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M PF02370.11 M protein repeat

M-factor PF03855.8 M-factor

M-inducer_phosp PF06617.8 M-phase inducer phosphatase

M11L PF11099.3 Apoptosis regulator M11L like

M157 PF11624.3 MHC class I-like protein M157

M16C_assoc PF08367.6 Peptidase M16C associated

M20_dimer PF07687.9 Peptidase dimerisation domain

M3 PF09213.5 M3

M60-like PF13402.1 Peptidase M60-like family

MA-Mit PF09245.5 Mycoplasma arthritidis-derived mitogen

MA3 PF02847.12 MA3 domain

MAAL_C PF07476.6 Methylaspartate ammonia-lyase C-terminus

MAAL_N PF05034.8 Methylaspartate ammonia-lyase N-terminus

Mab-21 PF03281.9 Mab-21 protein

Mac PF12464.3 Maltose acetyltransferase

Mac-1 PF09028.5 Mac 1

MacB_PCD PF12704.2 MacB-like periplasmic core domain

Macin PF14865.1 Macin

Macoilin PF09726.4 Transmembrane protein

MACPF PF01823.14 MAC/Perforin domain

Macro PF01661.16 Macro domain

Macro_2 PF14519.1 Macro-like domain

Macscav_rec PF03523.8 Macrophage scavenger receptor

MAD PF05557.8 Mitotic checkpoint protein

Mad3_BUB1_I PF08311.7 Mad3/BUB1 homology region 1

Mad3_BUB1_II PF08171.6 Mad3/BUB1 homology region 2

MADF_DNA_bdg PF10545.4 Alcohol dehydrogenase transcription factor Myb/SANT-like

MadL PF03817.8 Malonate transporter MadL subunit

MadM PF03818.8 Malonate/sodium symporter MadM subunit

Maelstrom PF13017.1 piRNA pathway germ-plasm component

Maf PF02545.9 Maf-like protein

Maf1 PF09174.5 Maf1 regulator

MafB19-deam PF14437.1 MafB19-like deaminase

Maff2 PF12750.2 Maff2 family

MAF_flag10 PF01973.13 Protein of unknown function DUF115

Maf_N PF08383.6 Maf N-terminal region

MAGE PF01454.14 MAGE family

MAGE_N PF12440.3 Melanoma associated antigen family N terminal

Mago-bind PF09282.5 Mago binding

Mago_nashi PF02792.9 Mago nashi protein

MAGP PF05507.6 Microfibril-associated glycoprotein (MAGP)

MAGSP PF03082.9 Male accessory gland secretory protein

MAGUK_N_PEST PF10608.4 Polyubiquitination (PEST) N-terminal domain of MAGUK

Mak10 PF04112.8 Mak10 subunit, NatC N(alpha)-terminal acetyltransferase

Mak16 PF04874.9 Mak16 protein C-terminal region

Malate_DH PF12434.3 Malate dehydrogenase enzyme

Malate_synthase PF01274.17 Malate synthase

Malectin PF11721.3 Di-glucose binding within endoplasmic reticulum

Malectin_like PF12819.2 Carbohydrate-binding protein of the ER

MalF_P2 PF14785.1 Maltose transport system permease protein MalF P2 domain

Malic_M PF03949.10 Malic enzyme, NAD binding domain

MalM PF07148.7 Maltose operon periplasmic protein precursor (MalM)

MAM PF00629.18 MAM domain

MAM1 PF10434.4 Monopolin complex protein MAM1

MAM33 PF02330.11 Mitochondrial glycoprotein

MamL-1 PF09596.5 MamL-1 domain

Man-6-P_recep PF02157.10 Mannose-6-phosphate receptor

MANEC PF07502.9 MANEC domain

Mannitol_dh PF01232.18 Mannitol dehydrogenase Rossmann domain

Mannitol_dh_C PF08125.8 Mannitol dehydrogenase C-terminal domain

MannoseP_isomer PF01050.13 Mannose-6-phosphate isomerase

Mannosyl_trans PF05007.8 Mannosyltransferase (PIG-M)

Mannosyl_trans2 PF04188.8 Mannosyltransferase (PIG-V))

Mannosyl_trans3 PF11051.3 Mannosyltransferase putative

MaoC_dehydratas PF01575.14 MaoC like domain

MaoC_dehydrat_N PF13452.1 N-terminal half of MaoC dehydratase

MAP PF03642.8 MAP domain

MAP1B_neuraxin PF00414.12 Neuraxin and MAP1B repeat

MAP2_projctn PF08377.5 MAP2/Tau projection domain

MAP65_ASE1 PF03999.7 Microtubule associated protein (MAP65/ASE1 family)

MAP7 PF05672.6 MAP7 (E-MAP-115) family

MAPEG PF01124.13 MAPEG family

MAPKK1_Int PF08923.5 Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 1 interacting

