Peptidase S46

Peptidase_S48 PF03574.10 Peptidase family S48

Peptidase_S49 PF01343.13 Peptidase family S49

Peptidase_S49_N PF08496.5 Peptidase family S49 N-terminal

Peptidase_S51 PF03575.12 Peptidase family S51

Peptidase_S55 PF05580.7 SpoIVB peptidase S55

Peptidase_S58 PF03576.9 Peptidase family S58

Peptidase_S6 PF02395.11 Immunoglobulin A1 protease

Peptidase_S64 PF08192.6 Peptidase family S64

Peptidase_S66 PF02016.10 LD-carboxypeptidase

Peptidase_S68 PF10461.4 Peptidase S68

Peptidase_S7 PF00949.16 Peptidase S7, Flavivirus NS3 serine protease

Peptidase_S74 PF13884.1 Chaperone of endosialidase

Peptidase_S76 PF13611.1 Serine peptidase of plant viral polyprotein, P1

Peptidase_S8 PF00082.17 Subtilase family

Peptidase_S80 PF07230.6 Bacteriophage T4-like capsid assembly protein (Gp20)

Peptidase_S9 PF00326.16 Prolyl oligopeptidase family

Peptidase_S9_N PF02897.10 Prolyl oligopeptidase, N-terminal beta-propeller domain

Peptidase_U32 PF01136.14 Peptidase family U32

Peptidase_U35 PF04586.12 Caudovirus prohead protease

Peptidase_U35_2 PF14550.1 Putative phage protease XkdF

Peptidase_U4 PF03419.8 Sporulation factor SpoIIGA

Peptidase_U40 PF10464.4 Peptidase U40

Peptidase_U49 PF10463.4 Peptidase U49

Peptidase_U57 PF05582.7 YabG peptidase U57

Peptidase_U9 PF03420.8 Prohead core protein protease

Pept_tRNA_hydro PF01195.14 Peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase

PepX_C PF08530.5 X-Pro dipeptidyl-peptidase C-terminal non-catalytic domain

PepX_N PF09168.5 X-Prolyl dipeptidyl aminopeptidase PepX, N-terminal

Pep_deformylase PF01327.16 Polypeptide deformylase

Pep_M12B_propep PF01562.14 Reprolysin family propeptide

PEP_mutase PF13714.1 Phosphoenolpyruvate phosphomutase

Per1 PF04080.8 Per1-like

PerB PF06590.6 PerB protein

PerC PF06069.6 PerC transcriptional activator

Pericardin_rpt PF07054.6 Pericardin like repeat

Perilipin PF03036.11 Perilipin family

Period_C PF12114.3 Period protein 2/3C-terminal region

Peripla_BP_1 PF00532.16 Periplasmic binding proteins and sugar binding domain of LacI family

Peripla_BP_2 PF01497.13 Periplasmic binding protein

Peripla_BP_3 PF13377.1 Periplasmic binding protein-like domain

Peripla_BP_4 PF13407.1 Periplasmic binding protein domain

Peripla_BP_5 PF13433.1 Periplasmic binding protein domain

Peripla_BP_6 PF13458.1 Periplasmic binding protein

Periviscerokin PF08259.6 Periviscerokinin family

Perm-CXXC PF15629.1 Permuted single zf-CXXC unit

Permease PF02405.11 Permease

Peroxidase_2 PF01328.12 Peroxidase, family 2

Peroxin-13_N PF04088.8 Peroxin 13, N-terminal region

Peroxin-22 PF12827.2 Peroxisomal biogenesis protein family

Peroxin-3 PF04882.7 Peroxin-3

Pertactin PF03212.9 Pertactin

Pertus-S4-tox PF09275.5 Pertussis toxin S4 subunit

Pertus-S5-tox PF09276.5 Pertussis toxin S5 subunit

Pertussis_S1 PF02917.9 Pertussis toxin, subunit 1

Pertussis_S2S3 PF02918.10 Pertussis toxin, subunit 2 and 3, C-terminal domain

Pes-10 PF07149.6 Pes-10

Pescadillo_N PF06732.6 Pescadillo N-terminus

PET PF06297.9 PET Domain

PET122 PF05476.6 PET122

Pet127 PF08634.5 Mitochondrial protein Pet127

Pet191_N PF10203.4 Cytochrome c oxidase assembly protein PET191

Pet20 PF08692.5 Mitochondrial protein Pet20

PetG PF02529.10 Cytochrome B6-F complex subunit 5

PetL PF05115.9 Cytochrome B6-F complex subunit VI (PetL)

PetM PF08041.6 PetM family of cytochrome b6f complex subunit 7

PetN PF03742.9 PetN

PEX-1N PF09262.6 Peroxisome biogenesis factor 1, N-terminal

PEX-2N PF09263.5 Peroxisome biogenesis factor 1, N-terminal

PEX11 PF05648.9 Peroxisomal biogenesis factor 11 (PEX11)

Pex14_N PF04695.8 Peroxisomal membrane anchor protein (Pex14p) conserved region

Pex16 PF08610.5 Peroxisomal membrane protein (Pex16)

Pex19 PF04614.7 Pex19 protein family

Pex24p PF06398.6 Integral peroxisomal membrane peroxin

Pex26 PF07163.7 Pex26 protein

Pex2_Pex12 PF04757.9 Pex2 / Pex12 amino terminal region

PE_PPE_C PF12484.3 Polymorphic PE/PPE proteins C terminal

PFEMP PF03011.10 PFEMP DBL domain

Pfg27 PF09216.5 Pfg27

PFK PF00365.15 Phosphofructokinase

PfkB PF00294.19 pfkB family carbohydrate kinase

PFL PF02901.10 Pyruvate formate lyase

PFO_beta_C PF12367.3 Pyruvate ferredoxin oxidoreductase beta subunit C terminal

PFU PF09070.6 PFU (PLAA family ubiquitin binding)

PfUIS3 PF11567.3 Plasmodium falciparum UIS3 membrane protein

Pga1 PF10333.4 GPI-Mannosyltransferase II co-activator

PGA2 PF07543.7 Protein trafficking PGA2

PgaD PF13994.1 PgaD-like protein

PGAMP PF07644.6 Planctomycete PGAMP

PGAP1 PF07819.8 PGAP1-like protein

PGA_cap PF09587.5 Bacterial capsule synthesis protein PGA_cap

PGBA_C PF15437.1 Plasminogen-binding protein pgbA C-terminal

PGBA_N PF15436.1 Plasminogen-binding protein pgbA N-terminal

PGC7_Stella PF15549.1 PGC7/Stella/Dppa3 domain

PGDYG PF14083.1 PGDYG protein

PGG PF13962.1 Domain of unknown function

PGI PF00342.14 Phosphoglucose isomerase

PGK PF00162.14 Phosphoglycerate kinase

PglZ PF08665.7 PglZ domain

PGM_PMM_I PF02878.11 Phosphoglucomutase/phosphomannomutase, alpha/beta/alpha domain I

PGM_PMM_II PF02879.11 Phosphoglucomutase/phosphomannomutase, alpha/beta/alpha domain II

PGM_PMM_III PF02880.11 Phosphoglucomutase/phosphomannomutase, alpha/beta/alpha domain III

PGM_PMM_IV PF00408.15 Phosphoglucomutase/phosphomannomutase, C-terminal domain

PgpA PF04608.8 Phosphatidylglycerophosphatase A

PGPGW PF09656.5 Putative transmembrane protein (PGPGW)

PGP_phosphatase PF09419.5 Mitochondrial PGP phosphatase

PG_binding_1 PF01471.13 Putative peptidoglycan binding domain

PG_binding_2 PF08823.6 Putative peptidoglycan binding domain

PG_binding_3 PF09374.5 Predicted Peptidoglycan domain

PG_binding_4 PF12229.3 Putative peptidoglycan binding domain

PH PF00169.24 PH domain

Ph1570 PF09638.5 Ph1570 protein

PHA-1 PF06542.6 Regulator protein PHA-1

PhaC_N PF07167.8 Poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate polymerase (PhaC) N-terminus

Phage-A118_gp45 PF10653.4 Protein gp45 of Bacteriophage A118

Phage-Gp8 PF09215.5 Bacteriophage T4, Gp8

Phage-MuB_C PF09077.6 Mu B transposition protein, C terminal

Phage-scaffold PF09306.5 Bacteriophage, scaffolding protein

Phage-tail_1 PF09097.5 Baseplate structural protein, domain 1

Phage-tail_2 PF09096.5 Baseplate structural protein, domain 2

Phage-tail_3 PF13550.1 Putative phage tail protein

PhageMin_Tail PF10145.4 Phage-related minor tail protein

PhageP22-tail PF09251.5 Salmonella phage P22 tail-spike

Phageshock_PspD PF09584.5 Phage shock protein PspD (Phageshock_PspD)

