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G-7-MTase PF12803.2 mRNA (guanine-7-)methyltransferase (G-7-MTase)

G-alpha PF00503.15 G-protein alpha subunit

G-gamma PF00631.17 GGL domain

G-patch PF01585.18 G-patch domain

G-patch_2 PF12656.2 DExH-box splicing factor binding site

G0-G1_switch_2 PF15103.1 G0/G1 switch protein 2

G10 PF01125.12 G10 protein

G2F PF07474.7 G2F domain

G3P_acyltransf PF02660.10 Glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase

G3P_antiterm PF04309.7 Glycerol-3-phosphate responsive antiterminator

G5 PF07501.7 G5 domain

G6B PF15096.1 G6B family

G6PD_bact PF10786.4 Glucose-6-phosphate 1-dehydrogenase (EC

G6PD_C PF02781.11 Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, C-terminal domain

G6PD_N PF00479.17 Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, NAD binding domain

G8 PF10162.4 G8 domain

GA PF01468.12 GA module

Gaa1 PF04114.9 Gaa1-like, GPI transamidase component

GABP-alpha PF11620.3 GA-binding protein alpha chain

GAD PF02938.9 GAD domain

GAD-like PF08887.6 GAD-like domain

GAF PF01590.21 GAF domain

GAF_2 PF13185.1 GAF domain

GAF_3 PF13492.1 GAF domain

GAGA PF09237.6 GAGA factor

GAGA_bind PF06217.7 GAGA binding protein-like family

GAGE PF05831.6 GAGE protein

Gag_MA PF01140.14 Matrix protein (MA), p15

Gag_p10 PF02337.12 Retroviral GAG p10 protein

Gag_p12 PF01141.13 Gag polyprotein, inner coat protein p12

Gag_p15 PF08723.5 Gag protein p15

Gag_p17 PF00540.13 gag gene protein p17 (matrix protein)

Gag_p19 PF02228.11 Major core protein p19

Gag_p24 PF00607.15 gag gene protein p24 (core nucleocapsid protein)

Gag_p30 PF02093.11 Gag P30 core shell protein

Gag_p6 PF08705.6 Gag protein p6

Gag_spuma PF03276.9 Spumavirus gag protein

Gal-3-0_sulfotr PF06990.6 Galactose-3-O-sulfotransferase

Gal-bind_lectin PF00337.17 Galactoside-binding lectin

Gal4_dimer PF03902.8 Gal4-like dimerisation domain

Galactosyl_T PF01762.16 Galactosyltransferase

Galanin PF01296.13 Galanin

GalKase_gal_bdg PF10509.4 Galactokinase galactose-binding signature

Gallidermin PF02052.10 Gallidermin

GalP_UDP_transf PF01087.17 Galactose-1-phosphate uridyl transferase, N-terminal domain

GalP_UDP_tr_C PF02744.12 Galactose-1-phosphate uridyl transferase, C-terminal domain

Gal_Lectin PF02140.13 Galactose binding lectin domain

Gal_mutarotas_2 PF13802.1 Galactose mutarotase-like

Gam PF06064.6 Host-nuclease inhibitor protein Gam

Gamma-thionin PF00304.15 Gamma-thionin family

GAPT PF11770.3 GRB2-binding adapter (GAPT)

