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I-set PF07679.11 Immunoglobulin I-set domain

IalB PF06776.7 Invasion associated locus B (IalB) protein

IATP PF04568.7 Mitochondrial ATPase inhibitor, IATP

IBB PF01749.15 Importin beta binding domain

IBD PF10416.4 Transcription-initiator DNA-binding domain IBD

IBN_N PF03810.14 Importin-beta N-terminal domain

IBP39 PF11422.3 Initiator binding protein 39 kDa

IBR PF01485.16 IBR domain

Ibs_toxin PF13956.1 Toxin Ibs, type I toxin-antitoxin system

IBV_3A PF03617.8 IBV 3A protein

IBV_3B PF03622.8 IBV 3B protein

IBV_3C PF03620.8 IBV 3C protein

ICA69 PF04629.9 Islet cell autoantigen ICA69, C-terminal domain

ICAM_N PF03921.9 Intercellular adhesion molecule (ICAM), N-terminal domain

ICAP-1_inte_bdg PF10480.4 Beta-1 integrin binding protein

ICAT PF06384.6 Beta-catenin-interacting protein ICAT

ICE2 PF08426.5 ICE2

ICEA PF05315.6 ICEA Protein

IceA2 PF05862.6 Helicobacter pylori IceA2 protein

Ice_nucleation PF00818.12 Ice nucleation protein repeat

ICL PF00463.16 Isocitrate lyase family

IclR PF01614.13 Bacterial transcriptional regulator

IcmF-related PF06761.7 Intracellular multiplication and human macrophage-killing

IcmL PF11393.3 Macrophage killing protein with similarity to conjugation protein

ICMT PF04140.9 Isoprenylcysteine carboxyl methyltransferase (ICMT) family

IDEAL PF08858.5 IDEAL domain

IDH PF03971.9 Monomeric isocitrate dehydrogenase

IDO PF01231.13 Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase

IER PF05760.7 Immediate early response protein (IER)

IF-2 PF11987.3 Translation-initiation factor 2

IF-2B PF01008.12 Initiation factor 2 subunit family

IF2_assoc PF08364.6 Bacterial translation initiation factor IF-2 associated region

IF2_N PF04760.10 Translation initiation factor IF-2, N-terminal region

IF3_C PF00707.17 Translation initiation factor IF-3, C-terminal domain

IF3_N PF05198.11 Translation initiation factor IF-3, N-terminal domain

IF4E PF01652.13 Eukaryotic initiation factor 4E

Ifi-6-16 PF06140.8 Interferon-induced 6-16 family

IFN-gamma PF00714.12 Interferon gamma

IFNGR1 PF07140.6 Interferon gamma receptor (IFNGR1)

IFP_35_N PF07334.8 Interferon-induced 35 kDa protein (IFP 35) N-terminus

IFR3_antag PF14754.1 Papain-like auto-proteinase

IFRD PF05004.8 Interferon-related developmental regulator (IFRD)

IFRD_C PF04836.7 Interferon-related protein conserved region

IFT20 PF14931.1 Intraflagellar transport complex B, subunit 20

IFT43 PF15305.1 Intraflagellar transport protein 43

IFT46_B_C PF12317.3 Intraflagellar transport complex B protein 46 C terminal

IFT57 PF10498.4 Intra-flagellar transport protein 57

IgaA PF07095.6 Intracellular growth attenuator protein IgaA

IGF2_C PF08365.6 Insulin-like growth factor II E-peptide

IGFBP PF00219.13 Insulin-like growth factor binding protein

IGFL PF14653.1 Insulin growth factor-like family

IgG_binding_B PF01378.12 B domain

IglC PF11550.3 Intracellular growth locus C protein

IGPD PF00475.13 Imidazoleglycerol-phosphate dehydratase

IGPS PF00218.16 Indole-3-glycerol phosphate synthase

IGR PF09597.5 IGR protein motif

Ig_2 PF13895.1 Immunoglobulin domain

Ig_3 PF13927.1 Immunoglobulin domain

Ig_J_chain PF15097.1 Immunoglobulin J chain

Ig_Tie2_1 PF10430.4 Tie-2 Ig-like domain 1

IIGP PF05049.8 Interferon-inducible GTPase (IIGP)