Phageshock_PspG PF09583.5 Phage shock protein G (Phageshock_PspG)

Phage_1_1 PF08200.6 Bacteriophage 1.1 Protein

Phage_30_3 PF08010.6 Bacteriophage protein GP30.3

Phage_30_8 PF06019.6 Phage GP30.8 protein

Phage_AlpA PF05930.7 Prophage CP4-57 regulatory protein (AlpA)

Phage_antitermQ PF06530.7 Phage antitermination protein Q

Phage_antiter_Q PF06323.6 Phage antitermination protein Q

Phage_ASH PF10554.4 Ash protein family

Phage_attach PF05354.6 Phage Head-Tail Attachment

Phage_B PF02304.10 Scaffold protein B

Phage_base_V PF04717.7 Phage-related baseplate assembly protein

Phage_BR0599 PF09356.5 Phage conserved hypothetical protein BR0599

Phage_C PF12025.3 Phage protein C

Phage_capsid PF05065.8 Phage capsid family

Phage_Capsid_P3 PF09018.6 P3 major capsid protein

Phage_cap_E PF03864.10 Phage major capsid protein E

Phage_cap_P2 PF05125.7 Phage major capsid protein, P2 family

Phage_CII PF05269.6 Bacteriophage CII protein

Phage_CI_repr PF07022.8 Bacteriophage CI repressor helix-turn-helix domain

Phage_coat PF09063.5 Phage PP7 coat protein

Phage_Coat_A PF05357.8 Phage Coat Protein A

Phage_Coat_B PF05356.6 Phage Coat protein B

Phage_Coat_Gp8 PF05371.7 Phage major coat protein, Gp8

Phage_connector PF05352.7 Phage Connector (GP10)

Phage_connect_1 PF05135.8 Phage gp6-like head-tail connector protein

Phage_Cox PF10743.4 Regulatory phage protein cox

Phage_CP76 PF06892.6 Phage regulatory protein CII (CP76)

Phage_CRI PF05144.9 Phage replication protein CRI

Phage_DNA_bind PF02303.12 Helix-destabilising protein

Phage_DsbA PF11126.3 Transcriptional regulator DsbA

Phage_endo_I PF05367.6 Phage endonuclease I

Phage_F PF02305.12 Capsid protein (F protein)

Phage_fiber PF03335.8 Phage tail fibre repeat

Phage_fiber_2 PF03406.8 Phage tail fibre repeat

Phage_fiber_C PF06820.7 Putative prophage tail fibre C-terminus

Phage_FRD3 PF05798.6 Bacteriophage FRD3 protein

Phage_G PF02306.10 Major spike protein (G protein)

Phage_glycop_gL PF11108.3 Viral glycoprotein L

Phage_Gp111 PF07410.6 Streptococcus thermophilus bacteriophage Gp111 protein

Phage_Gp14 PF10666.4 Phage protein Gp14

Phage_Gp15 PF06854.6 Bacteriophage Gp15 protein

Phage_Gp19 PF09355.5 Phage protein Gp19/Gp15/Gp42

Phage_GP20 PF06810.6 Phage minor structural protein GP20

Phage_Gp23 PF10669.4 Protein gp23 (Bacteriophage A118)

Phage_gp49_66 PF13876.1 Phage protein (N4 Gp49/phage Sf6 gene 66) family

Phage_gp53 PF11246.3 Base plate wedge protein 53

Phage_GPA PF05840.8 Bacteriophage replication gene A protein (GPA)

Phage_GPD PF05954.6 Phage late control gene D protein (GPD)

Phage_GPL PF05926.6 Phage head completion protein (GPL)

Phage_GPO PF05929.6 Phage capsid scaffolding protein (GPO) serine peptidase

Phage_head_chap PF11113.3 Head assembly gene product

Phage_head_fibr PF11133.3 Head fiber protein

Phage_HK97_TLTM PF06120.6 Tail length tape measure protein

Phage_holin PF04688.8 Phage lysis protein, holin

Phage_holin_1 PF04531.8 Bacteriophage holin

Phage_holin_2 PF04550.7 Phage holin family 2

Phage_holin_3 PF05106.7 Phage holin family (Lysis protein S)

Phage_holin_4 PF05105.7 Holin family

Phage_holin_5 PF06946.6 Phage holin

Phage_holin_6 PF10746.4 Phage holin family 6

Phage_holin_T PF11031.3 Bacteriophage T holin

Phage_hub_GP28 PF11110.3 Baseplate hub distal subunit

Phage_H_T_join PF05521.6 Phage head-tail joining protein

Phage_integrase PF00589.17 Phage integrase family

Phage_Integr_2 PF13009.1 Putative phage integrase

Phage_integ_N PF09003.5 Bacteriophage lambda integrase, N-terminal domain

Phage_int_SAM_1 PF02899.12 Phage integrase, N-terminal SAM-like domain

Phage_int_SAM_2 PF12834.2 Phage integrase, N-terminal

Phage_int_SAM_3 PF14659.1 Phage integrase, N-terminal SAM-like domain

Phage_int_SAM_4 PF13495.1 Phage integrase, N-terminal SAM-like domain

Phage_int_SAM_5 PF13102.1 Phage integrase SAM-like domain

Phage_lambda_P PF06992.6 Replication protein P

Phage_lambd_GpG PF06894.6 Bacteriophage lambda minor tail protein (GpG)

Phage_lysis PF03245.8 Bacteriophage Rz lysis protein

Phage_lysozyme PF00959.14 Phage lysozyme

Phage_mat-A PF03863.8 Phage maturation protein

Phage_min_cap2 PF06152.6 Phage minor capsid protein 2

Phage_min_tail PF05939.8 Phage minor tail protein

Phage_Mu_F PF04233.9 Phage Mu protein F like protein

Phage_Mu_Gam PF07352.7 Bacteriophage Mu Gam like protein

Phage_Mu_Gp45 PF06890.7 Bacteriophage Mu Gp45 protein

Phage_NinH PF06322.6 Phage NinH protein

Phage_Nu1 PF07471.7 Phage DNA packaging protein Nu1

Phage_Orf51 PF06194.6 Phage Conserved Open Reading Frame 51

Phage_P2_GpE PF06528.7 Phage P2 GpE

Phage_P2_GpU PF06995.6 Phage P2 GpU

Phage_portal PF04860.7 Phage portal protein

Phage_portal_2 PF05136.8 Phage portal protein, lambda family

Phage_pRha PF09669.5 Phage regulatory protein Rha (Phage_pRha)

Phage_prot_Gp6 PF05133.9 Phage portal protein, SPP1 Gp6-like

Phage_rep_O PF04492.8 Bacteriophage replication protein O

Phage_rep_org_N PF09681.5 N-terminal phage replisome organiser (Phage_rep_org_N)

Phage_RpbA PF10789.4 Phage RNA polymerase binding, RpbA

Phage_sheath_1 PF04984.9 Phage tail sheath protein

Phage_stabilise PF11134.3 Phage stabilisation protein

Phage_T4_gp19 PF06841.7 T4-like virus tail tube protein gp19

Phage_T4_Gp30_7 PF06919.6 Phage Gp30.7 protein

Phage_T4_gp36 PF03903.8 Phage T4 tail fibre

Phage_T4_Ndd PF06591.6 T4-like phage nuclear disruption protein (Ndd)

Phage_T7_Capsid PF05396.6 Phage T7 capsid assembly protein

Phage_T7_tail PF03906.9 Phage T7 tail fibre protein

Phage_TAC PF06222.6 Phage tail assembly chaperone

Phage_tail PF04630.7 Phage major tail protein

Phage_tail_2 PF06199.6 Phage major tail protein 2

Phage_tail_3 PF08813.6 Phage tail protein

Phage_tail_L PF05100.7 Phage minor tail protein L

Phage_tail_S PF05069.8 Phage virion morphogenesis family

Phage_tail_T PF06223.7 Minor tail protein T

Phage_tail_U PF06141.6 Phage minor tail protein U

Phage_tail_X PF05489.7 Phage Tail Protein X

Phage_terminase PF10668.4 Phage terminase small subunit

Phage_term_sma PF07141.6 Putative bacteriophage terminase small subunit

Phage_term_smal PF05944.7 Phage small terminase subunit

Phage_Treg PF04761.7 Lactococcus bacteriophage putative transcription regulator

Phage_tube PF04985.9 Phage tail tube protein FII

Phage_X PF05155.10 Phage X family

Phage_XkdX PF09693.5 Phage uncharacterised protein (Phage_XkdX)

PhaG_MnhG_YufB PF03334.9 Na+/H+ antiporter subunit

PhaP_Bmeg PF09602.5 Polyhydroxyalkanoic acid inclusion protein (PhaP_Bmeg)