MarB PF13999.1 MarB protein

MarC PF01914.12 MarC family integral membrane protein

MARCKS PF02063.12 MARCKS family

Marek_A PF02124.10 Marek's disease glycoprotein A

Marek_SORF3 PF07153.6 Marek's disease-like virus SORF3 protein

MarR PF01047.17 MarR family

MarR_2 PF12802.2 MarR family

MARVEL PF01284.18 Membrane-associating domain

MAR_sialic_bdg PF10564.4 Sialic-acid binding micronemal adhesive repeat

MAS20 PF02064.10 MAS20 protein import receptor

MASE1 PF05231.9 MASE1

MASE2 PF05230.6 MASE2 domain

Mastoparan PF08249.6 Mastoparan protein

Mastoparan_2 PF08251.6 Mastoparan peptide

MAT1 PF06391.8 CDK-activating kinase assembly factor MAT1

MatC_N PF07158.6 Dicarboxylate carrier protein MatC N-terminus

MatE PF01554.13 MatE

MATH PF00917.21 MATH domain

Mating_C PF12737.2 C-terminal domain of homeodomain 1

Mating_N PF12731.2 Mating-type protein beta 1

MatK_N PF01824.13 MatK/TrnK amino terminal region

MatP PF06303.7 Organiser of macrodomain of Terminus of chromosome

Matrilin_ccoil PF10393.4 Trimeric coiled-coil oligomerisation domain of matrilin

Matrix PF00661.16 Viral matrix protein

MAT_Alpha1 PF04769.7 Mating-type protein MAT alpha 1

MauE PF07291.6 Methylamine utilisation protein MauE

MazG PF03819.12 MazG nucleotide pyrophosphohydrolase domain

MazG-like PF12643.2 MazG-like family

MBA1 PF07961.6 MBA1-like protein

MBD PF01429.14 Methyl-CpG binding domain

MBD_C PF14048.1 C-terminal domain of methyl-CpG binding protein 2 and 3

MbeB_N PF04837.7 MbeB-like, N-term conserved region

MbeD_MobD PF04899.7 MbeD/MobD like

MBF1 PF08523.5 Multiprotein bridging factor 1

MBOAT PF03062.14 MBOAT, membrane-bound O-acyltransferase family

MBOAT_2 PF13813.1 Membrane bound O-acyl transferase family

MBT PF02820.13 mbt repeat

MbtH PF03621.8 MbtH-like protein

MC1 PF05854.6 Non-histone chromosomal protein MC1

MCC-bdg_PDZ PF10506.4 PDZ domain of MCC-2 bdg protein for Usher syndrome

MCD PF05292.6 Malonyl-CoA decarboxylase (MCD)

MCE PF02470.15 mce related protein

MCH PF02289.11 Cyclohydrolase (MCH)

MCLC PF05934.6 Mid-1-related chloride channel (MCLC)

MCM PF00493.18 MCM2/3/5 family

Mcm10 PF09332.6 Mcm10 replication factor

MCM2_N PF12619.3 Mini-chromosome maintenance protein 2

MCM_bind PF09739.4 Mini-chromosome maintenance replisome factor

MCM_N PF14551.1 MCM N-terminal domain

Mcp5_PH PF12814.2 Meiotic cell cortex C-terminal pleckstrin homology

MCPsignal PF00015.16 Methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein (MCP) signalling domain

MCPVI PF02993.9 Minor capsid protein VI

MCP_N PF05581.7 Vibrio chemotaxis protein N terminus

McrBC PF10117.4 McrBC 5-methylcytosine restriction system component

MCRS_N PF13325.1 N-terminal region of micro-spherule protein

MCR_alpha PF02249.12 Methyl-coenzyme M reductase alpha subunit, C-terminal domain

MCR_alpha_N PF02745.10 Methyl-coenzyme M reductase alpha subunit, N-terminal domain

MCR_beta PF02241.13 Methyl-coenzyme M reductase beta subunit, C-terminal domain

MCR_beta_N PF02783.10 Methyl-coenzyme M reductase beta subunit, N-terminal domain

MCR_C PF04609.7 Methyl-coenzyme M reductase operon protein C

MCR_D PF02505.9 Methyl-coenzyme M reductase operon protein D

MCR_gamma PF02240.11 Methyl-coenzyme M reductase gamma subunit

McyA_C PF12593.3 Microcystin synthetase C terminal

MdcE PF06833.6 Malonate decarboxylase gamma subunit (MdcE)

MdcG PF10620.4 Phosphoribosyl-dephospho-CoA transferase MdcG

MDFI PF15316.1 MyoD family inhibitor

MDH PF02315.11 Methanol dehydrogenase beta subunit

MDM1 PF15501.1 Nuclear protein MDM1

MDM31_MDM32 PF08118.6 Yeast mitochondrial distribution and morphology (MDM) proteins

MDMPI_C PF07398.6 MDMPI C-terminal domain

MDMPI_N PF11716.3 Mycothiol maleylpyruvate isomerase N-terminal domain

MdoG PF04349.7 Periplasmic glucan biosynthesis protein, MdoG

Mdv1 PF11542.3 Mitochondrial division protein 1

Me-amine-dh_H PF06433.6 Methylamine dehydrogenase heavy chain (MADH)

Me-amine-dh_L PF02975.9 Methylamine dehydrogenase, L chain

MEA1 PF06910.6 Male enhanced antigen 1 (MEA1)

Mec-17 PF05301.6 Touch receptor neuron protein Mec-17

MecA PF05389.7 Negative regulator of genetic competence (MecA)

MecA_N PF05223.6 NTF2-like N-terminal transpeptidase domain

Meckelin PF09773.4 Meckelin (Transmembrane protein 67)

Med1 PF10744.4 Mediator of RNA polymerase II transcription subunit 1

Med10 PF09748.4 Transcription factor subunit Med10 of Mediator complex

Med11 PF10280.4 Mediator complex protein

Med12 PF09497.5 Transcription mediator complex subunit Med12

Med12-LCEWAV PF12145.3 Eukaryotic Mediator 12 subunit domain

Med12-PQL PF12144.3 Eukaryotic Mediator 12 catenin-binding domain

Med13_C PF06333.7 Mediator complex subunit 13 C-terminal

Med13_N PF11597.3 Mediator complex subunit 13 N-terminal

Med14 PF08638.6 Mediator complex subunit MED14

Med15 PF09606.5 ARC105 or Med15 subunit of Mediator complex non-fungal

Med15_fungi PF05397.7 Mediator complex subunit 15

Med16 PF11635.3 Mediator complex subunit 16

Med17 PF10156.4 Subunit 17 of Mediator complex

Med18 PF09637.5 Med18 protein

Med19 PF10278.4 Mediator of RNA pol II transcription subunit 19

Med2 PF11214.3 Mediator complex subunit 2

Med20 PF08612.6 TATA-binding related factor (TRF) of subunit 20 of Mediator complex