Gar1 PF04410.9 Gar1/Naf1 RNA binding region

GARS_A PF01071.14 Phosphoribosylglycinamide synthetase, ATP-grasp (A) domain

GARS_C PF02843.11 Phosphoribosylglycinamide synthetase, C domain

GARS_N PF02844.10 Phosphoribosylglycinamide synthetase, N domain

GAS PF13851.1 Growth-arrest specific micro-tubule binding

GAS2 PF02187.12 Growth-Arrest-Specific Protein 2 Domain

GASA PF02704.9 Gibberellin regulated protein

Gasdermin PF04598.7 Gasdermin family

Gastrin PF00918.12 Gastrin/cholecystokinin family

Gas_vesicle PF00741.13 Gas vesicle protein

Gas_vesicle_C PF01304.12 Gas vesicles protein GVPc repeated domain

GAT PF03127.9 GAT domain

GATA PF00320.22 GATA zinc finger

GATA-N PF05349.7 GATA-type transcription activator, N-terminal

GATase PF00117.23 Glutamine amidotransferase class-I

GATase_2 PF00310.16 Glutamine amidotransferases class-II

GATase_3 PF07685.9 CobB/CobQ-like glutamine amidotransferase domain

GATase_4 PF13230.1 Glutamine amidotransferases class-II

GATase_5 PF13507.1 CobB/CobQ-like glutamine amidotransferase domain

GATase_6 PF13522.1 Glutamine amidotransferase domain

GATase_7 PF13537.1 Glutamine amidotransferase domain

GatB_N PF02934.10 GatB/GatE catalytic domain

GatB_Yqey PF02637.13 GatB domain

Gate PF07670.9 Nucleoside recognition

Gb3_synth PF04572.7 Alpha 1,4-glycosyltransferase conserved region

GBA2_N PF12215.3 beta-Glucocerebrosidase 2 N terminal

GBP PF02263.14 Guanylate-binding protein, N-terminal domain

GbpC PF08363.5 Glucan-binding protein C

GBP_C PF02841.9 Guanylate-binding protein, C-terminal domain

GBP_PSP PF02425.10 Paralytic/GBP/PSP peptide

GBP_repeat PF02526.9 Glycophorin-binding protein

GBS_Bsp-like PF08481.5 GBS Bsp-like repeat

GBV-C_env PF12786.2 GB virus C genotype envelope

GCC2_GCC3 PF07699.8 GCC2 and GCC3

Gcd10p PF04189.8 Gcd10p family

GCD14 PF08704.5 tRNA methyltransferase complex GCD14 subunit

GCD14_N PF14801.1 tRNA methyltransferase complex GCD14 subunit N-term

GCFC PF07842.7 GC-rich sequence DNA-binding factor-like protein

GCHY-1 PF02649.9 Type I GTP cyclohydrolase folE2

GCIP PF13324.1 Grap2 and cyclin-D-interacting

GCK PF07802.6 GCK domain

GCM PF03615.10 GCM motif protein

GCN5L1 PF06320.8 GCN5-like protein 1 (GCN5L1)

GCOM2 PF15328.1 Putative GRINL1B complex locus protein 2

GCP5-Mod21 PF14609.1 gamma-Tubulin ring complex non-core subunit mod21

GcpE PF04551.9 GcpE protein

GCR PF02155.10 Glucocorticoid receptor

GCR1_C PF12550.3 Transcriptional activator of glycolytic enzymes

GcrA PF07750.6 GcrA cell cycle regulator

GCS PF03074.11 Glutamate-cysteine ligase

GCS2 PF04107.8 Glutamate-cysteine ligase family 2(GCS2)

GCV_H PF01597.14 Glycine cleavage H-protein

GCV_T PF01571.16 Aminomethyltransferase folate-binding domain

GCV_T_C PF08669.6 Glycine cleavage T-protein C-terminal barrel domain

Gcw_chp PF09694.5 Bacterial protein of unknown function (Gcw_chp)

GDA1_CD39 PF01150.12 GDA1/CD39 (nucleoside phosphatase) family

GDC-P PF02347.11 Glycine cleavage system P-protein

GDE_C PF06202.9 Amylo-alpha-1,6-glucosidase

GDE_N PF12439.3 Glycogen debranching enzyme N terminal

GDE_N_bis PF14742.1 N-terminal domain of (some) glycogen debranching enzymes

GDH_N PF12466.3 Glutamate dehydrogenase N terminal

GDI PF00996.13 GDP dissociation inhibitor

GDNF PF02351.11 GDNF/GAS1 domain

GDPD PF03009.12 Glycerophosphoryl diester phosphodiesterase family

GDPD_2 PF13653.1 Glycerophosphoryl diester phosphodiesterase family


GD_AH_C PF04295.8 D-galactarate dehydratase / Altronate hydrolase, C terminus

GED PF02212.13 Dynamin GTPase effector domain

Gelsolin PF00626.17 Gelsolin repeat

Gemin6 PF06372.7 Gemin6 protein

Gemin7 PF11095.3 Gem-associated protein 7 (Gemin7)

GEMIN8 PF15348.1 Gemini of Cajal bodies-associated protein 8

Geminin PF07412.7 Geminin

Gemini_AC4_5 PF04807.7 Geminivirus AC4/5 conserved region

Gemini_AC4_5_2 PF08464.5 Geminivirus AC4/5 conserved region

Gemini_AL1 PF00799.15 Geminivirus Rep catalytic domain

Gemini_AL1_M PF08283.6 Geminivirus rep protein central domain

Gemini_AL2 PF01440.11 Geminivirus AL2 protein

Gemini_AL3 PF01407.12 Geminivirus AL3 protein

Gemini_BL1 PF00845.14 Geminivirus BL1 movement protein

Gemini_C4 PF01492.12 Geminivirus C4 protein

Gemini_coat PF00844.13 Geminivirus coat protein/nuclear export factor BR1 family

Gemini_mov PF01708.11 Geminivirus putative movement protein

Gemini_V1 PF01524.12 Geminivirus V1 protein

Gene66 PF02053.10 Gene 66 (IR5) protein

GerA PF03323.8 Bacillus/Clostridium GerA spore germination protein

GerE PF00196.14 Bacterial regulatory proteins, luxR family

Germane PF10646.4 Sporulation and spore germination

GerPB PF10803.3 Spore germination GerPB

GerPC PF10737.4 Spore germination protein GerPC

GET2 PF08690.5 GET complex subunit GET2

GETHR PF05671.6 GETHR pentapeptide repeat (5 copies)

GFA PF04828.9 Glutathione-dependent formaldehyde-activating enzyme

GFO_IDH_MocA PF01408.17 Oxidoreductase family, NAD-binding Rossmann fold

GFO_IDH_MocA_C PF02894.12 Oxidoreductase family, C-terminal alpha/beta domain

GFP PF01353.17 Green fluorescent protein

GFRP PF06399.8 GTP cyclohydrolase I feedback regulatory protein (GFRP)