Phasin PF05597.6 Poly(hydroxyalcanoate) granule associated protein (phasin)

Phasin_2 PF09361.5 Phasin protein


PHA_gran_rgn PF09650.5 Putative polyhydroxyalkanoic acid system protein (PHA_gran_rgn)

PHA_synth_III_E PF09712.5 Poly(R)-hydroxyalkanoic acid synthase subunit (PHA_synth_III_E)

PHBC_N PF12551.3 Poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate polymerase N terminal

PHB_acc PF05233.8 PHB accumulation regulatory domain

PHB_acc_N PF07879.6 PHB/PHA accumulation regulator DNA-binding domain

PHB_depo_C PF06850.6 PHB de-polymerase C-terminus

PHD PF00628.24 PHD-finger

PhdYeFM_antitox PF02604.14 Antitoxin Phd_YefM, type II toxin-antitoxin system

PHD_2 PF13831.1 PHD-finger

PHD_3 PF13922.1 PHD domain of transcriptional enhancer, Asx

Phenol_Hydrox PF02332.13 Methane/Phenol/Toluene Hydroxylase

Phenol_hyd_sub PF06099.6 Phenol hydroxylase subunit

Phenol_MetA_deg PF13557.1 Putative MetA-pathway of phenol degradation

Phenol_monoox PF04663.7 Phenol hydroxylase conserved region

Phenyl_P_gamma PF09662.5 Phenylphosphate carboxylase gamma subunit (Phenyl_P_gamma)

Pheromone PF08015.6 Fungal mating-type pheromone

Phe_hydrox_dim PF07976.7 Phenol hydroxylase, C-terminal dimerisation domain

Phe_tRNA-synt_N PF02912.13 Aminoacyl tRNA synthetase class II, N-terminal domain

Phe_ZIP PF08916.6 Phenylalanine zipper

PHF5 PF03660.9 PHF5-like protein

Phg_2220_C PF09524.5 Conserved phage C-terminus (Phg_2220_C)

Phi-29_GP16_7 PF06720.6 Bacteriophage phi-29 early protein GP16.7

Phi-29_GP3 PF05435.6 Phi-29 DNA terminal protein GP3

Phi-29_GP4 PF05464.6 Phi-29-like late genes activator (early protein GP4)

Phi_1 PF04674.7 Phosphate-induced protein 1 conserved region

Phlebovirus_G1 PF07243.6 Phlebovirus glycoprotein G1

Phlebovirus_G2 PF07245.6 Phlebovirus glycoprotein G2

Phlebovirus_NSM PF07246.6 Phlebovirus nonstructural protein NS-M

PhnA PF03831.9 PhnA protein

PhnA_Zn_Ribbon PF08274.7 PhnA Zinc-Ribbon

PhnG PF06754.7 Phosphonate metabolism protein PhnG

PhnH PF05845.7 Bacterial phosphonate metabolism protein (PhnH)

PhnI PF05861.7 Bacterial phosphonate metabolism protein (PhnI)

PhnJ PF06007.6 Phosphonate metabolism protein PhnJ

PHO4 PF01384.15 Phosphate transporter family

Pho86 PF11124.3 Inorganic phosphate transporter Pho86

Pho88 PF10032.4 Phosphate transport (Pho88)

PhoD PF09423.5 PhoD-like phosphatase

PhoH PF02562.11 PhoH-like protein

PhoPQ_related PF10142.4 PhoPQ-activated pathogenicity-related protein

PhoQ_Sensor PF08918.5 PhoQ Sensor

Phosducin PF02114.11 Phosducin

PhosphMutase PF10143.4 2,3-bisphosphoglycerate-independent phosphoglycerate mutase

Phosphodiest PF01663.17 Type I phosphodiesterase / nucleotide pyrophosphatase

Phosphoesterase PF04185.9 Phosphoesterase family

Phospholamban PF04272.9 Phospholamban

Phospholip_A2_1 PF00068.14 Phospholipase A2

Phospholip_A2_2 PF05826.7 Phospholipase A2

Phospholip_A2_3 PF09056.6 Prokaryotic phospholipase A2

Phospholip_B PF04916.8 Phospholipase B

Phosphonate-bd PF12974.2 ABC transporter, phosphonate, periplasmic substrate-binding protein

Phosphoprotein PF00922.12 Vesiculovirus phosphoprotein

Phosphorylase PF00343.15 Carbohydrate phosphorylase

Phospho_p8 PF10195.4 DNA-binding nuclear phosphoprotein p8

Phostensin PF13914.1 Phostensin PP1-binding and SH3-binding region

Phostensin_N PF13916.1 PP1-regulatory protein, Phostensin N-terminal

Phos_pyr_kin PF08543.7 Phosphomethylpyrimidine kinase

Photo_RC PF00124.14 Photosynthetic reaction centre protein

PhoU PF01895.14 PhoU domain

PhoU_div PF01865.11 Protein of unknown function DUF47

PHP PF02811.14 PHP domain

PHP_C PF13263.1 PHP-associated

PHR PF08005.7 PHR domain

PhrC_PhrF PF11131.3 Rap-phr extracellular signalling

PHTB1_C PF14728.1 PTHB1 C-terminus

PHTB1_N PF14727.1 PTHB1 N-terminus

Phtf-FEM1B_bdg PF12129.3 Male germ-cell putative homeodomain transcription factor

PHY PF00360.15 Phytochrome region

Phycobilisome PF00502.14 Phycobilisome protein

Phycoerythr_ab PF02972.9 Phycoerythrin, alpha/beta chain

PhyH PF05721.8 Phytanoyl-CoA dioxygenase (PhyH)

Phytase PF02333.10 Phytase

Phytase-like PF13449.1 Esterase-like activity of phytase

Phyto-Amp PF15438.1 Antigenic membrane protein of phytoplasma

Phytochelatin PF05023.9 Phytochelatin synthase

Phytochelatin_C PF09328.5 Domain of unknown function (DUF1984)

Phytoreo_P8 PF07124.6 Phytoreovirus outer capsid protein P8

Phytoreo_Pns PF05451.6 Phytoreovirus nonstructural protein Pns10/11

Phytoreo_S7 PF07236.6 Phytoreovirus S7 protein

Phyto_Pns9_10 PF05878.6 Phytoreovirus nonstructural protein Pns9/Pns10

PHZA_PHZB PF03284.8 Phenazine biosynthesis protein A/B

PhzC-PhzF PF02567.11 Phenazine biosynthesis-like protein

PH_10 PF15411.1 Pleckstrin homology domain

PH_11 PF15413.1 Pleckstrin homology domain

PH_2 PF08458.5 Plant pleckstrin homology-like region

PH_3 PF14593.1 PH domain

PH_4 PF15404.1 Pleckstrin homology domain

PH_5 PF15405.1 Pleckstrin homology domain

PH_6 PF15406.1 Pleckstrin homology domain

PH_7 PF15408.1 Pleckstrin homology domain

PH_8 PF15409.1 Pleckstrin homology domain

PH_9 PF15410.1 Pleckstrin homology domain

PH_BEACH PF14844.1 PH domain associated with Beige/BEACH

PI-PLC-X PF00388.14 Phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase C, X domain

PI-PLC-Y PF00387.14 Phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase C, Y domain

PI31_Prot_C PF08577.6 PI31 proteasome regulator

PI31_Prot_N PF11566.3 PI31 proteasome regulator N-terminal

PI3Ka PF00613.15 Phosphoinositide 3-kinase family, accessory domain (PIK domain)

PI3K_1B_p101 PF10486.4 Phosphoinositide 3-kinase gamma adapter protein p101 subunit

PI3K_C2 PF00792.19 Phosphoinositide 3-kinase C2

PI3K_p85B PF02192.11 PI3-kinase family, p85-binding domain

PI3K_rbd PF00794.13 PI3-kinase family, ras-binding domain

PI3_PI4_kinase PF00454.22 Phosphatidylinositol 3- and 4-kinase

Picorna_P3A PF06363.6 Picornaviridae P3A protein

Pico_P1A PF02226.11 Picornavirus coat protein (VP4)

Pico_P2A PF00947.14 Picornavirus core protein 2A

Pico_P2B PF01552.12 Picornavirus 2B protein

PID PF00640.18 Phosphotyrosine interaction domain (PTB/PID)

PID_2 PF14719.1 Phosphotyrosine interaction domain (PTB/PID)

PIF PF05092.7 Per os infectivity

PIF1 PF05970.9 PIF1-like helicase

PIG-F PF06699.6 GPI biosynthesis protein family Pig-F

PIG-H PF10181.4 GPI-GlcNAc transferase complex, PIG-H component

PIG-L PF02585.12 GlcNAc-PI de-N-acetylase

PIG-P PF08510.7 PIG-P

PIG-S PF10510.4 Phosphatidylinositol-glycan biosynthesis class S protein

PIG-U PF06728.8 GPI transamidase subunit PIG-U

PIG-X PF08320.7 PIG-X / PBN1

PIG-Y PF15159.1 Phosphatidylinositol N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase subunit Y