Med21 PF11221.3 Subunit 21 of Mediator complex

Med22 PF06179.7 Surfeit locus protein 5 subunit 22 of Mediator complex

Med23 PF11573.3 Mediator complex subunit 23

Med24_N PF11277.3 Mediator complex subunit 24 N-terminal

Med25 PF11232.3 Mediator complex subunit 25 PTOV activation and synapsin 2

Med25_NR-box PF11244.3 Mediator complex subunit 25 C-terminal NR box-containing

Med25_SD1 PF11235.3 Mediator complex subunit 25 synapsin 1

Med25_VWA PF11265.3 Mediator complex subunit 25 von Willebrand factor type A

Med26 PF08711.6 TFIIS helical bundle-like domain

Med27 PF11571.3 Mediator complex subunit 27

Med28 PF11594.3 Mediator complex subunit 28

Med29 PF11568.3 Mediator complex subunit 29

Med3 PF11593.3 Mediator complex subunit 3 fungal

Med30 PF11315.3 Mediator complex subunit 30

Med31 PF05669.7 SOH1

Med4 PF10018.4 Vitamin-D-receptor interacting Mediator subunit 4

Med5 PF08689.5 Mediator complex subunit Med5

Med6 PF04934.9 MED6 mediator sub complex component

Med7 PF05983.6 MED7 protein

Med8 PF10232.4 Mediator of RNA polymerase II transcription complex subunit 8

Med9 PF07544.8 RNA polymerase II transcription mediator complex subunit 9

MEDS PF14417.1 MEDS: MEthanogen/methylotroph, DcmR Sensory domain

MEF2_binding PF09047.5 MEF2 binding

Mei4 PF13971.1 Meiosis-specific protein Mei4

Mei5 PF10376.4 Double-strand recombination repair protein

Meiosis_expr PF15163.1 Meiosis-expressed

Meiotic_rec114 PF03525.9 Meiotic recombination protein rec114

MEKHLA PF08670.6 MEKHLA domain

MelC1 PF06236.6 Tyrosinase co-factor MelC1

Meleagrin PF08189.6 Meleagrin/Cygnin family

Melibiase PF02065.13 Melibiase

Melittin PF01372.12 Melittin

Membralin PF09746.4 Tumour-associated protein

Membrane_bind PF14564.1 Membrane binding

Membr_traf_MHD PF10540.4 Munc13 (mammalian uncoordinated) homology domain

Memo PF01875.12 Memo-like protein

MeMO_Hyd_G PF02964.11 Methane monooxygenase, hydrolase gamma chain

Mem_trans PF03547.13 Membrane transport protein

Menin PF05053.8 Menin

MENTAL PF10457.4 Cholesterol-capturing domain

MepB PF08877.5 MepB protein

Mer2 PF09074.5 Mer2

MerB PF03243.10 Alkylmercury lyase

MerC PF03203.9 MerC mercury resistance protein

MerE PF05052.7 MerE protein

Merozoite_SPAM PF07133.6 Merozoite surface protein (SPAM)

MerR PF00376.18 MerR family regulatory protein

MerR-DNA-bind PF09278.6 MerR, DNA binding

MerR_1 PF13411.1 MerR HTH family regulatory protein

MerR_2 PF13591.1 MerR HTH family regulatory protein

MerT PF02411.10 MerT mercuric transport protein

Mesd PF10185.4 Chaperone for wingless signalling and trafficking of LDL receptor

Mesothelin PF06060.7 Pre-pro-megakaryocyte potentiating factor precursor (Mesothelin)

META PF03724.11 META domain

Metalloenzyme PF01676.13 Metalloenzyme superfamily

Metallopep PF12044.3 Putative peptidase family

Metallophos PF00149.23 Calcineurin-like phosphoesterase

Metallophos_2 PF12850.2 Calcineurin-like phosphoesterase superfamily domain

Metallophos_3 PF14582.1 Metallophosphoesterase, calcineurin superfamily

Metallophos_C PF14008.1 Iron/zinc purple acid phosphatase-like protein C

Metallothio PF00131.15 Metallothionein

Metallothio_11 PF02066.10 Metallothionein family 11

Metallothio_2 PF01439.13 Metallothionein

Metallothio_5 PF02067.10 Metallothionein family 5

Metallothio_6 PF05522.6 Metallothionein

Metallothio_Cad PF07846.6 Metallothionein family

Metallothio_Euk PF12749.2 Eukaryotic metallothionein

Metallothio_PEC PF02068.11 Plant PEC family metallothionein

Metallothio_Pro PF02069.11 Prokaryotic metallothionein

Metallothi_Euk2 PF12809.2 Eukaryotic metallothionein

Metal_CEHH PF14455.1 Predicted metal binding domain

Metal_hydrol PF10118.4 Predicted metal-dependent hydrolase

Metal_resist PF13801.1 Heavy-metal resistance

Metaviral_G PF09595.5 Metaviral_G glycoprotein

Methuselah_N PF06652.7 Methuselah N-terminus

Methylase_S PF01420.14 Type I restriction modification DNA specificity domain

MethyltransfD12 PF02086.10 D12 class N6 adenine-specific DNA methyltransferase

Methyltransf_10 PF05971.7 Protein of unknown function (DUF890)

Methyltransf_11 PF08241.7 Methyltransferase domain

Methyltransf_12 PF08242.7 Methyltransferase domain

Methyltransf_13 PF08421.6 Putative zinc binding domain

Methyltransf_14 PF08484.6 C-methyltransferase C-terminal domain

Methyltransf_15 PF09445.5 RNA cap guanine-N2 methyltransferase

Methyltransf_16 PF10294.4 Putative methyltransferase

Methyltransf_17 PF12692.2 S-adenosyl-L-methionine methyltransferase

Methyltransf_18 PF12847.2 Methyltransferase domain

Methyltransf_19 PF04672.7 S-adenosyl methyltransferase

Methyltransf_1N PF02870.10 6-O-methylguanine DNA methyltransferase, ribonuclease-like domain