IKI3 PF04762.7 IKI3 family

IKKbetaNEMObind PF12179.3 I-kappa-kinase-beta NEMO binding domain

IL1 PF00340.14 Interleukin-1 / 18

IL10 PF00726.12 Interleukin 10

IL11 PF07400.6 Interleukin 11

IL12 PF03039.9 Interleukin-12 alpha subunit

IL12p40_C PF10420.4 Cytokine interleukin-12p40 C-terminus

IL13 PF03487.8 Interleukin-13

IL15 PF02372.10 Interleukin 15

IL17 PF06083.6 Interleukin-17

IL17_R_N PF15037.1 Interleukin-17 receptor extracellular region

IL1_propep PF02394.11 Interleukin-1 propeptide

IL2 PF00715.12 Interleukin 2

IL22 PF14565.1 Interleukin 22 IL-10-related T-cell-derived-inducible factor

IL28A PF15177.1 Interleukin-28A

IL3 PF02059.10 Interleukin-3

IL31 PF15209.1 Interleukin 31

IL32 PF15225.1 Interleukin 32

IL33 PF15095.1 Interleukin 33

IL34 PF15036.1 Interleukin 34

IL4 PF00727.13 Interleukin 4

IL4Ra_N PF09238.5 Interleukin-4 receptor alpha chain, N-terminal

IL5 PF02025.10 Interleukin 5

IL6 PF00489.12 Interleukin-6/G-CSF/MGF family

IL6Ra-bind PF09240.5 Interleukin-6 receptor alpha chain, binding

IL7 PF01415.11 Interleukin 7/9 family

IL8 PF00048.15 Small cytokines (intecrine/chemokine), interleukin-8 like

Ilar_coat PF01787.11 Ilarvirus coat protein

Ilm1 PF10311.4 Increased loss of mitochondrial DNA protein 1

IlvB_leader PF08049.6 IlvB leader peptide

IlvC PF01450.14 Acetohydroxy acid isomeroreductase, catalytic domain

ILVD_EDD PF00920.16 Dehydratase family

IlvGEDA_leader PF08046.6 IlvGEDA operon leader peptide

IlvN PF07991.7 Acetohydroxy acid isomeroreductase, catalytic domain

Ima1_N PF09779.4 Ima1 N-terminal domain

ImcF-related_N PF14331.1 ImcF-related N-terminal domain

IMCp PF12314.3 Inner membrane complex protein

IMD PF08397.6 IRSp53/MIM homology domain

Img2 PF05046.9 Mitochondrial large subunit ribosomal protein (Img2)