GF_recep_IV PF14843.1 Growth factor receptor domain IV

GGDEF PF00990.16 GGDEF domain

GGDN PF05165.7 GGDN family

GGGtGRT PF14057.1 GGGtGRT protein

GH-E PF14410.1 HNH/ENDO VII superfamily nuclease with conserved GHE residues

GH114_assoc PF14741.1 N-terminal glycosyl-hydrolase-114-associated domain

GH3 PF03321.8 GH3 auxin-responsive promoter

GH97_C PF14509.1 Glycosyl-hydrolase 97 C-terminal, oligomerisation

GH97_N PF14508.1 Glycosyl-hydrolase 97 N-terminal

GHBP PF12772.2 Growth hormone receptor binding

GHL1-3 PF11308.3 Glycosyl hydrolases related to GH101 family, GHL1-GHL3

GHL12 PF14882.1 Hypothetical glycosyl hydrolase 12

GHL13 PF14883.1 Hypothetical glycosyl hydrolase family 13

GHL15 PF14885.1 Hypothetical glycosyl hydrolase family 15

GHL5 PF14872.1 Hypothetical glycoside hydrolase 5

GHL6 PF14871.1 Hypothetical glycosyl hydrolase 6

GHMP_kinases_C PF08544.8 GHMP kinases C terminal

GHMP_kinases_N PF00288.21 GHMP kinases N terminal domain

GIDA PF01134.17 Glucose inhibited division protein A

GIDA_assoc_3 PF13932.1 GidA associated domain 3

GidB PF02527.10 rRNA small subunit methyltransferase G

GIDE PF12483.3 E3 Ubiquitin ligase

Gifsy-2 PF13856.1 ATP-binding sugar transporter from pro-phage

GIIM PF08388.6 Group II intron, maturase-specific domain

GILT PF03227.11 Gamma interferon inducible lysosomal thiol reductase (GILT)

Gin PF10764.4 Inhibitor of sigma-G Gin

GIT1_C PF12205.3 G protein-coupled receptor kinase-interacting protein 1 C term

Git3 PF11710.3 G protein-coupled glucose receptor regulating Gpa2

Git3_C PF11970.3 G protein-coupled glucose receptor regulating Gpa2 C-term

GIT_SHD PF08518.6 Spa2 homology domain (SHD) of GIT

GIY-YIG PF01541.19 GIY-YIG catalytic domain

GKAP PF03359.8 Guanylate-kinase-associated protein (GKAP) protein

Gla PF00594.15 Vitamin K-dependent carboxylation/gamma-carboxyglutamic (GLA) domain

GlcNAc PF11397.3 Glycosyltransferase (GlcNAc)

GlcNAc_2-epim PF07221.6 N-acylglucosamine 2-epimerase (GlcNAc 2-epimerase)

GldH_lipo PF14109.1 GldH lipoprotein

GldM_C PF12080.3 GldM C-terminal domain

GldM_N PF12081.3 GldM N-terminal domain

GLE1 PF07817.8 GLE1-like protein

GLF PF03275.8 UDP-galactopyranose mutase

GlgS PF08971.6 Glycogen synthesis protein

Gliadin PF13016.1 Cys-rich Gliadin N-terminal

Gln-synt_C PF00120.19 Glutamine synthetase, catalytic domain

Gln-synt_N PF03951.14 Glutamine synthetase, beta-Grasp domain

GlnD_UR_UTase PF08335.6 GlnD PII-uridylyltransferase

GlnE PF03710.10 Glutamate-ammonia ligase adenylyltransferase

Globin PF00042.17 Globin

Gloverin PF10793.4 Gloverin-like protein

GlpM PF06942.7 GlpM protein

GLTP PF08718.6 Glycolipid transfer protein (GLTP)

GLTSCR1 PF15249.1 Glioma tumor suppressor candidate region

GLTT PF01744.15 GLTT repeat (6 copies)

Glt_symporter PF03616.9 Sodium/glutamate symporter

Glu-tRNAGln PF02686.10 Glu-tRNAGln amidotransferase C subunit

Glucan_synthase PF02364.10 1,3-beta-glucan synthase component

Glucodextran_B PF09136.5 Glucodextranase, domain B

Glucodextran_N PF09137.6 Glucodextranase, domain N

Glucokinase PF02685.11 Glucokinase

Gluconate_2-dh3 PF13618.1 Gluconate 2-dehydrogenase subunit 3

Glucosamine_iso PF01182.15 Glucosamine-6-phosphate isomerases/6-phosphogluconolactonase

Glucosaminidase PF01832.15 Mannosyl-glycoprotein endo-beta-N-acetylglucosaminidase

