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JAB PF01398.16 JAB1/Mov34/MPN/PAD-1 ubiquitin protease

Jacalin PF01419.12 Jacalin-like lectin domain

Jag_N PF14804.1 Jag N-terminus

JCAD PF15351.1 Junctional protein associated with coronary artery disease

JHBP PF06585.6 Haemolymph juvenile hormone binding protein (JHBP)

Jiraiya PF15038.1 Jiraiya

Jiv90 PF14901.1 Cleavage inducing molecular chaperone

JmjC PF02373.17 JmjC domain, hydroxylase

JmjN PF02375.12 jmjN domain

Jnk-SapK_ap_N PF09744.4 JNK_SAPK-associated protein-1

Josephin PF02099.12 Josephin

Joubert PF15392.1 Joubert syndrome-associated

JSRP PF15312.1 Junctional sarcoplasmic reticulum protein

JTB PF05439.7 Jumping translocation breakpoint protein (JTB)

Jun PF03957.8 Jun-like transcription factor