Imm-NTF2 PF15655.1 NTF2 fold immunity protein

Imm-NTF2-2 PF15631.1 NTF2 fold immunity protein

Imm1 PF14430.1 Immunity protein Imm1

Imm10 PF15562.1 Immunity protein 10

Imm11 PF15563.1 Immunity protein 11

Imm12 PF15589.1 Immunity protein 12

Imm13 PF15564.1 Immunity protein 13

Imm14 PF15428.1 Immunity protein 14

Imm15 PF15590.1 Immunity protein 15

Imm16 PF15565.1 Immunity protein 16

Imm17 PF15591.1 Immunity protein 17

Imm18 PF15566.1 Immunity protein 18

Imm19 PF15567.1 Immunity protein 19

Imm2 PF14426.1 Immunity protein Imm2

Imm20 PF15568.1 Immunity protein 20

Imm21 PF15569.1 Immunity protein 21

Imm22 PF15592.1 Immunity protein 22

Imm23 PF15593.1 Immunity protein 23

Imm24 PF15570.1 Immunity protein 24

Imm25 PF15571.1 Immunity protein 25

Imm26 PF15572.1 Immunity protein 26

Imm27 PF15573.1 Immunity protein 27

Imm28 PF15574.1 Immunity protein 28

Imm29 PF15575.1 Immunity protein 29

Imm3 PF14425.1 Immunity protein Imm3

Imm30 PF15594.1 Immunity protein 30

Imm31 PF15595.1 Immunity protein 31

Imm32 PF15579.1 Immunity protein 32

Imm33 PF15580.1 Immunity protein 33

Imm34 PF15596.1 Immunity protein 34

Imm35 PF15581.1 Immunity protein 35

Imm36 PF15597.1 Immunity protein 36

Imm37 PF15598.1 Immunity protein 37

Imm38 PF15599.1 Immunity protein 38

Imm39 PF15600.1 Immunity protein 39

Imm40 PF15582.1 Immunity protein 40

Imm41 PF15583.1 Immunity protein 41

Imm42 PF15601.1 Immunity protein 42

Imm43 PF15602.1 Immunity protein 43

Imm44 PF15584.1 Immunity protein 44

Imm45 PF15603.1 Immunity protein 45

Imm46 PF15585.1 Immunity protein 46

Imm47 PF15586.1 Immunity protein 47

Imm48 PF15587.1 Immunity protein 48

Imm49 PF15660.1 Immunity protein 49

Imm5 PF14423.1 Immunity protein Imm5

Imm6 PF14434.1 Immunity protein Imm6

Imm7 PF15588.1 Immunity protein 7

Imm8 PF15560.1 Immunity protein 8

Imm9 PF15561.1 Immunity protein 9

ImmE5 PF11480.3 Colicin-E5 Imm protein

Imm_superinfect PF14373.1 Superinfection immunity protein

Imp-YgjV PF10688.4 Bacterial inner membrane protein

ImpA-rel_N PF06812.7 ImpA-related N-terminal

IMPDH PF00478.20 IMP dehydrogenase / GMP reductase domain

ImpE PF07024.8 ImpE protein

IMP_cyclohyd PF07826.6 IMP cyclohydrolase-like protein

IMS PF00817.15 impB/mucB/samB family

IMS_C PF11799.3 impB/mucB/samB family C-terminal domain

IMS_HHH PF11798.3 IMS family HHH motif

InaF-motif PF15018.1 TRP-interacting helix

IncA PF04156.9 IncA protein

INCA1 PF15142.1 INCA1

INCENP_ARK-bind PF03941.10 Inner centromere protein, ARK binding region

INCENP_N PF12178.3 Chromosome passenger complex (CPC) protein INCENP N terminal

IncFII_repA PF02387.10 IncFII RepA protein family

Indigoidine_A PF04227.7 Indigoidine synthase A like protein

ING PF12998.2 Inhibitor of growth proteins N-terminal histone-binding

Inh PF02974.9 Protease inhibitor Inh

Inhibitor_G39P PF11417.3 Loader and inhibitor of phage G40P

Inhibitor_I10 PF12559.3 Serine endopeptidase inhibitors

Inhibitor_I24 PF10465.4 PinA peptidase inhibitor

Inhibitor_I29 PF08246.7 Cathepsin propeptide inhibitor domain (I29)

Inhibitor_I34 PF10466.4 Saccharopepsin inhibitor I34

Inhibitor_I36 PF03995.8 Peptidase inhibitor family I36

Inhibitor_I42 PF09394.5 Chagasin family peptidase inhibitor I42

Inhibitor_I48 PF10467.4 Peptidase inhibitor clitocypin

Inhibitor_I53 PF11714.3 Thrombin inhibitor Madanin

Inhibitor_I67 PF11405.3 Bromelain inhibitor VI

Inhibitor_I68 PF10468.4 Carboxypeptidase inhibitor I68

Inhibitor_I69 PF13734.1 Spi protease inhibitor

Inhibitor_I71 PF12628.2 Falstatin, cysteine peptidase inhibitor

Inhibitor_I78 PF11720.3 Peptidase inhibitor I78 family

Inhibitor_I9 PF05922.11 Peptidase inhibitor I9

Inhibitor_Mig-6 PF11555.3 EGFR receptor inhibitor Mig-6

Init_tRNA_PT PF04179.7 Initiator tRNA phosphoribosyl transferase

Innate_immun PF12782.2 Invertebrate innate immunity transcript family

Innexin PF00876.13 Innexin

Ino80_Iec3 PF14612.1 IEC3 subunit of the Ino80 complex, chromatin re-modelling

INO80_Ies4 PF08193.6 INO80 complex subunit Ies4

Inos-1-P_synth PF01658.12 Myo-inositol-1-phosphate synthase

Inositol_P PF00459.20 Inositol monophosphatase family

Inp1 PF12634.2 Inheritance of peroxisomes protein 1

Ins134_P3_kin PF05770.6 Inositol 1, 3, 4-trisphosphate 5/6-kinase

Ins145_P3_rec PF08709.6 Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate/ryanodine receptor

INSIG PF07281.7 Insulin-induced protein (INSIG)

Insulin PF00049.13 Insulin/IGF/Relaxin family

Ins_allergen_rp PF06757.8 Insect allergen related repeat, nitrile-specifier detoxification

Ins_beta PF03488.9 Nematode insulin-related peptide beta type

Ins_P5_2-kin PF06090.7 Inositol-pentakisphosphate 2-kinase

Integrase_1 PF12835.2 Integrase

Integrase_AP2 PF14657.1 AP2-like DNA-binding integrase domain

Integrase_DNA PF02920.10 DNA binding domain of tn916 integrase

Integrase_Zn PF02022.14 Integrase Zinc binding domain

Integrin_alpha PF00357.15 Integrin alpha cytoplasmic region

Integrin_alpha2 PF08441.7 Integrin alpha

Integrin_beta PF00362.13 Integrin, beta chain

Integrin_b_cyt PF08725.6 Integrin beta cytoplasmic domain

Integrin_B_tail PF07965.7 Integrin beta tail domain

Intein_splicing PF14890.1 Intein splicing domain

Interfer-bind PF09294.5 Interferon-alpha/beta receptor, fibronectin type III

Interferon PF00143.14 Interferon alpha/beta domain

Internalin_N PF12354.3 Bacterial adhesion/invasion protein N terminal

Intg_mem_TP0381 PF09529.5 Integral membrane protein (intg_mem_TP0381)