Methyltransf_2 PF00891.13 O-methyltransferase

Methyltransf_20 PF12147.3 Putative methyltransferase

Methyltransf_21 PF05050.7 Methyltransferase FkbM domain

Methyltransf_22 PF13383.1 Methyltransferase domain

Methyltransf_23 PF13489.1 Methyltransferase domain

Methyltransf_24 PF13578.1 Methyltransferase domain

Methyltransf_25 PF13649.1 Methyltransferase domain

Methyltransf_26 PF13659.1 Methyltransferase domain

Methyltransf_27 PF13708.1 Methyltransferase domain

Methyltransf_28 PF02636.12 Putative S-adenosyl-L-methionine-dependent methyltransferase

Methyltransf_29 PF03141.11 Putative S-adenosyl-L-methionine-dependent methyltransferase

Methyltransf_3 PF01596.12 O-methyltransferase

Methyltransf_30 PF05430.6 S-adenosyl-L-methionine-dependent methyltransferase

Methyltransf_31 PF13847.1 Methyltransferase domain

Methyltransf_32 PF13679.1 Methyltransferase domain

Methyltransf_33 PF10017.4 Histidine-specific methyltransferase, SAM-dependent

Methyltransf_4 PF02390.12 Putative methyltransferase

Methyltransf_5 PF01795.14 MraW methylase family

Methyltransf_6 PF03737.10 Demethylmenaquinone methyltransferase

Methyltransf_7 PF03492.10 SAM dependent carboxyl methyltransferase

Methyltransf_8 PF05148.10 Hypothetical methyltransferase

Methyltransf_9 PF08003.6 Protein of unknown function (DUF1698)

Methyltransf_FA PF12248.3 Farnesoic acid 0-methyl transferase

Methyltransf_PK PF05891.7 AdoMet dependent proline di-methyltransferase

Methyltrans_Mon PF14314.1 Virus-capping methyltransferase

Methyltrans_RNA PF04452.9 RNA methyltransferase

Methyltrans_SAM PF10672.4 S-adenosylmethionine-dependent methyltransferase

Methyltrn_RNA_2 PF04013.7 Putative SAM-dependent RNA methyltransferase

Methyltrn_RNA_3 PF02598.12 Putative RNA methyltransferase

Methyltrn_RNA_4 PF09936.4 SAM-dependent RNA methyltransferase

MethyTransf_Reg PF10119.4 Predicted methyltransferase regulatory domain

Meth_synt_1 PF08267.7 Cobalamin-independent synthase, N-terminal domain

Meth_synt_2 PF01717.13 Cobalamin-independent synthase, Catalytic domain

MetJ PF01340.15 Met Apo-repressor, MetJ

MetRS-N PF09635.5 MetRS-N binding domain

MetW PF07021.7 Methionine biosynthesis protein MetW

Met_10 PF02475.11 Met-10+ like-protein

Met_asp_mut_E PF06368.6 Methylaspartate mutase E chain (MutE)

Met_gamma_lyase PF06838.6 Methionine gamma-lyase

Met_synt_B12 PF02965.12 Vitamin B12 dependent methionine synthase, activation domain

Mfa2 PF08842.5 Fimbrillin-A associated anchor proteins Mfa1 and Mfa2

MFMR PF07777.6 G-box binding protein MFMR

Mfp-3 PF04202.8 Foot protein 3

MFP2b PF12150.3 Cytosolic motility protein

MFS_1 PF07690.11 Major Facilitator Superfamily

MFS_1_like PF12832.2 MFS_1 like family

MFS_2 PF13347.1 MFS/sugar transport protein

MFS_3 PF05977.8 Transmembrane secretion effector

MFS_Mycoplasma PF07672.8 Mycoplasma MFS transporter

MF_alpha PF04648.7 Yeast mating factor alpha hormone

MF_alpha_N PF05436.6 Mating factor alpha precursor N-terminus

Mg-por_mtran_C PF07109.6 Magnesium-protoporphyrin IX methyltransferase C-terminus

MG1 PF11974.3 Alpha-2-macroglobulin MG1 domain

Mg296 PF09644.5 Mg296 protein

Mga PF05043.8 Mga helix-turn-helix domain

MGAT2 PF05060.9 N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase II (MGAT2)

MGC-24 PF05283.6 Multi-glycosylated core protein 24 (MGC-24)

MGDG_synth PF06925.6 Monogalactosyldiacylglycerol (MGDG) synthase

Mgm101p PF06420.7 Mitochondrial genome maintenance MGM101

MgpC PF05220.7 MgpC protein precursor

Mgr1 PF08602.5 Mgr1-like, i-AAA protease complex subunit

MgrB PF13998.1 MgrB protein

MGS PF02142.17 MGS-like domain

MgsA_C PF12002.3 MgsA AAA+ ATPase C terminal

MgtC PF02308.11 MgtC family

MgtE PF01769.11 Divalent cation transporter

MgtE_N PF03448.12 MgtE intracellular N domain

Mg_chelatase PF01078.16 Magnesium chelatase, subunit ChlI

Mg_chelatase_2 PF13335.1 Magnesium chelatase, subunit ChlI

Mg_trans_NIPA PF05653.9 Magnesium transporter NIPA

MH1 PF03165.11 MH1 domain

MH2 PF03166.9 MH2 domain

MHC2-interact PF09307.5 CLIP, MHC2 interacting

MHCassoc_trimer PF08831.5 Class II MHC-associated invariant chain trimerisation domain

MHC_I PF00129.13 Class I Histocompatibility antigen, domains alpha 1 and 2

MHC_II_alpha PF00993.15 Class II histocompatibility antigen, alpha domain

MHC_II_beta PF00969.14 Class II histocompatibility antigen, beta domain

MHC_I_2 PF14586.1 Class I Histocompatibility antigen, NKG2D ligand, domains 1 and 2

MHC_I_C PF06623.6 MHC_I C-terminus

Mhr1 PF12829.2 Transcriptional regulation of mitochondrial recombination

MHYT PF03707.11 Bacterial signalling protein N terminal repeat

MiaE PF06175.6 tRNA-(MS[2]IO[6]A)-hydroxylase (MiaE)