PIGA PF08288.7 PIGA (GPI anchor biosynthesis)

Pigment_DH PF06324.6 Pigment-dispersing hormone (PDH)

PigN PF04987.9 Phosphatidylinositolglycan class N (PIG-N)

PIH1 PF08190.7 pre-RNA processing PIH1/Nop17

Pik1 PF11522.3 Yeast phosphatidylinositol-4-OH kinase Pik1

Pil1 PF13805.1 Eisosome component PIL1

PilI PF10623.4 Plasmid conjugative transfer protein PilI

Pilin PF00114.14 Pilin (bacterial filament)

Pilin_PilA PF14245.1 Type IV pilin PilA

Pilin_PilX PF11530.3 Minor type IV pilin, PilX

PilJ PF13675.1 Type IV pili methyl-accepting chemotaxis transducer N-term

PilM PF07419.7 PilM

PilM_2 PF11104.3 Type IV pilus assembly protein PilM;

PilN PF05137.8 Fimbrial assembly protein (PilN)

PilO PF04350.8 Pilus assembly protein, PilO

PilP PF04351.8 Pilus assembly protein, PilP

PilS PF08805.6 PilS N terminal

Pilt PF15453.1 Protein incorporated later into Tight Junctions

Pilus_CpaD PF09476.5 Pilus biogenesis CpaD protein (pilus_cpaD)

Pilus_PilP PF11356.3 Type IV pilus biogenesis

PilX PF13681.1 Type IV pilus assembly protein PilX C-term

PilX_N PF14341.1 PilX N-terminal

PilZ PF07238.9 PilZ domain

PIN PF01850.16 PIN domain

Pinin_SDK_memA PF04696.8 pinin/SDK/memA/ protein conserved region

Pinin_SDK_N PF04697.8 pinin/SDK conserved region

PINIT PF14324.1 PINIT domain

PIN_2 PF10130.4 PIN domain

PIN_3 PF13470.1 PIN domain

PIN_4 PF13638.1 PIN domain

PIP49_C PF12260.3 Protein-kinase domain of FAM69

PIP49_N PF14875.1 N-term cysteine-rich ER, FAM69

PIP5K PF01504.13 Phosphatidylinositol-4-phosphate 5-Kinase

PipA PF07108.6 PipA protein

PIR PF00399.14 Yeast PIR protein repeat

Pirin PF02678.11 Pirin

Pirin_C PF05726.8 Pirin C-terminal cupin domain

PIRT PF15099.1 Phosphoinositide-interacting protein family

PITH PF06201.8 PITH domain

Piwi PF02171.12 Piwi domain

PixA PF12306.3 Inclusion body protein

PK PF00224.16 Pyruvate kinase, barrel domain

PKD PF00801.15 PKD domain

PKD_channel PF08016.7 Polycystin cation channel

PKI PF02827.11 cAMP-dependent protein kinase inhibitor

Pkinase PF00069.20 Protein kinase domain

Pkinase_C PF00433.19 Protein kinase C terminal domain

Pkinase_Tyr PF07714.12 Protein tyrosine kinase

Pkip-1 PF06878.6 Pkip-1 protein

PKK PF12474.3 Polo kinase kinase

PknH_C PF14032.1 PknH-like extracellular domain

Pkr1 PF08636.5 ER protein Pkr1

PK_C PF02887.11 Pyruvate kinase, alpha/beta domain

PLA1 PF02253.10 Phospholipase A1

PLA2G12 PF06951.6 Group XII secretory phospholipase A2 precursor (PLA2G12)

PLA2_B PF01735.13 Lysophospholipase catalytic domain

PLA2_inh PF02988.10 Phospholipase A2 inhibitor

PLAC PF08686.6 PLAC (protease and lacunin) domain

PLAC8 PF04749.12 PLAC8 family

PLAC9 PF15205.1 Placenta-specific protein 9

Planc_extracel PF07595.7 Planctomycete extracellular

Plant_all_beta PF10532.4 Plant specific N-all beta domain

Plant_NMP1 PF06694.6 Plant nuclear matrix protein 1 (NMP1)

Plant_tran PF04827.9 Plant transposon protein

Plant_vir_prot PF01307.12 Plant viral movement protein

Plant_zn_clust PF10533.4 Plant zinc cluster domain

Plasmid_killer PF05015.8 Plasmid maintenance system killer protein

Plasmid_parti PF01672.11 Putative plasmid partition protein

Plasmid_RAQPRD PF09686.5 Plasmid protein of unknown function (Plasmid_RAQPRD)

Plasmid_stabil PF05016.9 Plasmid stabilisation system protein

Plasmid_stab_B PF10784.4 Plasmid stability protein

Plasmid_Txe PF06769.8 Plasmid encoded toxin Txe

Plasmodium_HRP PF05403.6 Plasmodium histidine-rich protein (HRPII/III)

Plasmodium_Vir PF05795.6 Plasmodium vivax Vir protein

Plasmod_dom_1 PF09715.5 Plasmodium protein of unknown function (Plasmod_dom_1)

Plasmod_MYXSPDY PF07981.6 Plasmodium repeat_MYXSPDY

Plasmod_Pvs28 PF06247.6 Plasmodium ookinete surface protein Pvs28

PLAT PF01477.18 PLAT/LH2 domain

PLATZ PF04640.9 PLATZ transcription factor

PLC-beta_C PF08703.5 PLC-beta C terminal

PLDc PF00614.17 Phospholipase D Active site motif

PLDc_2 PF13091.1 PLD-like domain

PLDc_3 PF13918.1 PLD-like domain

PLDc_N PF13396.1 Phospholipase_D-nuclease N-terminal

PLD_C PF12357.3 Phospholipase D C terminal

Plectin PF00681.15 Plectin repeat

Plexin_cytopl PF08337.7 Plexin cytoplasmic RasGAP domain

PLRV_ORF5 PF01690.12 Potato leaf roll virus readthrough protein

PLU-1 PF08429.6 PLU-1-like protein

Plug PF07715.10 TonB-dependent Receptor Plug Domain

Plug_translocon PF10559.4 Plug domain of Sec61p

Plus-3 PF03126.13 Plus-3 domain

PM0188 PF11477.3 Sialyltransferase PMO188

PMAIP1 PF15150.1 Phorbol-12-myristate-13-acetate-induced

PmbA_TldD PF01523.11 Putative modulator of DNA gyrase

PMBR PF09373.5 Pseudomurein-binding repeat

PMC2NT PF08066.7 PMC2NT (NUC016) domain

PMD PF10536.4 Plant mobile domain

PMEI PF04043.10 Plant invertase/pectin methylesterase inhibitor

PMG PF05287.7 PMG protein

PMI_typeI PF01238.16 Phosphomannose isomerase type I

PMM PF03332.8 Eukaryotic phosphomannomutase

PmoA PF14100.1 Methane oxygenase PmoA

PMP1_2 PF08114.6 ATPase proteolipid family

PMP22_Claudin PF00822.15 PMP-22/EMP/MP20/Claudin family

Pmp3 PF01679.12 Proteolipid membrane potential modulator

PMR5N PF14416.1 PMR5 N terminal Domain

PmrD PF11183.3 Polymyxin resistance protein PmrD

PMSI1 PF15322.1 Protein missing in infertile sperm 1, putative

PMSR PF01625.16 Peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase

PMT PF02366.13 Dolichyl-phosphate-mannose-protein mannosyltransferase

PMT_2 PF13231.1 Dolichyl-phosphate-mannose-protein mannosyltransferase

PMT_C PF11647.3 C-terminal region of Pasteurella multocida toxin residues 569-1285

Pneumovirus_M2 PF06436.6 Pneumovirus matrix protein 2 (M2)

Pneumo_att_G PF05539.6 Pneumovirinae attachment membrane glycoprotein G

Pneumo_M2 PF07380.6 Pneumovirus M2 protein

Pneumo_matrix PF03393.11 Pneumovirus matrix protein

Pneumo_ncap PF03246.8 Pneumovirus nucleocapsid protein

Pneumo_NS1 PF03438.8 Pneumovirus NS1 protein

Pneumo_phosprot PF02478.11 Pneumovirus phosphoprotein

PNGaseA PF12222.3 Peptide N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosaminyl asparaginase amidase A