Glucos_trans_II PF14264.1 Glucosyl transferase GtrII

Glug PF07581.7 The GLUG motif

GluR_Homer-bdg PF10606.4 Homer-binding domain of metabotropic glutamate receptor

Glutaminase PF04960.10 Glutaminase

Glutaredoxin PF00462.19 Glutaredoxin

Glutaredoxin2_C PF04399.8 Glutaredoxin 2, C terminal domain

Glutenin_hmw PF03157.8 High molecular weight glutenin subunit

GlutR_dimer PF00745.15 Glutamyl-tRNAGlu reductase, dimerisation domain

GlutR_N PF05201.10 Glutamyl-tRNAGlu reductase, N-terminal domain

Glu_cyclase_2 PF05096.7 Glutamine cyclotransferase

Glu_cys_ligase PF04262.9 Glutamate-cysteine ligase

Glu_synthase PF01645.12 Conserved region in glutamate synthase

Glu_syn_central PF04898.9 Glutamate synthase central domain

Gly-rich_Ago1 PF12764.2 Glycine-rich region of argonaut

Gly-zipper_Omp PF13488.1 Glycine zipper

Gly-zipper_OmpA PF13436.1 Glycine-zipper containing OmpA-like membrane domain

Gly-zipper_YMGG PF13441.1 YMGG-like Gly-zipper

GLYCAM-1 PF05242.6 Glycosylation-dependent cell adhesion molecule 1 (GlyCAM-1)

Glycoamylase PF10091.4 Putative glucoamylase

Glycogen_syn PF05693.8 Glycogen synthase

Glycohydro_20b2 PF14845.1 beta-acetyl hexosaminidase like

Glycolipid_bind PF06475.6 Putative glycolipid-binding

Glycolytic PF00274.14 Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase class-I

Glycophorin_A PF01102.13 Glycophorin A

Glycoprotein PF03409.10 Transmembrane glycoprotein

Glycoprotein_B PF00606.13 Herpesvirus Glycoprotein B

Glycoprotein_G PF00802.14 Pneumovirus attachment glycoprotein G

Glycos_transf_1 PF00534.15 Glycosyl transferases group 1

Glycos_transf_2 PF00535.21 Glycosyl transferase family 2

Glycos_transf_3 PF00591.16 Glycosyl transferase family, a/b domain

Glycos_transf_4 PF00953.16 Glycosyl transferase family 4

Glycos_transf_N PF04413.11 3-Deoxy-D-manno-octulosonic-acid transferase (kdotransferase)

Glycos_trans_3N PF02885.12 Glycosyl transferase family, helical bundle domain

Glyco_hydro_1 PF00232.13 Glycosyl hydrolase family 1

Glyco_hydro_10 PF00331.15 Glycosyl hydrolase family 10

Glyco_hydro_100 PF12899.2 Alkaline and neutral invertase

Glyco_hydro_101 PF12905.2 Endo-alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase

Glyco_hydro_108 PF05838.7 Glycosyl hydrolase 108

Glyco_hydro_11 PF00457.12 Glycosyl hydrolases family 11

Glyco_hydro_114 PF03537.8 Glycoside-hydrolase family GH114

Glyco_hydro_12 PF01670.11 Glycosyl hydrolase family 12

Glyco_hydro_14 PF01373.12 Glycosyl hydrolase family 14

Glyco_hydro_15 PF00723.16 Glycosyl hydrolases family 15

Glyco_hydro_16 PF00722.16 Glycosyl hydrolases family 16

Glyco_hydro_17 PF00332.13 Glycosyl hydrolases family 17

Glyco_hydro_18 PF00704.23 Glycosyl hydrolases family 18

Glyco_hydro_19 PF00182.14 Chitinase class I

Glyco_hydro_2 PF00703.16 Glycosyl hydrolases family 2

Glyco_hydro_20 PF00728.17 Glycosyl hydrolase family 20, catalytic domain

Glyco_hydro_20b PF02838.10 Glycosyl hydrolase family 20, domain 2

Glyco_hydro_25 PF01183.15 Glycosyl hydrolases family 25

Glyco_hydro_26 PF02156.10 Glycosyl hydrolase family 26

Glyco_hydro_28 PF00295.12 Glycosyl hydrolases family 28

Glyco_hydro_2_C PF02836.12 Glycosyl hydrolases family 2, TIM barrel domain

Glyco_hydro_2_N PF02837.13 Glycosyl hydrolases family 2, sugar binding domain

Glyco_hydro_3 PF00933.16 Glycosyl hydrolase family 3 N terminal domain

Glyco_hydro_30 PF02055.11 O-Glycosyl hydrolase family 30

Glyco_hydro_31 PF01055.21 Glycosyl hydrolases family 31

Glyco_hydro_32C PF08244.7 Glycosyl hydrolases family 32 C terminal

Glyco_hydro_32N PF00251.15 Glycosyl hydrolases family 32 N-terminal domain

Glyco_hydro_35 PF01301.14 Glycosyl hydrolases family 35

Glyco_hydro_38 PF01074.17 Glycosyl hydrolases family 38 N-terminal domain

Glyco_hydro_38C PF07748.8 Glycosyl hydrolases family 38 C-terminal domain

Glyco_hydro_39 PF01229.12 Glycosyl hydrolases family 39

Glyco_hydro_3_C PF01915.17 Glycosyl hydrolase family 3 C-terminal domain

Glyco_hydro_4 PF02056.11 Family 4 glycosyl hydrolase

Glyco_hydro_42 PF02449.10 Beta-galactosidase

Glyco_hydro_42C PF08533.5 Beta-galactosidase C-terminal domain

Glyco_hydro_42M PF08532.5 Beta-galactosidase trimerisation domain

Glyco_hydro_43 PF04616.9 Glycosyl hydrolases family 43

Glyco_hydro_44 PF12891.2 Glycoside hydrolase family 44

Glyco_hydro_45 PF02015.11 Glycosyl hydrolase family 45

Glyco_hydro_46 PF01374.13 Glycosyl hydrolase family 46

Glyco_hydro_47 PF01532.15 Glycosyl hydrolase family 47

Glyco_hydro_48 PF02011.10 Glycosyl hydrolase family 48

Glyco_hydro_49 PF03718.8 Glycosyl hydrolase family 49

Glyco_hydro_4C PF11975.3 Family 4 glycosyl hydrolase C-terminal domain

Glyco_hydro_52 PF03512.8 Glycosyl hydrolase family 52

Glyco_hydro_53 PF07745.8 Glycosyl hydrolase family 53

Glyco_hydro_56 PF01630.13 Hyaluronidase

Glyco_hydro_57 PF03065.10 Glycosyl hydrolase family 57

Glyco_hydro_59 PF02057.10 Glycosyl hydrolase family 59

Glyco_hydro_6 PF01341.12 Glycosyl hydrolases family 6

Glyco_hydro_61 PF03443.9 Glycosyl hydrolase family 61

Glyco_hydro_62 PF03664.8 Glycosyl hydrolase family 62

Glyco_hydro_63 PF03200.11 Mannosyl oligosaccharide glucosidase

Glyco_hydro_65C PF03633.10 Glycosyl hydrolase family 65, C-terminal domain

Glyco_hydro_65m PF03632.10 Glycosyl hydrolase family 65 central catalytic domain

Glyco_hydro_65N PF03636.10 Glycosyl hydrolase family 65, N-terminal domain

Glyco_hydro_66 PF13199.1 Glycosyl hydrolase family 66

Glyco_hydro_67C PF07477.7 Glycosyl hydrolase family 67 C-terminus

Glyco_hydro_67M PF07488.7 Glycosyl hydrolase family 67 middle domain

Glyco_hydro_67N PF03648.9 Glycosyl hydrolase family 67 N-terminus

Glyco_hydro_68 PF02435.11 Levansucrase/Invertase

Glyco_hydro_7 PF00840.15 Glycosyl hydrolase family 7

Glyco_hydro_70 PF02324.11 Glycosyl hydrolase family 70

Glyco_hydro_71 PF03659.9 Glycosyl hydrolase family 71

Glyco_hydro_72 PF03198.9 Glucanosyltransferase

Glyco_hydro_75 PF07335.6 Fungal chitosanase of glycosyl hydrolase group 75

Glyco_hydro_76 PF03663.9 Glycosyl hydrolase family 76

Glyco_hydro_77 PF02446.12 4-alpha-glucanotransferase

Glyco_hydro_79n PF03662.9 Glycosyl hydrolase family 79, N-terminal domain

Glyco_hydro_8 PF01270.12 Glycosyl hydrolases family 8

Glyco_hydro_80 PF13647.1 Glycosyl hydrolase family 80 of chitosanase A

Glyco_hydro_81 PF03639.8 Glycosyl hydrolase family 81

Glyco_hydro_85 PF03644.8 Glycosyl hydrolase family 85

Glyco_hydro_88 PF07470.8 Glycosyl Hydrolase Family 88

Glyco_hydro_9 PF00759.14 Glycosyl hydrolase family 9

Glyco_hydro_92 PF07971.7 Glycosyl hydrolase family 92

Glyco_hydro_97 PF10566.4 Glycoside hydrolase 97

Glyco_hydro_98C PF08307.6 Glycosyl hydrolase family 98 C-terminal domain

Glyco_hydro_98M PF08306.6 Glycosyl hydrolase family 98

Glyco_hydro_cc PF11790.3 Glycosyl hydrolase catalytic core

Glyco_hydr_30_2 PF14587.1 O-Glycosyl hydrolase family 30

Glyco_hyd_65N_2 PF14498.1 Glycosyl hydrolase family 65, N-terminal domain

Glyco_tranf_2_2 PF10111.4 Glycosyltransferase like family 2

Glyco_tranf_2_3 PF13641.1 Glycosyltransferase like family 2

Glyco_tranf_2_4 PF13704.1 Glycosyl transferase family 2

Glyco_tranf_2_5 PF13712.1 Glycosyltransferase like family

Glyco_transf_10 PF00852.14 Glycosyltransferase family 10 (fucosyltransferase)

Glyco_transf_11 PF01531.11 Glycosyl transferase family 11

Glyco_transf_15 PF01793.11 Glycolipid 2-alpha-mannosyltransferase

Glyco_transf_17 PF04724.8 Glycosyltransferase family 17

Glyco_transf_18 PF15024.1 Glycosyltransferase family 18

Glyco_transf_20 PF00982.16 Glycosyltransferase family 20

Glyco_transf_21 PF13506.1 Glycosyl transferase family 21

Glyco_transf_22 PF03901.12 Alg9-like mannosyltransferase family

Glyco_transf_25 PF01755.12 Glycosyltransferase family 25 (LPS biosynthesis protein)