MiaE_2 PF13794.1 tRNA-(MS[2]IO[6]A)-hydroxylase (MiaE)-like

MiAMP1 PF09117.5 MiAMP1

MIase PF02426.11 Muconolactone delta-isomerase

MIB_HERC2 PF06701.8 Mib_herc2

Mic1 PF07035.7 Colon cancer-associated protein Mic1-like

Microcephalin PF12258.3 Microcephalin protein

Microcin PF03526.8 Colicin E1 (microcin) immunity protein

Microtub_assoc PF07989.6 Microtubule associated

Microtub_bind PF13931.1 Kinesin-associated microtubule-binding

Microvir_H PF04687.7 Microvirus H protein (pilot protein)

Microvir_J PF04726.8 Microvirus J protein

Microvir_lysis PF04517.7 Microvirus lysis protein (E), C terminus

Mid1 PF12929.2 Stretch-activated Ca2+-permeable channel component

Mid2 PF04478.7 Mid2 like cell wall stress sensor

MIF PF01187.13 Macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF)

Mif2_N PF15624.1 Kinetochore CENP-C fungal homologue, Mif2, N-terminal

MIF4G PF02854.14 MIF4G domain

MIF4G_like PF09088.6 MIF4G like

MIF4G_like_2 PF09090.6 MIF4G like

Miff PF05644.6 Mitochondrial and peroxisomal fission factor Mff

Mig-14 PF07395.6 Mig-14

MIG-14_Wnt-bd PF06664.7 Wnt-binding factor required for Wnt secretion

Milton PF12448.3 Kinesin associated protein

MinC_C PF03775.11 Septum formation inhibitor MinC, C-terminal domain

MinC_N PF05209.8 Septum formation inhibitor MinC, N-terminal domain

MinE PF03776.9 Septum formation topological specificity factor MinE

Minor_capsid_1 PF10665.4 Minor capsid protein

Minor_capsid_2 PF11114.3 Minor capsid protein

Minor_capsid_3 PF12691.2 Minor capsid protein from bacteriophage

Minor_tail_Z PF06763.6 Prophage minor tail protein Z (GPZ)

MIP PF00230.15 Major intrinsic protein

MIP-T3 PF10243.4 Microtubule-binding protein MIP-T3

MipA PF06629.7 MltA-interacting protein MipA

MipZ PF09140.6 ATPase MipZ

MIR PF02815.14 MIR domain

Miro PF08477.8 Miro-like protein

Mis12 PF05859.7 Mis12 protein

MIS13 PF08202.6 Mis12-Mtw1 protein family

Mis14 PF08641.7 Kinetochore protein Mis14 like

Misat_Tub_SegII PF10644.4 Misato Segment II tubulin-like domain

Mistic PF11458.3 Membrane-integrating protein Mistic

MIT PF04212.13 MIT (microtubule interacting and transport) domain

MitMem_reg PF13012.1 Maintenance of mitochondrial structure and function

Mitochondr_Som1 PF11093.3 Mitochondrial export protein Som1

Mitoc_L55 PF09776.4 Mitochondrial ribosomal protein L55

Mitofilin PF09731.4 Mitochondrial inner membrane protein

MitoNEET_N PF10660.4 Iron-containing outer mitochondrial membrane protein N-terminus

Mitovir_RNA_pol PF05919.6 Mitovirus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase

Mito_carr PF00153.22 Mitochondrial carrier protein

Mito_fiss_Elm1 PF06258.6 Mitochondrial fission ELM1

Mito_fiss_reg PF05308.6 Mitochondrial fission regulator

Mito_morph_reg PF14972.1 Mitochondrial morphogenesis regulator

Mit_KHE1 PF10173.4 Mitochondrial K+-H+ exchange-related

Mit_proteolip PF08039.6 Mitochondrial proteolipid

Mit_ribos_Mrp51 PF11709.3 Mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit

MKT1_C PF12246.3 Temperature dependent protein affecting M2 dsRNA replication

MKT1_N PF12247.3 Temperature dependent protein affecting M2 dsRNA replication

MLANA PF14991.1 Protein melan-A

Mlf1IP PF10248.4 Myelodysplasia-myeloid leukemia factor 1-interacting protein

MliC PF09864.4 Membrane-bound lysozyme-inhibitor of c-type lysozyme

MLIP PF15274.1 Muscular LMNA-interacting protein

Mlo PF03094.10 Mlo family

Mlp PF03304.8 Mlp lipoprotein family

MlrC_C PF07171.7 MlrC C-terminus

MltA PF03562.12 MltA specific insert domain

MLTD_N PF06474.7 MltD lipid attachment motif

MmgE_PrpD PF03972.9 MmgE/PrpD family

MMgT PF10270.4 Membrane magnesium transporter

MmlI PF09448.5 Methylmuconolactone methyl-isomerase

MmoB_DmpM PF02406.12 MmoB/DmpM family

Mmp37 PF09139.6 Mitochondrial matrix Mmp37

MMPL PF03176.10 MMPL family

MMR1 PF08505.5 Mitochondrial Myo2 receptor-related protein

MMR_HSR1 PF01926.18 50S ribosome-binding GTPase

MMR_HSR1_C PF08438.5 GTPase of unknown function C-terminal

MMS19_C PF12460.3 RNAPII transcription regulator C-terminal

MMS19_N PF14500.1 Dos2-interacting transcription regulator of RNA-Pol-II

MMS1_N PF10433.4 Mono-functional DNA-alkylating methyl methanesulfonate N-term

MMS22L_C PF14911.1 S-phase genomic integrity recombination mediator, C-terminal

MMS22L_N PF14910.1 S-phase genomic integrity recombination mediator, N-terminal

MMtag PF10159.4 Kinase phosphorylation protein

MMTV_SAg PF01054.12 Mouse mammary tumour virus superantigen

MM_CoA_mutase PF01642.17 Methylmalonyl-CoA mutase

Mnd1 PF03962.10 Mnd1 family

MNE1 PF13762.1 Mitochondrial splicing apparatus component

MnhB PF04039.8 Domain related to MnhB subunit of Na+/H+ antiporter

MNHE PF01899.11 Na+/H+ ion antiporter subunit

MNNL PF07657.8 N terminus of Notch ligand

MNSV_P7B PF06692.6 Melon necrotic spot virus P7B protein

Mn_catalase PF05067.7 Manganese containing catalase

Mo-co_dimer PF03404.11 Mo-co oxidoreductase dimerisation domain

Mo-nitro_C PF06967.6 Mo-dependent nitrogenase C-terminus

Mo25 PF08569.6 Mo25-like

MoaC PF01967.16 MoaC family

MoaE PF02391.12 MoaE protein

MoaF PF10703.4 Molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis protein F