PNK3P PF08645.6 Polynucleotide kinase 3 phosphatase


PNPase PF03726.9 Polyribonucleotide nucleotidyltransferase, RNA binding domain

PNPase_C PF12111.3 Polyribonucleotide phosphorylase C terminal

PNPOx_C PF10590.4 Pyridoxine 5'-phosphate oxidase C-terminal dimerisation region

PNP_UDP_1 PF01048.15 Phosphorylase superfamily

PNRC PF15365.1 Proline-rich nuclear receptor coactivator

PNTB PF02233.11 NAD(P) transhydrogenase beta subunit

POC1 PF10450.4 POC1 chaperone

PocR PF10114.4 Sensory domain found in PocR

Podoplanin PF05808.6 Podoplanin

Podovirus_Gp16 PF05894.7 Podovirus DNA encapsidation protein (Gp16)

PolC_DP2 PF03833.8 DNA polymerase II large subunit DP2

Pollen_allerg_1 PF01357.16 Pollen allergen

Pollen_allerg_2 PF01620.11 Ribonuclease (pollen allergen)

Pollen_Ole_e_I PF01190.12 Pollen proteins Ole e I like

POLO_box PF00659.13 POLO box duplicated region

PolyA_pol PF01743.15 Poly A polymerase head domain

PolyA_pol_arg_C PF12626.2 Polymerase A arginine-rich C-terminus

PolyA_pol_RNAbd PF12627.2 Probable RNA and SrmB- binding site of polymerase A

PolyG_pol PF01518.11 Sigma NS protein

Polyhedrin PF00738.13 Polyhedrin

Polyketide_cyc PF03364.15 Polyketide cyclase / dehydrase and lipid transport

Polyketide_cyc2 PF10604.4 Polyketide cyclase / dehydrase and lipid transport

Polyoma_agno PF01736.11 Polyomavirus agnoprotein

Polyoma_coat PF00718.15 Polyomavirus coat protein

Polyoma_coat2 PF00761.15 Polyomavirus coat protein

Polyoma_lg_T_C PF06431.6 Polyomavirus large T antigen C-terminus

Polysacc_deac_1 PF01522.16 Polysaccharide deacetylase

Polysacc_deac_2 PF04748.8 Divergent polysaccharide deacetylase

Polysacc_deac_3 PF15421.1 Putative polysaccharide deacetylase

Polysacc_lyase PF14099.1 Polysaccharide lyase

Polysacc_synt PF01943.12 Polysaccharide biosynthesis protein

Polysacc_synt_2 PF02719.10 Polysaccharide biosynthesis protein

Polysacc_synt_3 PF13440.1 Polysaccharide biosynthesis protein

Polysacc_synt_4 PF04669.8 Polysaccharide biosynthesis

Polysacc_synt_C PF14667.1 Polysaccharide biosynthesis C-terminal domain

Polysacc_syn_2C PF08485.5 Polysaccharide biosynthesis protein C-terminal

Poly_export PF02563.11 Polysaccharide biosynthesis/export protein

Pol_alpha_B_N PF08418.5 DNA polymerase alpha subunit B N-terminal

POM121 PF15229.1 POM121 family

Pombe_5TM PF09437.5 Pombe specific 5TM protein

Ponericin PF07442.6 Ponericin

POP1 PF06978.6 Ribonucleases P/MRP protein subunit POP1

Popeye PF04831.8 Popeye protein conserved region

POPLD PF08170.7 POPLD (NUC188) domain

POR PF01558.13 Pyruvate ferredoxin/flavodoxin oxidoreductase

PorB PF11565.3 Alpha helical Porin B

Porin_1 PF00267.16 Gram-negative porin

Porin_2 PF02530.9 Porin subfamily

Porin_3 PF01459.17 Eukaryotic porin

Porin_4 PF13609.1 Gram-negative porin

Porin_OmpG PF09381.5 Outer membrane protein G (OmpG)

Porin_OmpL1 PF11389.3 Leptospira porin protein OmpL1

Porin_O_P PF07396.6 Phosphate-selective porin O and P

Porphobil_deam PF01379.15 Porphobilinogen deaminase, dipyromethane cofactor binding domain

Porphobil_deamC PF03900.10 Porphobilinogen deaminase, C-terminal domain

Porph_ging PF09697.5 Protein of unknown function (Porph_ging)

PORR PF11955.3 Plant organelle RNA recognition domain

POR_N PF01855.14 Pyruvate flavodoxin/ferredoxin oxidoreductase, thiamine diP-bdg

Post_transc_reg PF13797.1 Post-transcriptional regulator

POT1 PF02765.12 Telomeric single stranded DNA binding POT1/CDC13

Potassium_chann PF11404.3 Potassium voltage-gated channel

Potass_KdpF PF09604.5 F subunit of K+-transporting ATPase (Potass_KdpF)

Potex_coat PF06184.6 Potexvirus coat protein

POTRA_1 PF08478.5 POTRA domain, FtsQ-type

POTRA_2 PF08479.6 POTRA domain, ShlB-type

Potyvirid-P3 PF13608.1 Protein P3 of Potyviral polyprotein

Poty_coat PF00767.13 Potyvirus coat protein

Poty_PP PF08440.5 Potyviridae polyprotein

Pou PF00157.12 Pou domain - N-terminal to homeobox domain

POX PF07526.6 Associated with HOX

Poxvirus PF06227.7 dsDNA Poxvirus

Poxvirus_B22R PF04395.7 Poxvirus B22R protein

Poxvirus_B22R_C PF13168.1 Poxvirus B22R protein C-terminal

Poxvirus_B22R_N PF13169.1 Poxvirus B22R protein N-terminal

Pox_A11 PF05061.8 Poxvirus A11 Protein

Pox_A12 PF04651.8 Poxvirus A12 protein

Pox_A14 PF05767.7 Poxvirus virion envelope protein A14

Pox_A21 PF05323.7 Poxvirus A21 Protein

Pox_A22 PF04848.8 Poxvirus A22 protein

Pox_A28 PF04584.9 Poxvirus A28 family

Pox_A30L_A26L PF06086.7 Orthopoxvirus A26L/A30L protein

Pox_A31 PF05771.6 Poxvirus A31 protein

Pox_A32 PF04665.7 Poxvirus A32 protein

Pox_A3L PF05288.6 Poxvirus A3L Protein

Pox_A51 PF04948.8 Poxvirus A51 protein

Pox_A6 PF04924.7 Poxvirus A6 protein

Pox_A8 PF04745.7 VITF-3 subunit protein

Pox_A9 PF04835.7 A9 protein conserved region

Pox_Ag35 PF03286.9 Pox virus Ag35 surface protein

Pox_ATPase-GT PF10640.4 mRNA capping enzyme N-terminal, ATPase and guanylyltransferase

Pox_A_type_inc PF04508.7 Viral A-type inclusion protein repeat

Pox_C4_C10 PF03336.8 Poxvirus C4/C10 protein

Pox_C7_F8A PF03287.9 Poxvirus C7/F8A protein

Pox_D2 PF04701.8 Pox virus D2 protein

Pox_D3 PF04580.8 Chordopoxvirinae D3 protein

Pox_D5 PF03288.11 Poxvirus D5 protein-like

Pox_E10 PF04805.7 E10-like protein conserved region

Pox_E2-like PF04497.7 Poxviridae protein

Pox_E6 PF04656.7 Pox virus E6 protein

Pox_E8 PF03394.8 Poxvirus E8 protein

Pox_F11 PF04943.7 Poxvirus F11 protein

Pox_F12L PF03337.8 Poxvirus F12L protein

Pox_F15 PF04596.7 Poxvirus protein F15

Pox_F16 PF04708.7 Poxvirus F16 protein

Pox_F17 PF04767.7 DNA-binding 11 kDa phosphoprotein

Pox_G5 PF04599.7 Poxvirus G5 protein

Pox_G7 PF05503.7 Poxvirus G7-like

Pox_H7 PF04787.7 Late protein H7

Pox_I1 PF03289.8 Poxvirus protein I1

Pox_I3 PF04661.7 Poxvirus I3 ssDNA-binding protein

Pox_I5 PF04713.7 Poxvirus protein I5

Pox_I6 PF04595.8 Poxvirus I6-like family

Pox_int_trans PF05718.7 Poxvirus intermediate transcription factor

Pox_J1 PF03338.10 Poxvirus J1 protein

Pox_L3_FP4 PF03339.9 Poxvirus L3/FP4 protein

Pox_L5 PF04872.8 Poxvirus L5 protein family

Pox_LP_H2 PF03356.10 Viral late protein H2

Pox_M2 PF04887.7 Poxvirus M2 protein

Pox_MCEL PF03291.11 mRNA capping enzyme

Pox_mRNA-cap PF03341.8 Poxvirus mRNA capping enzyme, small subunit

Pox_P21 PF05313.7 Poxvirus P21 membrane protein

Pox_P35 PF03213.9 Poxvirus P35 protein

Pox_P4A PF03395.9 Poxvirus P4A protein

Pox_P4B PF03292.9 Poxvirus P4B major core protein

Pox_polyA_pol PF03296.8 Poxvirus poly(A) polymerase nucleotidyltransferase domain