Glyco_transf_28 PF03033.15 Glycosyltransferase family 28 N-terminal domain

Glyco_transf_29 PF00777.13 Glycosyltransferase family 29 (sialyltransferase)

Glyco_transf_34 PF05637.7 galactosyl transferase GMA12/MNN10 family

Glyco_transf_36 PF06165.6 Glycosyltransferase family 36

Glyco_transf_4 PF13439.1 Glycosyltransferase Family 4

Glyco_transf_41 PF13844.1 Glycosyl transferase family 41

Glyco_transf_43 PF03360.11 Glycosyltransferase family 43

Glyco_transf_49 PF13896.1 Glycosyl-transferase for dystroglycan

Glyco_transf_5 PF08323.6 Starch synthase catalytic domain

Glyco_transf_52 PF07922.6 Glycosyltransferase family 52

Glyco_transf_54 PF04666.8 N-Acetylglucosaminyltransferase-IV (GnT-IV) conserved region

Glyco_transf_56 PF07429.6 4-alpha-L-fucosyltransferase glycosyl transferase group 56

Glyco_transf_6 PF03414.8 Glycosyltransferase family 6

Glyco_transf_64 PF09258.5 Glycosyl transferase family 64 domain

Glyco_transf_7C PF02709.9 N-terminal domain of galactosyltransferase

Glyco_transf_7N PF13733.1 N-terminal region of glycosyl transferase group 7

Glyco_transf_8 PF01501.15 Glycosyl transferase family 8

Glyco_transf_8C PF08437.5 Glycosyl transferase family 8 C-terminal

Glyco_transf_9 PF01075.12 Glycosyltransferase family 9 (heptosyltransferase)

Glyco_transf_90 PF05686.7 Glycosyl transferase family 90

Glyco_transf_92 PF01697.22 Glycosyltransferase family 92

Glyco_trans_1_2 PF13524.1 Glycosyl transferases group 1

Glyco_trans_1_3 PF13528.1 Glycosyl transferase family 1

Glyco_trans_1_4 PF13692.1 Glycosyl transferases group 1

Glyco_trans_2_3 PF13632.1 Glycosyl transferase family group 2

Glyco_trans_4_2 PF13477.1 Glycosyl transferase 4-like

Glyco_trans_4_3 PF12000.3 Gkycosyl transferase family 4 group

Glyco_trans_4_4 PF13579.1 Glycosyl transferase 4-like domain

Glyco_tran_28_C PF04101.11 Glycosyltransferase family 28 C-terminal domain

Glyco_tran_WbsX PF14307.1 Glycosyltransferase WbsX

Glyco_tran_WecB PF03808.8 Glycosyl transferase WecB/TagA/CpsF family

GlyL_C PF12524.3 dsDNA virus glycoprotein L C terminal

Glyoxalase PF00903.20 Glyoxalase/Bleomycin resistance protein/Dioxygenase superfamily

Glyoxalase_2 PF12681.2 Glyoxalase-like domain

Glyoxalase_3 PF13468.1 Glyoxalase-like domain

Glyoxalase_4 PF13669.1 Glyoxalase/Bleomycin resistance protein/Dioxygenase superfamily

Glyoxalase_5 PF14696.1 Hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase, HPPD, N-terminal

Glyoxal_oxid_N PF07250.6 Glyoxal oxidase N-terminus

Glyphos_transf PF04464.9 CDP-Glycerol:Poly(glycerophosphate) glycerophosphotransferase

Glypican PF01153.14 Glypican

Gly_acyl_tr_C PF08444.5 Aralkyl acyl-CoA:amino acid N-acyltransferase, C-terminal region

Gly_acyl_tr_N PF06021.6 Aralkyl acyl-CoA:amino acid N-acyltransferase

Gly_kinase PF02595.10 Glycerate kinase family

Gly_radical PF01228.16 Glycine radical

Gly_reductase PF09338.6 Glycine/sarcosine/betaine reductase component B subunits

Gly_rich PF12810.2 Glycine rich protein

Gly_rich_SFCGS PF14272.1 Glycine-rich SFCGS

Gly_transf_sug PF04488.10 Glycosyltransferase sugar-binding region containing DXD motif

Gmad1 PF10647.4 Lipoprotein LpqB beta-propeller domain

Gmad2 PF10648.4 Immunoglobulin-like domain of bacterial spore germination

GMAP PF06540.6 Galanin message associated peptide (GMAP)

GMC_oxred_C PF05199.8 GMC oxidoreductase

GMC_oxred_N PF00732.14 GMC oxidoreductase

GMP_PDE_delta PF05351.6 GMP-PDE, delta subunit

GMP_synt_C PF00958.17 GMP synthase C terminal domain

Gmx_para_CXXCG PF09535.5 Protein of unknown function (Gmx_para_CXXCG)

