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B PF02216.11 B domain

B-block_TFIIIC PF04182.7 B-block binding subunit of TFIIIC

B1 PF02246.10 Protein L b1 domain

B12-binding PF02310.14 B12 binding domain

B12-binding_2 PF02607.12 B12 binding domain

B12D PF06522.6 NADH-ubiquinone reductase complex 1 MLRQ subunit

B2 PF11473.3 RNA binding protein B2

B2-adapt-app_C PF09066.5 Beta2-adaptin appendage, C-terminal sub-domain

B3 PF02362.16 B3 DNA binding domain

B3_4 PF03483.12 B3/4 domain

B5 PF03484.10 tRNA synthetase B5 domain

B56 PF01603.15 Protein phosphatase 2A regulatory B subunit (B56 family)

B9-C2 PF07162.6 Ciliary basal body-associated, B9 protein

BA14K PF07886.6 BA14K-like protein

BAALC_N PF06989.7 BAALC N-terminus

BAAT_C PF08840.6 BAAT / Acyl-CoA thioester hydrolase C terminal

BacA PF02673.13 Bacitracin resistance protein BacA

Bacillus_HBL PF05791.6 Bacillus haemolytic enterotoxin (HBL)

Bacillus_PapR PF05968.6 Bacillus PapR protein

BACK PF07707.10 BTB And C-terminal Kelch

BACON PF13004.2 Bacteroidetes-Associated Carbohydrate-binding Often N-terminal

BacteriocIIc_cy PF12173.3 Bacteriocin class IIc cyclic gassericin A-like

Bacteriocin_II PF01721.13 Class II bacteriocin

Bacteriocin_IIc PF10439.4 Bacteriocin class II with double-glycine leader peptide

Bacteriocin_IId PF09221.5 Bacteriocin class IId cyclical uberolysin-like

Bacteriocin_IIi PF11758.3 Aureocin-like type II bacteriocin

Bacteroid_pep PF14406.1 Ribosomally synthesized peptide in Bacteroidetes

Bactofilin PF04519.8 Polymer-forming cytoskeletal

Bact_transglu_N PF08379.5 Bacterial transglutaminase-like N-terminal region

Baculo_11_kDa PF06143.6 Baculovirus 11 kDa family

Baculo_19 PF04798.7 Baculovirus 19 kDa protein conserved region

Baculo_44 PF04631.7 Baculovirus hypothetical protein

Baculo_8kDa PF06096.6 Baculoviridae 8.2 KDa protein

Baculo_DNA_bind PF04786.7 ssDNA binding protein

Baculo_E25 PF05274.6 Occlusion-derived virus envelope protein E25

Baculo_E56 PF04639.7 Baculoviral E56 protein, specific to ODV envelope

Baculo_E66 PF04850.7 Baculovirus E66 occlusion-derived virus envelope protein

Baculo_FP PF03258.9 Baculovirus FP protein

Baculo_gp41 PF04700.7 Structural glycoprotein p40/gp41 conserved region

Baculo_gp64 PF03273.8 Baculovirus gp64 envelope glycoprotein family

Baculo_helicase PF04735.7 Baculovirus DNA helicase

Baculo_IE-1 PF05290.6 Baculovirus immediate-early protein (IE-0)

Baculo_LEF-10 PF07206.6 Baculovirus late expression factor 10 (LEF-10)

Baculo_LEF-11 PF06385.7 Baculovirus LEF-11 protein

Baculo_LEF-2 PF03041.9 lef-2

Baculo_LEF-3 PF05847.6 Nucleopolyhedrovirus late expression factor 3 (LEF-3)

Baculo_LEF5 PF04838.7 Baculoviridae late expression factor 5

Baculo_LEF5_C PF11792.3 Baculoviridae late expression factor 5 C-terminal domain

Baculo_ME53 PF06061.6 Baculoviridae ME53

Baculo_ODV-E27 PF05314.6 Baculovirus occlusion-derived virus envelope protein EC27

Baculo_p24 PF05073.7 Baculovirus P24 capsid protein

Baculo_p26 PF04766.7 Nucleopolyhedrovirus p26 protein

Baculo_p33 PF05214.7 Baculovirus P33

Baculo_p47 PF05112.7 Baculovirus P47 protein

Baculo_p48 PF04878.8 Baculovirus P48 protein

Baculo_p74 PF04583.7 Baculoviridae p74 conserved region

Baculo_p74_N PF08404.5 Baculoviridae P74 N-terminal

Baculo_PEP_C PF04513.7 Baculovirus polyhedron envelope protein, PEP, C terminus

Baculo_PEP_N PF04512.7 Baculovirus polyhedron envelope protein, PEP, N terminus

Baculo_PP31 PF05311.6 Baculovirus 33KDa late protein (PP31)