Pox_polyA_pol_C PF12629.2 Poxvirus poly(A) polymerase C-terminal domain

Pox_polyA_pol_N PF12630.2 Poxvirus poly(A) polymerase N-terminal domain

Pox_Rap94 PF03294.9 RNA polymerase-associated transcription specificity factor, Rap94

Pox_Rif PF03340.8 Poxvirus rifampicin resistance protein

Pox_RNA_pol PF03293.9 Poxvirus DNA-directed RNA polymerase, 18 kD subunit

Pox_RNA_Pol_19 PF05320.7 Poxvirus DNA-directed RNA polymerase 19 kDa subunit

Pox_RNA_Pol_22 PF05273.8 Poxvirus RNA polymerase 22 kDa subunit

Pox_RNA_pol_35 PF03396.10 Poxvirus DNA-directed RNA polymerase, 35 kD subunit

Pox_ser-thr_kin PF05445.6 Poxvirus serine/threonine protein kinase

Pox_T4_C PF04490.7 Poxvirus T4 protein, C terminus

Pox_T4_N PF04491.7 Poxvirus T4 protein, N terminus

Pox_TAA1 PF03295.9 Poxvirus trans-activator protein A1 C-terminal

Pox_TAP PF03355.9 Viral Trans-Activator Protein

Pox_VERT_large PF04441.8 Poxvirus early transcription factor (VETF), large subunit

Pox_vIL-18BP PF05566.7 Orthopoxvirus interleukin 18 binding protein

Pox_VLTF3 PF04947.9 Poxvirus Late Transcription Factor VLTF3 like

Pox_VP8_L4R PF04498.7 Poxvirus nucleic acid binding protein VP8/L4R

PP-binding PF00550.20 Phosphopantetheine attachment site

PP-binding_2 PF14573.1 Acyl-carrier

PP1 PF07430.6 Phloem filament protein PP1

PP1c_bdg PF10488.4 Phosphatase-1 catalytic subunit binding region

PP1_bind PF15276.1 Protein phosphatase 1 binding

PP1_inhibitor PF05361.7 PKC-activated protein phosphatase-1 inhibitor

PP2 PF14299.1 Phloem protein 2

PP28 PF10252.4 Casein kinase substrate phosphoprotein PP28

PP2C PF00481.16 Protein phosphatase 2C

PP2C_2 PF13672.1 Protein phosphatase 2C

PP2C_C PF07830.8 Protein serine/threonine phosphatase 2C, C-terminal domain

PPAK PF02818.10 PPAK motif

PPARgamma_N PF12577.3 PPAR gamma N-terminal region

PPC PF04151.10 Bacterial pre-peptidase C-terminal domain

PPDFL PF15060.1 Differentiation and proliferation regulator

PPDK_N PF01326.14 Pyruvate phosphate dikinase, PEP/pyruvate binding domain

PPE PF00823.14 PPE family

PPI_Ypi1 PF07491.6 Protein phosphatase inhibitor

PPK2 PF03976.9 Polyphosphate kinase 2 (PPK2)

PPO1_DWL PF12142.3 Polyphenol oxidase middle domain

PPO1_KFDV PF12143.3 Protein of unknown function (DUF_B2219)

PPP1R35_C PF15503.1 Protein phosphatase 1 regulatory subunit 35 C-terminus

PPP4R2 PF09184.6 PPP4R2

PPP5 PF08321.7 PPP5 TPR repeat region

PPPI_inhib PF14895.1 Protein phosphatase 1 inhibitor

PPR PF01535.15 PPR repeat

PPR_1 PF12854.2 PPR repeat

PPR_2 PF13041.1 PPR repeat family

PPR_3 PF13812.1 Pentatricopeptide repeat domain

PPTA PF01239.17 Protein prenyltransferase alpha subunit repeat

Pput2613-deam PF14427.1 Pput_2613-like deaminase

PPV_E1_C PF00519.12 Papillomavirus helicase

PPV_E1_N PF00524.13 E1 Protein, N terminal domain

PPV_E2_C PF00511.12 E2 (early) protein, C terminal

PPV_E2_N PF00508.12 E2 (early) protein, N terminal

Ppx-GppA PF02541.11 Ppx/GppA phosphatase family

PP_kinase PF02503.12 Polyphosphate kinase middle domain

PP_kinase_C PF13090.1 Polyphosphate kinase C-terminal domain

PP_kinase_N PF13089.1 Polyphosphate kinase N-terminal domain

PP_M1 PF03012.9 Phosphoprotein

PQ-loop PF04193.9 PQ loop repeat

PqiA PF04403.8 Paraquat-inducible protein A

PQQ PF01011.16 PQQ enzyme repeat

PqqA PF08042.6 PqqA family

PqqD PF05402.7 Coenzyme PQQ synthesis protein D (PqqD)

PQQ_2 PF13360.1 PQQ-like domain

PQQ_3 PF13570.1 PQQ-like domain

PRA-CH PF01502.13 Phosphoribosyl-AMP cyclohydrolase

PRA-PH PF01503.12 Phosphoribosyl-ATP pyrophosphohydrolase

PRA1 PF03208.14 PRA1 family protein

PRAI PF00697.17 N-(5'phosphoribosyl)anthranilate (PRA) isomerase

PRANC PF09372.5 PRANC domain

PRAP PF15314.1 Proline-rich acidic protein 1, pregnancy-specific uterine

PRC PF05239.11 PRC-barrel domain

PrcB_C PF14343.1 PrcB C-terminal

PRCC PF10253.4 Mitotic checkpoint regulator, MAD2B-interacting

PRCH PF03967.8 Photosynthetic reaction centre, H-chain N-terminal region

PRD PF00874.15 PRD domain

Prd1-P2 PF09214.6 Bacteriophage Prd1, adsorption protein P2

PRD_Mga PF08270.6 M protein trans-acting positive regulator (MGA) PRD domain

Pre-SET PF05033.11 Pre-SET motif

Prefoldin PF02996.12 Prefoldin subunit

Prefoldin_2 PF01920.15 Prefoldin subunit

Prefoldin_3 PF13758.1 Prefoldin subunit

PRELI PF04707.9 PRELI-like family

Prenylcys_lyase PF07156.9 Prenylcysteine lyase

Prenyltrans PF00432.16 Prenyltransferase and squalene oxidase repeat

Prenyltransf PF01255.14 Putative undecaprenyl diphosphate synthase

Prenyltrans_1 PF13243.1 Prenyltransferase-like

Prenyltrans_2 PF13249.1 Prenyltransferase-like

PRESAN PF09687.5 Plasmodium RESA N-terminal

Presenilin PF01080.12 Presenilin

Preseq_ALAS PF09029.5 5-aminolevulinate synthase presequence

PRE_C2HC PF07530.6 Associated with zinc fingers

PRF PF06875.6 Plethodontid receptivity factor PRF

PrgH PF09480.5 Type III secretion system protein PrgH-EprH (PrgH)

PrgI PF12666.2 PrgI family protein

PrgU PF09627.5 PrgU-like protein

PRiA4_ORF3 PF07929.6 Plasmid pRiA4b ORF-3-like protein

Pribosyltran PF00156.22 Phosphoribosyl transferase domain

Pribosyltran_N PF13793.1 N-terminal domain of ribose phosphate pyrophosphokinase

Pribosyl_synth PF14572.1 Phosphoribosyl synthetase-associated domain

PriCT_1 PF08708.6 Primase C terminal 1 (PriCT-1)

PriCT_2 PF08707.6 Primase C terminal 2 (PriCT-2)

Prim-Pol PF09250.6 Bifunctional DNA primase/polymerase, N-terminal

Prim_Zn_Ribbon PF08273.7 Zinc-binding domain of primase-helicase

Prion PF00377.13 Prion/Doppel alpha-helical domain

Prion_bPrPp PF11587.3 Major prion protein bPrPp - N terminal

Prion_octapep PF03991.7 Copper binding octapeptide repeat

Prismane PF03063.15 Prismane/CO dehydrogenase family

PRK PF00485.13 Phosphoribulokinase / Uridine kinase family

PrkA PF06798.7 PrkA serine protein kinase C-terminal domain

PRKCSH PF07915.8 Glucosidase II beta subunit-like protein

PRKCSH-like PF12999.2 Glucosidase II beta subunit-like

PRKCSH_1 PF13015.1 Glucosidase II beta subunit-like protein

PrmA PF06325.8 Ribosomal protein L11 methyltransferase (PrmA)

PRMT5 PF05185.11 PRMT5 arginine-N-methyltransferase

PRNT PF15174.1 Prion-related protein testis-specific

Pro-kuma_activ PF09286.6 Pro-kumamolisin, activation domain

Pro-MCH PF05824.7 Pro-melanin-concentrating hormone (Pro-MCH)