Mob1_phocein PF03637.12 Mob1/phocein family

MobA_MobL PF03389.10 MobA/MobL family

MobB PF03205.9 Molybdopterin guanine dinucleotide synthesis protein B

MobC PF05713.6 Bacterial mobilisation protein (MobC)

Mob_Pre PF01076.14 Plasmid recombination enzyme

Mob_synth_C PF06463.8 Molybdenum Cofactor Synthesis C

MoCF_biosynth PF00994.19 Probable molybdopterin binding domain

MoCo_carrier PF12694.2 Putative molybdenum carrier

Mod_r PF07200.8 Modifier of rudimentary (Mod(r)) protein

MoeA_C PF03454.10 MoeA C-terminal region (domain IV)

MoeA_N PF03453.12 MoeA N-terminal region (domain I and II)

MoeZ_MoeB PF05237.8 MoeZ/MoeB domain

MOFRL PF05161.8 MOFRL family

Mog1 PF04603.7 Ran-interacting Mog1 protein

MogR_DNAbind PF12181.3 DNA binding domain of the motility gene repressor (MogR)

Molybdopterin PF00384.17 Molybdopterin oxidoreductase

Molybdop_Fe4S4 PF04879.11 Molybdopterin oxidoreductase Fe4S4 domain

Molydop_binding PF01568.16 Molydopterin dinucleotide binding domain

Mon1 PF03164.9 Trafficking protein Mon1

Monellin PF09200.5 Monellin

Mononeg_mRNAcap PF14318.1 Mononegavirales mRNA-capping region V

Mononeg_RNA_pol PF00946.14 Mononegavirales RNA dependent RNA polymerase

Monooxygenase_B PF04744.7 Monooxygenase subunit B protein

Mor PF08765.6 Mor transcription activator family

MOR2-PAG1_C PF14225.1 Cell morphogenesis C-terminal

MOR2-PAG1_mid PF14228.1 Cell morphogenesis central region

MOR2-PAG1_N PF14222.1 Cell morphogenesis N-terminal

Moricin PF06451.6 Moricin

MORN PF02493.15 MORN repeat

MORN_2 PF07661.8 MORN repeat variant

MOSC PF03473.12 MOSC domain

MOSC_N PF03476.11 MOSC N-terminal beta barrel domain

MOSP_C PF02722.10 Major Outer Sheath Protein C-terminal region

MOSP_N PF02707.11 Major Outer Sheath Protein N-terminal region

MotA_activ PF09114.5 Transcription factor MotA, activation domain

MotA_ExbB PF01618.11 MotA/TolQ/ExbB proton channel family

MotB_plug PF13677.1 Membrane MotB of proton-channel complex MotA/MotB

MotCF PF09158.5 Bacteriophage T4 MotA, C-terminal

Motile_Sperm PF00635.21 MSP (Major sperm protein) domain

Motilin_assoc PF04643.7 Motilin/ghrelin-associated peptide

Motilin_ghrelin PF04644.7 Motilin/ghrelin

Moulting_cycle PF04870.11 Moulting cycle

MOZART1 PF12554.3 Mitotic-spindle organizing gamma-tubulin ring associated

MOZART2 PF12926.2 Mitotic-spindle organizing gamma-tubulin ring associated

MOZ_SAS PF01853.13 MOZ/SAS family

MP PF01107.13 Viral movement protein (MP)

MPC PF03650.8 Uncharacterised protein family (UPF0041)

MPLKIP PF15502.1 M-phase-specific PLK1-interacting protein

Mpp10 PF04006.7 Mpp10 protein

MPP6 PF10175.4 M-phase phosphoprotein 6

MpPF1 PF07668.6 M penetrans paralogue family 1

MpPF26 PF07666.6 M penetrans paralogue family 26

Mpt_N PF09176.6 Methylene-tetrahydromethanopterin dehydrogenase, N-terminal

Mpv17_PMP22 PF04117.7 Mpv17 / PMP22 family

Mqo PF06039.10 Malate:quinone oxidoreductase (Mqo)

MRAP PF15183.1 Melanocortin-2 receptor accessory protein family

MraY_sig1 PF10555.4 Phospho-N-acetylmuramoyl-pentapeptide-transferase signature 1

MraZ PF02381.13 MraZ protein

MRC1 PF09444.5 MRC1-like domain

Mre11_DNA_bind PF04152.9 Mre11 DNA-binding presumed domain

MreB_Mbl PF06723.8 MreB/Mbl protein

MreC PF04085.9 rod shape-determining protein MreC

MreD PF04093.7 rod shape-determining protein MreD

MRFAP1 PF15155.1 MORF4 family-associated protein1

MRF_C1 PF13887.1 Myelin gene regulatory factor -C-terminal domain 1

MRF_C2 PF13888.1 Myelin gene regulatory factor C-terminal domain 2

MRG PF05712.8 MRG

MRI PF15325.1 Modulator of retrovirus infection

MRJP PF03022.11 Major royal jelly protein

MRL1 PF13003.2 Ribosomal protein L1

MRP PF09387.5 Mitochondrial RNA binding protein MRP

MRP-63 PF14978.1 Mitochondrial ribosome protein 63

MRP-L20 PF12824.2 Mitochondrial ribosomal protein subunit L20

MRP-L27 PF09809.4 Mitochondrial ribosomal protein L27

MRP-L28 PF09812.4 Mitochondrial ribosomal protein L28

MRP-L46 PF11788.3 39S mitochondrial ribosomal protein L46

MRP-L47 PF06984.8 Mitochondrial 39-S ribosomal protein L47 (MRP-L47)