GM_CSF PF01109.12 Granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor

GN3L_Grn1 PF08701.6 GNL3L/Grn1 putative GTPase

GNAT_acetyltran PF12746.2 GNAT acetyltransferase

GNAT_acetyltr_2 PF13718.1 GNAT acetyltransferase 2

GnHR_trans PF12369.3 Gonadotropin hormone receptor transmembrane region

GnRH PF00446.12 Gonadotropin-releasing hormone

GnsAB PF08178.6 GnsA/GnsB family

GNT-I PF03071.10 GNT-I family

GntP_permease PF02447.11 GntP family permease

GntR PF00392.16 Bacterial regulatory proteins, gntR family

GNVR PF13807.1 G-rich domain on putative tyrosine kinase

GOLD_2 PF13897.1 Golgi-dynamics membrane-trafficking

GOLGA2L5 PF15070.1 Putative golgin subfamily A member 2-like protein 5

Golgin_A5 PF09787.4 Golgin subfamily A member 5

GoLoco PF02188.12 GoLoco motif

GON PF08685.6 GON domain

Gon7 PF08738.5 Gon7 family

Got1 PF04178.7 Got1/Sft2-like family

Gp-FAR-1 PF05823.7 Nematode fatty acid retinoid binding protein (Gp-FAR-1)

GP11 PF08677.5 GP11 baseplate wedge protein

GP120 PF00516.13 Envelope glycoprotein GP120

Gp23 PF07068.6 Major capsid protein Gp23

GP3 PF03076.9 Equine arteritis virus GP3

Gp37 PF09646.5 Gp37 protein

Gp37_Gp68 PF07505.6 Phage protein Gp37/Gp68

GP38 PF05268.6 Phage tail fibre adhesin Gp38

GP4 PF03010.9 GP4

GP40 PF11025.3 Glycoprotein GP40 of Cryptosporidium

GP41 PF00517.12 Retroviral envelope protein

GP46 PF07409.7 Phage protein GP46

Gp49 PF05973.9 Phage derived protein Gp49-like (DUF891)

Gp58 PF07902.6 gp58-like protein

Gp5_C PF06715.7 Gp5 C-terminal repeat (3 copies)

Gp5_OB PF06714.6 Gp5 N-terminal OB domain

GPAT_N PF14829.1 Glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase N-terminal

GpcrRhopsn4 PF10192.4 Rhodopsin-like GPCR transmembrane domain

GPCR_chapero_1 PF11904.3 GPCR-chaperone

GPDPase_memb PF10110.4 Membrane domain of glycerophosphoryl diester phosphodiesterase

GPI PF06560.6 Glucose-6-phosphate isomerase (GPI)

GPI-anchored PF10342.4 Ser-Thr-rich glycosyl-phosphatidyl-inositol-anchored membrane family

Gpi1 PF05024.10 N-acetylglucosaminyl transferase component (Gpi1)

Gpi16 PF04113.9 Gpi16 subunit, GPI transamidase component

GPI2 PF06432.6 Phosphatidylinositol N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase

GPP34 PF05719.6 Golgi phosphoprotein 3 (GPP34)

GPS PF01825.16 Latrophilin/CL-1-like GPS domain

GPW_gp25 PF04965.9 Gene 25-like lysozyme

Gp_dh_C PF02800.15 Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase, C-terminal domain

Gp_dh_N PF00044.19 Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase, NAD binding domain

Gp_UL130 PF11668.3 HCMV glycoprotein pUL130

GRA6 PF05084.8 Granule antigen protein (GRA6)

GRAB PF10375.4 GRIP-related Arf-binding domain

GRAM PF02893.15 GRAM domain

Gram_pos_anchor PF00746.16 Gram positive anchor

Granin PF01271.12 Granin (chromogranin or secretogranin)

Granulin PF00396.13 Granulin

GRAS PF03514.9 GRAS domain family

GRASP55_65 PF04495.9 GRASP55/65 PDZ-like domain

GRDA PF04723.9 Glycine reductase complex selenoprotein A

GRDB PF07355.7 Glycine/sarcosine/betaine reductase selenoprotein B (GRDB)