Pro-NT_NN PF07421.6 Neurotensin/neuromedin N precursor

Pro-rich PF15240.1 Proline-rich

Pro-rich_19 PF15455.1 Proline-rich 19

PRO8NT PF08082.6 PRO8NT (NUC069), PrP8 N-terminal domain

PROCN PF08083.6 PROCN (NUC071) domain

PROCT PF08084.6 PROCT (NUC072) domain

Profilin PF00235.14 Profilin

Prog_receptor PF02161.10 Progesterone receptor

Proho_convert PF12177.3 Prohormone convertase enzyme

Prok-E2_A PF14457.1 Prokaryotic E2 family A

Prok-E2_B PF14461.1 Prokaryotic E2 family B

Prok-E2_C PF14459.1 Prokaryotic E2 family C

Prok-E2_D PF14460.1 Prokaryotic E2 family D

Prok-E2_E PF14462.1 Prokaryotic E2 family E

Prok-JAB PF14464.1 Prokaryotic homologs of the JAB domain

Prok-RING_1 PF14446.1 Prokaryotic RING finger family 1

Prok-RING_2 PF14445.1 Prokaryotic RING finger family 2

Prok-RING_4 PF14447.1 Prokaryotic RING finger family 4

Prok-TraM PF09228.5 Prokaryotic Transcriptional repressor TraM

Prokineticin PF06607.6 Prokineticin

Prok_Ub PF14454.1 Prokaryotic Ubiquitin

PROL5-SMR PF15621.1 Proline-rich submaxillary gland androgen-regulated family

Prolactin_RP PF15172.1 Prolactin-releasing peptide

Prolamin_like PF05617.6 Prolamin-like

Prominin PF05478.6 Prominin

PRONE PF03759.8 PRONE (Plant-specific Rop nucleotide exchanger)

Propeptide_C1 PF08127.8 Peptidase family C1 propeptide

Propeptide_C25 PF08126.6 Propeptide_C25

Propep_M14 PF02244.11 Carboxypeptidase activation peptide

Prophage_tail PF06605.6 Prophage endopeptidase tail

ProQ PF04352.8 ProQ/FINO family

ProRS-C_1 PF09180.6 Prolyl-tRNA synthetase, C-terminal

ProRS-C_2 PF09181.5 Prolyl-tRNA synthetase, C-terminal

ProSAAS PF07259.7 ProSAAS precursor

Prosystemin PF07376.6 Prosystemin

Protamine_3 PF08188.6 Spermatozal protamine family

Protamine_P1 PF00260.15 Protamine P1

Protamine_P2 PF00841.14 Sperm histone P2

Proteasome PF00227.21 Proteasome subunit

Proteasome_A_N PF10584.4 Proteasome subunit A N-terminal signature

Proteasom_PSMB PF10508.4 Proteasome non-ATPase 26S subunit

Proteasom_Rpn13 PF04683.8 Proteasome complex subunit Rpn13 ubiquitin receptor

Protein_K PF12283.3 Bacteriophage protein K

Prothymosin PF03247.9 Prothymosin/parathymosin family

Protocadherin PF08374.6 Protocadherin

Protoglobin PF11563.3 Protoglobin

Prot_inhib_II PF02428.10 Potato type II proteinase inhibitor family

Pro_3_hydrox_C PF05373.6 L-proline 3-hydroxylase, C-terminal

Pro_Al_protease PF02983.9 Alpha-lytic protease prodomain

Pro_CA PF00484.14 Carbonic anhydrase

Pro_dh PF01619.13 Proline dehydrogenase

Pro_dh-DNA_bdg PF14850.1 DNA-binding domain of Proline dehydrogenase

Pro_isomerase PF00160.16 Cyclophilin type peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase/CLD

Pro_racemase PF05544.6 Proline racemase

Prp18 PF02840.10 Prp18 domain

Prp19 PF08606.6 Prp19/Pso4-like

Prp19_bind PF06991.6 Splicing factor, Prp19-binding domain

PRP1_N PF06424.7 PRP1 splicing factor, N-terminal

PRP21_like_P PF12230.3 Pre-mRNA splicing factor PRP21 like protein

PRP3 PF08572.5 pre-mRNA processing factor 3 (PRP3)

Prp31_C PF09785.4 Prp31 C terminal domain

PRP38 PF03371.10 PRP38 family

PRP38_assoc PF12871.2 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor 38-associated hydrophilic C-term

PRP4 PF08799.6 pre-mRNA processing factor 4 (PRP4) like

PRP8_domainIV PF12134.3 PRP8 domain IV core

PrpF PF04303.8 PrpF protein

PrpR_N PF06506.6 Propionate catabolism activator

PRRSV_2b PF07069.6 Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus 2b

PRRSV_Env PF02340.10 PRRSV putative envelope protein

PrsW-protease PF13367.1 Protease prsW family

PRTase_1 PF11202.3 Phosphoribosyl transferase (PRTase)

PRTase_2 PF15609.1 Phosphoribosyl transferase

PRTase_3 PF15610.1 PRTase ComF-like

PRTP PF01366.13 Herpesvirus processing and transport protein

PRT_C PF08372.5 Plant phosphoribosyltransferase C-terminal

PRY PF13765.1 SPRY-associated domain

Pr_beta_C PF12465.3 Proteasome beta subunits C terminal

PS-DH PF14765.1 Polyketide synthase dehydratase

PsaA_PsaB PF00223.14 Photosystem I psaA/psaB protein

PsaD PF02531.11 PsaD

PsaL PF02605.10 Photosystem I reaction centre subunit XI

PsaM PF07465.8 Photosystem I protein M (PsaM)

PsaN PF05479.6 Photosystem I reaction centre subunit N (PSAN or PSI-N)

PsaX PF08078.7 PsaX family

Psb28 PF03912.9 Psb28 protein

PsbH PF00737.15 Photosystem II 10 kDa phosphoprotein

PsbI PF02532.9 Photosystem II reaction centre I protein (PSII 4.8 kDa protein)

PsbJ PF01788.12 PsbJ

PsbK PF02533.10 Photosystem II 4 kDa reaction centre component

PsbL PF02419.12 PsbL protein

PsbM PF05151.7 Photosystem II reaction centre M protein (PsbM)

PsbN PF02468.10 Photosystem II reaction centre N protein (psbN)

PsbP PF01789.11 PsbP

PsbQ PF05757.6 Oxygen evolving enhancer protein 3 (PsbQ)

PsbR PF04725.7 Photosystem II 10 kDa polypeptide PsbR

PsbT PF01405.12 Photosystem II reaction centre T protein

PsbU PF06514.6 Photosystem II 12 kDa extrinsic protein (PsbU)

PsbW PF07123.7 Photosystem II reaction centre W protein (PsbW)

PsbX PF06596.6 Photosystem II reaction centre X protein (PsbX)

PsbY PF06298.6 Photosystem II protein Y (PsbY)

PSCyt1 PF07635.6 Planctomycete cytochrome C

PSCyt2 PF07583.6 Protein of unknown function (DUF1549)

PSCyt3 PF07627.6 Protein of unknown function (DUF1588)

PSD1 PF07587.6 Protein of unknown function (DUF1553)

PSD2 PF07624.6 Protein of unknown function (DUF1585)

PSD3 PF07626.6 Protein of unknown function (DUF1587)

PSD4 PF07631.6 Protein of unknown function (DUF1592)

PSD5 PF07637.6 Protein of unknown function (DUF1595)

PSDC PF12588.3 Phophatidylserine decarboxylase

PseudoU_synth_1 PF01416.15 tRNA pseudouridine synthase

PseudoU_synth_2 PF00849.17 RNA pseudouridylate synthase

PSGP PF07276.6 Apopolysialoglycoprotein (PSGP)

PSI PF01437.20 Plexin repeat

PsiA PF06952.6 PsiA protein

PsiB PF06290.6 Plasmid SOS inhibition protein (PsiB)

PsiE PF06146.7 Phosphate-starvation-inducible E

PsiF_repeat PF07769.9 psiF repeat

PSII PF00421.14 Photosystem II protein

PSII_BNR PF14870.1 Photosynthesis system II assembly factor YCF48

PSII_Pbs27 PF13326.1 Photosystem II Pbs27

PSII_Ycf12 PF05969.6 Photosystem II complex subunit Ycf12

PSI_8 PF00796.13 Photosystem I reaction centre subunit VIII

PSI_PsaE PF02427.12 Photosystem I reaction centre subunit IV / PsaE

PSI_PsaF PF02507.10 Photosystem I reaction centre subunit III

PSI_PsaH PF03244.9 Photosystem I reaction centre subunit VI

PSI_PsaJ PF01701.13 Photosystem I reaction centre subunit IX / PsaJ

PSI_PSAK PF01241.13 Photosystem I psaG / psaK

PSK PF06404.7 Phytosulfokine precursor protein (PSK)