MRP-L51 PF10244.4 Mitochondrial ribosomal subunit

MRP-S22 PF10245.4 Mitochondrial 28S ribosomal protein S22

MRP-S23 PF10484.4 Mitochondrial ribosomal protein S23

MRP-S24 PF14955.1 Mitochondrial ribosome subunit S24

MRP-S25 PF13741.1 Mitochondrial ribosomal protein S25

MRP-S26 PF14943.1 Mitochondrial ribosome subunit S26

MRP-S27 PF10037.4 Mitochondrial 28S ribosomal protein S27

MRP-S28 PF10213.4 Mitochondrial ribosomal subunit protein

MRP-S31 PF15433.1 Mitochondrial 28S ribosomal protein S31

MRP-S32 PF10210.4 Mitochondrial 28S ribosomal protein S32

MRP-S33 PF08293.6 Mitochondrial ribosomal subunit S27

MRP-S35 PF10246.4 Mitochondrial ribosomal protein MRP-S35

MrpF_PhaF PF04066.8 Multiple resistance and pH regulation protein F (MrpF / PhaF)

MRP_L53 PF10780.4 39S ribosomal protein L53/MRP-L53

Mrr_cat PF04471.7 Restriction endonuclease

Mrr_cat_2 PF13156.1 Restriction endonuclease

Mrr_N PF14338.1 Mrr N-terminal domain

MRVI1 PF05781.7 MRVI1 protein

MR_MLE PF01188.16 Mandelate racemase / muconate lactonizing enzyme, C-terminal domain

MR_MLE_C PF13378.1 Enolase C-terminal domain-like

MR_MLE_N PF02746.11 Mandelate racemase / muconate lactonizing enzyme, N-terminal domain

MSA-2c PF12238.3 Merozoite surface antigen 2c

MSA_2 PF00985.12 Merozoite Surface Antigen 2 (MSA-2) family

MSC PF09402.5 Man1-Src1p-C-terminal domain

MscL PF01741.13 Large-conductance mechanosensitive channel, MscL

MscS_porin PF12795.2 Mechanosensitive ion channel porin domain

MscS_TM PF12794.2 Mechanosensitive ion channel inner membrane domain 1

MSG PF02349.10 Major surface glycoprotein

Msg2_C PF12373.3 Major surface glycoprotein 2 C terminal

Mso1_C PF14477.1 Membrane-polarising domain of Mso1

Mso1_Sec1_bdg PF14475.1 Sec1-binding region of Mso1

MSP PF01716.13 Manganese-stabilising protein / photosystem II polypeptide

MSP1a PF11670.3 Major surface protein 1a (MSP1a)

MSP1b PF03429.8 Major surface protein 1B

MSP1_C PF07462.6 Merozoite surface protein 1 (MSP1) C-terminus

MSP7_C PF12948.2 MSP7-like protein C-terminal domain

MspA PF09203.6 MspA

Mss4 PF04421.8 Mss4 protein

MSSP PF03940.8 Male specific sperm protein

Mst1_SARAH PF11629.3 C terminal SARAH domain of Mst1

MSV199 PF10553.4 MSV199 domain

MsyB PF13984.1 MsyB protein

MS_channel PF00924.13 Mechanosensitive ion channel

MT PF12777.2 Microtubule-binding stalk of dynein motor

MT-A70 PF05063.9 MT-A70

MT0933_antitox PF14013.1 MT0933-like antitoxin protein

MtaB PF12176.3 Methanol-cobalamin methyltransferase B subunit

MTBP_C PF14920.1 MDM2-binding

MTBP_mid PF14919.1 MDM2-binding

MTBP_N PF14918.1 MDM2-binding

Mtc PF03820.12 Tricarboxylate carrier

MTD PF01993.13 methylene-5,6,7,8-tetrahydromethanopterin dehydrogenase

Mtf2_C PF14061.1 Polycomb-like MTF2 factor 2

MTH865 PF07747.6 MTH865-like family

MTHFR PF02219.12 Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase

MTHFR_C PF12225.3 Methylene-tetrahydrofolate reductase C terminal

MtlR PF05068.7 Mannitol repressor

MtmB PF05369.7 Monomethylamine methyltransferase MtmB

MtN3_slv PF03083.11 Sugar efflux transporter for intercellular exchange

Mto2_bdg PF12808.2 Micro-tubular organiser Mto1 C-term Mto2-binding region

Mtp PF03821.11 Golgi 4-transmembrane spanning transporter

MTP18 PF10558.4 Mitochondrial 18 KDa protein (MTP18)

Mtr2 PF10429.4 Nuclear pore RNA shuttling protein Mtr2

MtrA PF04208.9 Tetrahydromethanopterin S-methyltransferase, subunit A

MtrB PF05440.7 Tetrahydromethanopterin S-methyltransferase subunit B

MtrC PF04211.8 Tetrahydromethanopterin S-methyltransferase, subunit C

MtrD PF04207.7 Tetrahydromethanopterin S-methyltransferase, subunit D

MtrE PF04206.7 Tetrahydromethanopterin S-methyltransferase, subunit E

MtrF PF09472.5 Tetrahydromethanopterin S-methyltransferase, F subunit (MtrF)

MtrG PF04210.8 Tetrahydromethanopterin S-methyltransferase, subunit G

MtrH PF02007.13 Tetrahydromethanopterin S-methyltransferase MtrH subunit

MTS PF05175.9 Methyltransferase small domain

MTS_N PF08468.6 Methyltransferase small domain N-terminal

MttA_Hcf106 PF02416.11 mttA/Hcf106 family

MTTB PF06253.6 Trimethylamine methyltransferase (MTTB)

Mt_ATP-synt_B PF05405.9 Mitochondrial ATP synthase B chain precursor (ATP-synt_B)