Baculo_RING PF05883.6 Baculovirus U-box/Ring-like domain

Baculo_VP1054 PF05789.6 Baculovirus VP1054 protein

Baculo_VP39 PF04501.7 Baculovirus major capsid protein VP39

Baculo_VP91_N PF08475.5 Viral capsid protein 91 N-terminal

Baculo_Y142 PF04913.7 Baculovirus Y142 protein

Bac_chlorC PF02043.12 Bacteriochlorophyll C binding protein

Bac_DnaA PF00308.13 Bacterial dnaA

Bac_DnaA_C PF08299.6 Bacterial dnaA protein helix-turn-helix

Bac_DNA_binding PF00216.16 Bacterial DNA-binding protein

Bac_export_1 PF01311.15 Bacterial export proteins, family 1

Bac_export_2 PF01312.14 FlhB HrpN YscU SpaS Family

Bac_export_3 PF01313.14 Bacterial export proteins, family 3

Bac_GDH PF05088.7 Bacterial NAD-glutamate dehydrogenase

Bac_globin PF01152.16 Bacterial-like globin

Bac_luciferase PF00296.15 Luciferase-like monooxygenase

Bac_rhamnosid PF05592.6 Bacterial alpha-L-rhamnosidase

Bac_rhamnosid_N PF08531.5 Alpha-L-rhamnosidase N-terminal domain

Bac_rhodopsin PF01036.13 Bacteriorhodopsin-like protein

Bac_small_YrzI PF09501.5 Probable sporulation protein (Bac_small_yrzI)

Bac_surface_Ag PF01103.18 Surface antigen

Bac_thur_toxin PF01338.13 Bacillus thuringiensis toxin

Bac_transf PF02397.11 Bacterial sugar transferase

Bac_Ubq_Cox PF01654.12 Bacterial Cytochrome Ubiquinol Oxidase

BAF PF02961.9 Barrier to autointegration factor

BAF1_ABF1 PF04684.8 BAF1 / ABF1 chromatin reorganising factor

BaffR-Tall_bind PF09256.5 BAFF-R, TALL-1 binding

BAG PF02179.11 BAG domain

BAGE PF08180.6 B melanoma antigen family

BAH PF01426.13 BAH domain

BALF1 PF06861.6 BALF1 protein

BAMBI PF06211.7 BMP and activin membrane-bound inhibitor (BAMBI) N-terminal domain

BamHI PF02923.10 Restriction endonuclease BamHI

Band_3_cyto PF07565.8 Band 3 cytoplasmic domain

Band_7 PF01145.20 SPFH domain / Band 7 family

Band_7_1 PF13421.1 SPFH domain-Band 7 family

BAP PF06639.6 Basal layer antifungal peptide (BAP)

Bap31 PF05529.7 B-cell receptor-associated protein 31-like

BAR PF03114.13 BAR domain

Barstar PF01337.13 Barstar (barnase inhibitor)

Barttin PF15462.1 Bartter syndrome, infantile, with sensorineural deafness (Barttin)

Barwin PF00967.12 Barwin family

BAR_2 PF10455.4 Bin/amphiphysin/Rvs domain for vesicular trafficking

BAR_3_WASP_bdg PF10456.4 WASP-binding domain of Sorting nexin protein

Baseplate_J PF04865.9 Baseplate J-like protein

Basic PF01586.11 Myogenic Basic domain

BASP1 PF05466.7 Brain acid soluble protein 1 (BASP1 protein)

BAT2_N PF07001.6 BAT2 N-terminus

BatA PF07584.6 Aerotolerance regulator N-terminal

BatD PF13584.1 Oxygen tolerance

BATS PF06968.8 Biotin and Thiamin Synthesis associated domain

Bax1-I PF01027.15 Inhibitor of apoptosis-promoting Bax1

BaxI_1 PF12811.2 Bax inhibitor 1 like

BBE PF08031.7 Berberine and berberine like

BBIP10 PF14777.1 Cilia BBSome complex subunit 10

BBP1_C PF15272.1 Spindle pole body component BBP1, C-terminal

BBP1_N PF15271.1 Spindle pole body component BBP1, Mps2-binding protein

BBS1 PF14779.1 Ciliary BBSome complex subunit 1

BBS2_C PF14782.1 Ciliary BBSome complex subunit 2, C-terminal

BBS2_Mid PF14783.1 Ciliary BBSome complex subunit 2, middle region

BBS2_N PF14781.1 Ciliary BBSome complex subunit 2, N-terminal

BC10 PF06726.7 Bladder cancer-related protein BC10

BCAS2 PF05700.6 Breast carcinoma amplified sequence 2 (BCAS2)