GreA_GreB PF01272.14 Transcription elongation factor, GreA/GreB, C-term

GreA_GreB_N PF03449.10 Transcription elongation factor, N-terminal

GRIM-19 PF06212.7 GRIM-19 protein

GRIN_C PF15235.1 G protein-regulated inducer of neurite outgrowth C-terminus

GRIP PF01465.15 GRIP domain

Ground-like PF04155.13 Ground-like domain

GRP PF07172.6 Glycine rich protein family

Grp1_Fun34_YaaH PF01184.14 GPR1/FUN34/yaaH family

GrpB PF04229.9 GrpB protein

GrpE PF01025.14 GrpE

Gryzun PF07919.7 Gryzun, putative trafficking through Golgi

Gryzun-like PF12742.2 Gryzun, putative Golgi trafficking

GSAP-16 PF14959.1 gamma-Secretase-activating protein C-term

GSCFA PF08885.6 GSCFA family

GSDH PF07995.6 Glucose / Sorbosone dehydrogenase

Gsf2 PF11055.3 Glucose signalling factor 2

GSG-1 PF07803.6 GSG1-like protein

GSH-S_ATP PF02955.11 Prokaryotic glutathione synthetase, ATP-grasp domain

GSH-S_N PF02951.9 Prokaryotic glutathione synthetase, N-terminal domain

GshA PF08886.6 Glutamate-cysteine ligase

GSHPx PF00255.14 Glutathione peroxidase

GSH_synthase PF03199.10 Eukaryotic glutathione synthase

GSH_synth_ATP PF03917.12 Eukaryotic glutathione synthase, ATP binding domain

GSIII_N PF12437.3 Glutamine synthetase type III N terminal

GSK-3_bind PF05350.7 Glycogen synthase kinase-3 binding

GspH PF12019.3 Type II transport protein GspH

GspL_C PF12693.2 GspL periplasmic domain

GSP_synth PF03738.9 Glutathionylspermidine synthase preATP-grasp

GST_C PF00043.20 Glutathione S-transferase, C-terminal domain

GST_C_2 PF13410.1 Glutathione S-transferase, C-terminal domain

GST_C_3 PF14497.1 Glutathione S-transferase, C-terminal domain

GST_C_4 PF14834.1 Glutathione S-transferase, C-terminal domain

GST_N PF02798.15 Glutathione S-transferase, N-terminal domain

GST_N_2 PF13409.1 Glutathione S-transferase, N-terminal domain

GST_N_3 PF13417.1 Glutathione S-transferase, N-terminal domain

GSu_C4xC__C2xCH PF09698.5 Geobacter CxxxxCH...CXXCH motif (GSu_C4xC__C2xCH)

GT36_AF PF06205.6 Glycosyltransferase 36 associated family

GTA_TIM PF13547.1 GTA TIM-barrel-like domain

GTF2I PF02946.9 GTF2I-like repeat

Gti1_Pac2 PF09729.4 Gti1/Pac2 family

GTP-bdg_N PF13167.1 GTP-binding GTPase N-terminal

GTP1_OBG PF01018.17 GTP1/OBG

GTPase_binding PF09027.5 GTPase binding

GTPase_Cys_C PF12631.2 Catalytic cysteine-containing C-terminus of GTPase, MnmE

GTP_CH_N PF12471.3 GTP cyclohydrolase N terminal

GTP_cyclohydro2 PF00925.15 GTP cyclohydrolase II

GTP_cyclohydroI PF01227.17 GTP cyclohydrolase I

GTP_EFTU PF00009.22 Elongation factor Tu GTP binding domain

GTP_EFTU_D2 PF03144.20 Elongation factor Tu domain 2

GTP_EFTU_D3 PF03143.12 Elongation factor Tu C-terminal domain

GTP_EFTU_D4 PF14578.1 Elongation factor Tu domain 4

Gtr1_RagA PF04670.7 Gtr1/RagA G protein conserved region

GtrA PF04138.9 GtrA-like protein

GTSE1_N PF15259.1 G-2 and S-phase expressed 1

Guanylate_cyc PF00211.15 Adenylate and Guanylate cyclase catalytic domain

Guanylate_cyc_2 PF09778.4 Guanylylate cyclase

Guanylate_kin PF00625.16 Guanylate kinase

Guanylin PF02058.10 Guanylin precursor

GUB_WAK_bind PF13947.1 Wall-associated receptor kinase galacturonan-binding

GUCT PF08152.7 GUCT (NUC152) domain

GUN4 PF05419.7 GUN4-like

GutM PF06923.6 Glucitol operon activator protein (GutM)

GvpD PF07088.6 GvpD gas vesicle protein

GvpG PF05120.7 Gas vesicle protein G

GvpH PF05455.6 GvpH

GvpK PF05121.7 Gas vesicle protein K

GvpL_GvpF PF06386.6 Gas vesicle synthesis protein GvpL/GvpF

GvpO PF05800.6 Gas vesicle synthesis protein GvpO

GVQW PF13900.1 Putative binding domain

GWT1 PF06423.7 GWT1

GxDLY PF14607.1 N-terminus of Esterase_SGNH_hydro-type

GXGXG PF01493.14 GXGXG motif

GxGYxYP PF14323.1 GxGYxY sequence motif in domain of unknown function

GXWXG PF14231.1 GXWXG protein

GYD PF08734.6 GYD domain

GYF PF02213.11 GYF domain

Gypsy PF07253.6 Gypsy protein

GYR PF02756.9 GYR motif

GyrI-like PF06445.10 GyrI-like small molecule binding domain

Gyro_capsid PF04162.7 Gyrovirus capsid protein (VP1)

G_glu_transpept PF01019.16 Gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase

gag-asp_proteas PF13975.1 gag-polyprotein putative aspartyl protease

gag_pre-integrs PF13976.1 GAG-pre-integrase domain

gerPA PF10676.4 Spore germination protein gerPA/gerPF

gp12-short_mid PF09089.5 Phage short tail fibre protein gp12, middle domain

gp32 PF08804.5 gp32 DNA binding protein like

gp37_C PF12604.3 Tail fiber protein gp37 C terminal

gp45-slide_C PF09116.5 gp45 sliding clamp, C terminal

gpD PF02925.11 Bacteriophage scaffolding protein D

gpUL132 PF11359.3 Glycoprotein UL132

gpW PF02831.10 gpW