PSK_trans_fac PF07704.6 Rv0623-like transcription factor

PSP PF04046.11 PSP

PSP1 PF04468.7 PSP1 C-terminal conserved region

PSP94 PF05825.6 Beta-microseminoprotein (PSP-94)

PspA_IM30 PF04012.7 PspA/IM30 family

PspB PF06667.7 Phage shock protein B

PspC PF04024.7 PspC domain

PSRP-3_Ycf65 PF04839.8 Plastid and cyanobacterial ribosomal protein (PSRP-3 / Ycf65)


PSS PF03034.10 Phosphatidyl serine synthase

Psu PF07455.6 Phage polarity suppression protein (Psu)

PS_Dcarbxylase PF02666.10 Phosphatidylserine decarboxylase

PS_pyruv_trans PF04230.8 Polysaccharide pyruvyl transferase

PT PF04886.7 PT repeat

PT-HINT PF07591.6 Pretoxin HINT domain

PT-TG PF14449.1 Pre-toxin TG

PT-VENN PF04829.8 Pre-toxin domain with VENN motif

PTase_Orf2 PF11468.3 Aromatic prenyltransferase Orf2

PTA_PTB PF01515.14 Phosphate acetyl/butaryl transferase

PTB PF08416.8 Phosphotyrosine-binding domain

PTCB-BRCT PF12738.2 twin BRCT domain

PTCRA PF15028.1 Pre-T-cell antigen receptor

PTE PF02126.13 Phosphotriesterase family

PTEN_C2 PF10409.4 C2 domain of PTEN tumour-suppressor protein

Pterin_4a PF01329.14 Pterin 4 alpha carbinolamine dehydratase

Pterin_bind PF00809.17 Pterin binding enzyme

PTH2 PF01981.11 Peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase PTH2

PTN_MK_C PF01091.13 PTN/MK heparin-binding protein family, C-terminal domain

PTN_MK_N PF05196.8 PTN/MK heparin-binding protein family, N-terminal domain

PTPA PF03095.10 Phosphotyrosyl phosphate activator (PTPA) protein

PTPLA PF04387.9 Protein tyrosine phosphatase-like protein, PTPLA

PTPlike_phytase PF14566.1 Inositol hexakisphosphate

PTPS PF01242.14 6-pyruvoyl tetrahydropterin synthase

PTPS_related PF10131.4 6-pyruvoyl-tetrahydropterin synthase related domain; membrane protein

PTP_N PF12453.3 Protein tyrosine phosphatase N terminal

PTR PF12789.2 Phage tail repeat like

PTR2 PF00854.16 POT family

PTRF_SDPR PF15237.1 PTRF/SDPR family

PTS-HPr PF00381.14 PTS HPr component phosphorylation site

PTSIIA_gutA PF03829.8 PTS system glucitol/sorbitol-specific IIA component

PTSIIB_sorb PF03830.10 PTS system sorbose subfamily IIB component

PTS_2-RNA PF01885.11 RNA 2'-phosphotransferase, Tpt1 / KptA family

PTS_EIIA_1 PF00358.15 phosphoenolpyruvate-dependent sugar phosphotransferase system, EIIA 1

PTS_EIIA_2 PF00359.17 Phosphoenolpyruvate-dependent sugar phosphotransferase system, EIIA 2

PTS_EIIB PF00367.15 phosphotransferase system, EIIB

PTS_EIIC PF02378.13 Phosphotransferase system, EIIC

PTS_EIIC_2 PF13303.1 Phosphotransferase system, EIIC

PTS_IIA PF02255.11 PTS system, Lactose/Cellobiose specific IIA subunit

PTS_IIB PF02302.12 PTS system, Lactose/Cellobiose specific IIB subunit

PUA PF01472.15 PUA domain

PUA_2 PF14306.1 PUA-like domain

PUB PF09409.5 PUB domain

PUCC PF03209.10 PUCC protein

PucR PF07905.6 Purine catabolism regulatory protein-like family

PUD PF03714.9 Bacterial pullanase-associated domain

PUF PF00806.14 Pumilio-family RNA binding repeat

PufQ PF05398.6 PufQ cytochrome subunit

PUL PF08324.6 PUL domain

PulG PF11773.3 Type II secretory pathway pseudopilin

PulS_OutS PF09691.5 Bacterial chaperone lipoprotein (PulS_OutS)

Pup PF05639.6 Pup-like protein

Pup_ligase PF03136.10 Pup-ligase protein

PurA PF04845.8 PurA ssDNA and RNA-binding protein

PurS PF02700.9 Phosphoribosylformylglycinamidine (FGAM) synthase

Pur_DNA_glyco PF02245.11 Methylpurine-DNA glycosylase (MPG)

PuR_N PF09182.5 Bacterial purine repressor, N-terminal

Put_DNA-bind_N PF06971.8 Putative DNA-binding protein N-terminus

Put_Phosphatase PF06888.7 Putative Phosphatase

PV-1 PF06637.6 PV-1 protein (PLVAP)

PvlArgDC PF01862.11 Pyruvoyl-dependent arginine decarboxylase (PvlArgDC)

PVL_ORF50 PF07768.6 PVL ORF-50-like family

PV_NSP1 PF12433.3 Parvovirus non-structural protein 1

PWI PF01480.12 PWI domain

PWWP PF00855.12 PWWP domain

PX PF00787.19 PX domain

PXA PF02194.10 PXA domain

PXB PF12828.2 PX-associated

PXPV PF12778.2 PXPV repeat (3 copies)

PXT1 PF15214.1 Peroxisomal testis-specific protein 1

PYC_OADA PF02436.13 Conserved carboxylase domain

PYNP_C PF07831.8 Pyrimidine nucleoside phosphorylase C-terminal domain

PyocinActivator PF11112.3 Pyocin activator protein PrtN

Pyocin_S PF06958.7 S-type Pyocin

PyrBI_leader PF08052.6 PyrBI operon leader peptide

PyrI PF01948.13 Aspartate carbamoyltransferase regulatory chain, allosteric domain

Pyridoxal_deC PF00282.14 Pyridoxal-dependent decarboxylase conserved domain

Pyridox_oxase_2 PF12766.2 Pyridoxamine 5'-phosphate oxidase

Pyridox_oxidase PF01243.15 Pyridoxamine 5'-phosphate oxidase

Pyridox_ox_2 PF12900.2 Pyridoxamine 5'-phosphate oxidase

Pyrid_oxidase_2 PF13883.1 Pyridoxamine 5'-phosphate oxidase

PYRIN PF02758.11 PAAD/DAPIN/Pyrin domain

PyrI_C PF02748.10 Aspartate carbamoyltransferase regulatory chain, metal binding domain

Pyrophosphatase PF00719.14 Inorganic pyrophosphatase

Pyr_excise PF03013.9 Pyrimidine dimer DNA glycosylase

Pyr_redox PF00070.22 Pyridine nucleotide-disulphide oxidoreductase

Pyr_redox_2 PF07992.9 Pyridine nucleotide-disulphide oxidoreductase

Pyr_redox_3 PF13738.1 Pyridine nucleotide-disulphide oxidoreductase

Pyr_redox_dim PF02852.17 Pyridine nucleotide-disulphide oxidoreductase, dimerisation domain

PYST-C1 PF09690.5 Plasmodium yoelii subtelomeric region (PYST-C1)

PY_rept_46 PF09689.5 Plasmodium yoelii repeat (PY_rept_46)

P_C PF06640.6 P protein C-terminus

P_gingi_FimA PF06321.6 Major fimbrial subunit protein (FimA)

P_proprotein PF01483.15 Proprotein convertase P-domain

p12I PF12233.3 Human adult T cell leukemia/lymphoma virus protein

p25-alpha PF05517.7 p25-alpha

p31comet PF06581.7 Mad1 and Cdc20-bound-Mad2 binding

p450 PF00067.17 Cytochrome P450

p47_phox_C PF08944.6 NADPH oxidase subunit p47Phox, C terminal domain

p53-inducible11 PF14936.1 Tumour protein p53-inducible protein 11

peroxidase PF00141.18 Peroxidase

phage_tail_N PF08400.5 Prophage tail fibre N-terminal

phiKZ_IP PF12699.2 phiKZ-like phage internal head proteins

pKID PF02173.12 pKID domain

plasmid_Toxin PF12703.2 Toxin of toxin-antitoxin type 1 system

polyprenyl_synt PF00348.12 Polyprenyl synthetase

potato_inhibit PF00280.13 Potato inhibitor I family

priB_priC PF07445.7 Primosomal replication protein priB and priC

pRN1_helical PF13010.1 Primase helical domain