Intimin_C PF07979.6 Intimin C-type lectin domain

Intron_maturas2 PF01348.16 Type II intron maturase

INTS2 PF14750.1 Integrator complex subunit 2

INTS5_C PF14838.1 Integrator complex subunit 5 C-terminus

INTS5_N PF14837.1 Integrator complex subunit 5 N-terminus

INT_SG_DDX_CT_C PF15300.1 INTS6/SAGE1/DDX26B/CT45 C-terminus

Invasin_D3 PF09134.5 Invasin, domain 3

Invas_SpaK PF03519.9 Invasion protein B family

InvH PF04741.7 InvH outer membrane lipoprotein

Involucrin PF00904.12 Involucrin repeat

Involucrin2 PF06994.6 Involucrin

Involucrin_N PF10583.4 Involucrin of squamous epithelia N-terminus

IN_DBD_C PF00552.16 Integrase DNA binding domain

Ion_trans PF00520.26 Ion transport protein

Ion_trans_2 PF07885.11 Ion channel

Ion_trans_N PF08412.5 Ion transport protein N-terminal

IpaB_EvcA PF03278.8 IpaB/EvcA family

IpaC_SipC PF09599.5 Salmonella-Shigella invasin protein C (IpaC_SipC)

IpaD PF06511.6 Invasion plasmid antigen IpaD

IpgD PF05925.7 Enterobacterial virulence protein IpgD

Ipi1_N PF12333.3 Rix1 complex component involved in 60S ribosome maturation

IPI_T4 PF11634.3 Nuclease inhibitor from bacteriophage T4

IPK PF03770.11 Inositol polyphosphate kinase

IPP-2 PF04979.9 Protein phosphatase inhibitor 2 (IPP-2)

IPPT PF01715.12 IPP transferase

IPT PF01745.11 Isopentenyl transferase

IP_trans PF02121.13 Phosphatidylinositol transfer protein

IQ PF00612.22 IQ calmodulin-binding motif

IQ-like PF15157.1 IQ-like

IR1-M PF12185.3 Nup358/RanBP2 E3 ligase domain

IRF PF00605.12 Interferon regulatory factor transcription factor

IRF-2BP1_2 PF11261.3 Interferon regulatory factor 2-binding protein zinc finger

IRF-3 PF10401.4 Interferon-regulatory factor 3

IRK PF01007.15 Inward rectifier potassium channel

IRK_N PF08466.5 Inward rectifier potassium channel N-terminal

Iron_permease PF04120.7 Low affinity iron permease

Iron_traffic PF04362.9 Bacterial Fe(2+) trafficking

Iron_transport PF10634.4 Fe2+ transport protein

IRS PF02174.12 PTB domain (IRS-1 type)

ISAV_HA PF06215.6 Infectious salmon anaemia virus haemagglutinin

ISG65-75 PF11727.3 Invariant surface glycoprotein

Ish1 PF10281.4 Putative stress-responsive nuclear envelope protein

ISK_Channel PF02060.10 Slow voltage-gated potassium channel

ISN1 PF06437.6 IMP-specific 5'-nucleotidase

Isochorismatase PF00857.15 Isochorismatase family

Iso_dh PF00180.15 Isocitrate/isopropylmalate dehydrogenase

IspA PF04279.10 Intracellular septation protein A

IspD PF01128.14 2-C-methyl-D-erythritol 4-phosphate cytidylyltransferase

Ist1 PF03398.9 Regulator of Vps4 activity in the MVB pathway

IstB_IS21 PF01695.12 IstB-like ATP binding protein

IstB_IS21_ATP PF08483.6 IstB-like ATP binding N-terminal

Isy1 PF06246.7 Isy1-like splicing family

ITAM PF02189.10 Immunoreceptor tyrosine-based activation motif

ITAM_Cys-rich PF10538.4 Immunoreceptor tyrosine-based activation motif

ITI_HC_C PF06668.7 Inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor heavy chain C-terminus

IucA_IucC PF04183.7 IucA / IucC family

IU_nuc_hydro PF01156.14 Inosine-uridine preferring nucleoside hydrolase

Ivy PF08816.6 Inhibitor of vertebrate lysozyme (Ivy)

IZUMO PF15005.1 Izumo sperm-egg fusion

I_LWEQ PF01608.12 I/LWEQ domain

ig PF00047.20 Immunoglobulin domain

iPGM_N PF06415.8 BPG-independent PGAM N-terminus (iPGM_N)