Mt_ATP-synt_D PF05873.7 ATP synthase D chain, mitochondrial (ATP5H)

Mu-conotoxin PF05374.7 Mu-Conotoxin

Mu-like_Com PF10122.4 Mu-like prophage protein Com

Mu-like_gpT PF10124.4 Mu-like prophage major head subunit gpT

Mu-like_Pro PF10123.4 Mu-like prophage I protein

Mu-transpos_C PF09299.6 Mu transposase, C-terminal

MU117 PF15474.1 Meiotically up-regulated gene family

MucBP PF06458.7 MucBP domain

MucB_RseB PF03888.9 MucB/RseB family

Mucin PF01456.12 Mucin-like glycoprotein

Mucin2_WxxW PF13330.1 Mucin-2 protein WxxW repeating region

MUG113 PF13455.1 Meiotically up-regulated gene 113

MUG2_C PF08593.5 Meiotically up-regulated glycoproteins C-terminal

MukB PF04310.7 MukB N-terminal

MukE PF04288.8 MukE-like family

MULE PF10551.4 MULE transposase domain

Multi-haem_cyto PF13447.1 Seven times multi-haem cytochrome CxxCH

Multi_Drug_Res PF00893.14 Small Multidrug Resistance protein

Multi_ubiq PF14452.1 Multiubiquitin

MurB_C PF02873.11 UDP-N-acetylenolpyruvoylglucosamine reductase, C-terminal domain

Mur_ligase PF01225.20 Mur ligase family, catalytic domain

Mur_ligase_C PF02875.16 Mur ligase family, glutamate ligase domain

Mur_ligase_M PF08245.7 Mur ligase middle domain

Mus7 PF09462.5 Mus7/MMS22 family

Musclin PF11037.3 Insulin-resistance promoting peptide in skeletal muscle

Muskelin_N PF06588.6 Muskelin N-terminus

Mut7-C PF01927.11 Mut7-C RNAse domain

Muted PF14942.1 Organelle biogenesis, Muted-like protein

MutH PF02976.10 DNA mismatch repair enzyme MutH

MutL PF13941.1 MutL protein

MutL_C PF08676.6 MutL C terminal dimerisation domain

MutS_I PF01624.15 MutS domain I

MutS_II PF05188.12 MutS domain II

MutS_III PF05192.13 MutS domain III

MutS_IV PF05190.13 MutS family domain IV

MutS_V PF00488.16 MutS domain V

MvaI_BcnI PF15515.1 MvaI/BcnI restriction endonuclease family

Mvb12 PF09452.5 ESCRT-I subunit Mvb12

MVIN PF03023.9 MviN-like protein

MVL PF12151.3 Mannan-binding protein

MVP_shoulder PF11978.3 Shoulder domain

MxiH PF09392.5 Type III secretion needle MxiH like

MxiM PF11441.3 Pilot protein MxiM

Myb_CC_LHEQLE PF14379.1 MYB-CC type transfactor, LHEQLE motif

Myb_Cef PF11831.3 pre-mRNA splicing factor component

Myb_DNA-binding PF00249.26 Myb-like DNA-binding domain

Myb_DNA-bind_2 PF08914.6 Rap1 Myb domain

Myb_DNA-bind_3 PF12776.2 Myb/SANT-like DNA-binding domain

Myb_DNA-bind_4 PF13837.1 Myb/SANT-like DNA-binding domain

Myb_DNA-bind_5 PF13873.1 Myb/SANT-like DNA-binding domain

Myb_DNA-bind_6 PF13921.1 Myb-like DNA-binding domain

Myc-LZ PF02344.10 Myc leucine zipper domain

MYCBPAP PF14646.1 MYCBP-associated protein family

Mycobact_memb PF05423.8 Mycobacterium membrane protein

Mycoplasma_p37 PF06646.6 High affinity transport system protein p37

Myco_19_kDa PF05481.7 Mycobacterium 19 kDa lipoprotein antigen

Myco_arth_vir_N PF09610.5 Mycoplasma virulence signal region (Myco_arth_vir_N)

Myco_haema PF05692.7 Mycoplasma haemagglutinin

Myc_N PF01056.13 Myc amino-terminal region

Myc_target_1 PF15179.1 Myc target protein 1

Myelin-PO_C PF10570.4 Myelin-PO cytoplasmic C-term p65 binding region

Myelin_MBP PF01669.12 Myelin basic protein

Myelin_PLP PF01275.14 Myelin proteolipid protein (PLP or lipophilin)

MYEOV2 PF15004.1 Myeloma-overexpressed-like

Myf5 PF12232.3 Myogenic determination factor 5

Myosin_HC-like PF07058.6 Myosin II heavy chain-like

Myosin_head PF00063.16 Myosin head (motor domain)

Myosin_N PF02736.14 Myosin N-terminal SH3-like domain

Myosin_tail_1 PF01576.14 Myosin tail

Myosin_TH1 PF06017.8 Myosin tail

Myotoxins PF00819.12 Myotoxin

Myotub-related PF06602.9 Myotubularin-like phosphatase domain

MYT1 PF08474.6 Myelin transcription factor 1

MyTH4 PF00784.12 MyTH4 domain

Myticin-prepro PF10690.4 Myticin pre-proprotein from the mussel

M_domain PF12938.2 M domain of GW182

m04gp34like PF12216.3 Immune evasion protein

malic PF00390.14 Malic enzyme, N-terminal domain

mIF3 PF14877.1 Mitochondrial translation initiation factor

mit_SMPDase PF14724.1 Mitochondrial-associated sphingomyelin phosphodiesterase

mono-CXXC PF15626.1 single CXXC unit

mRNA_cap_C PF03919.10 mRNA capping enzyme, C-terminal domain

mRNA_cap_enzyme PF01331.14 mRNA capping enzyme, catalytic domain

mRNA_stabil PF13929.1 mRNA stabilisation

mRNA_triPase PF02940.10 mRNA capping enzyme, beta chain

mTERF PF02536.9 mTERF

muHD PF10291.4 Muniscin C-terminal mu homology domain