BCAS3 PF12490.3 Breast carcinoma amplified sequence 3

BCA_ABC_TP_C PF12399.3 Branched-chain amino acid ATP-binding cassette transporter

BCCT PF02028.12 BCCT family transporter

BCD PF15461.1 Beta-carotene 15,15'-dioxygenase

BCDHK_Adom3 PF10436.4 Mitochondrial branched-chain alpha-ketoacid dehydrogenase kinase

BCHF PF07284.6 2-vinyl bacteriochlorophyllide hydratase (BCHF)

BChl_A PF02327.12 Bacteriochlorophyll A protein

BCIP PF13862.1 p21-C-terminal region-binding protein

Bcl-2 PF00452.14 Apoptosis regulator proteins, Bcl-2 family

Bcl-2_3 PF15286.1 Apoptosis regulator M11, B cell 2 leukaemia/lymphoma like

Bcl-2_BAD PF10514.4 Pro-apoptotic Bcl-2 protein, BAD

BCL9 PF11502.3 B-cell lymphoma 9 protein

BCLP PF12304.3 Beta-casein like protein

Bclt PF15318.1 Putative Bcl-2 like protein of testis

Bclx_interact PF08945.5 Bcl-x interacting, BH3 domain

BCL_N PF04714.8 BCL7, N-terminal conserver region

BCMA-Tall_bind PF09257.5 BCMA, TALL-1 binding

BCNT PF07572.7 Bucentaur or craniofacial development

Bcr-Abl_Oligo PF09036.5 Bcr-Abl oncoprotein oligomerisation domain

BcrAD_BadFG PF01869.15 BadF/BadG/BcrA/BcrD ATPase family

BCS1_N PF08740.6 BCS1 N terminal

BcsB PF03170.8 Bacterial cellulose synthase subunit

BCSC_C PF05420.6 Cellulose synthase operon protein C C-terminus (BCSC_C)

Bd3614-deam PF14439.1 Bd3614-like deaminase

Bd3614_N PF14442.1 Bd3614-like deaminase N-terminal

BDHCT PF08072.6 BDHCT (NUC031) domain

BDM PF10684.4 Putative biofilm-dependent modulation protein

BDV_G PF06208.6 Borna disease virus G protein

BDV_P10 PF06515.6 Borna disease virus P10 protein

BDV_P24 PF06595.6 Borna disease virus P24 protein

BDV_P40 PF06407.6 Borna disease virus P40 protein

Beach PF02138.13 Beige/BEACH domain

BEN PF10523.4 BEN domain

BenE PF03594.8 Benzoate membrane transport protein

Benyvirus_14KDa PF07255.6 Benyvirus 14KDa protein

Benyvirus_P25 PF05744.6 Benyvirus P25/P26 protein

BESS PF02944.15 BESS motif

Bestrophin PF01062.16 Bestrophin, RFP-TM, chloride channel

Beta-APP PF03494.8 Beta-amyloid peptide (beta-APP)

Beta-Casp PF10996.3 Beta-Casp domain

Beta-lactamase PF00144.19 Beta-lactamase

Beta-lactamase2 PF13354.1 Beta-lactamase enzyme family

Beta-TrCP_D PF12125.3 D domain of beta-TrCP

BetaGal_dom2 PF10435.4 Beta-galactosidase, domain 2

BetaGal_dom3 PF13363.1 Beta-galactosidase, domain 3

BetaGal_dom4_5 PF13364.1 Beta-galactosidase jelly roll domain

Beta_elim_lyase PF01212.16 Beta-eliminating lyase

Beta_helix PF13229.1 Right handed beta helix region

Beta_propel PF09826.4 Beta propeller domain

Beta_protein PF14350.1 Beta protein

BetR PF08667.5 BetR domain

Bet_v_1 PF00407.14 Pathogenesis-related protein Bet v I family

BEX PF04538.7 Brain expressed X-linked like family

Bgal_small_N PF02929.12 Beta galactosidase small chain

BH3 PF15285.1 Beclin-1 BH3 domain, Bcl-2-interacting

BH4 PF02180.12 Bcl-2 homology region 4

BHD_1 PF10403.4 Rad4 beta-hairpin domain 1

BHD_2 PF10404.4 Rad4 beta-hairpin domain 2

BHD_3 PF10405.4 Rad4 beta-hairpin domain 3

BicD PF09730.4 Microtubule-associated protein Bicaudal-D

BID PF06393.6 BH3 interacting domain (BID)

Big_1 PF02369.11 Bacterial Ig-like domain (group 1)

Big_2 PF02368.13 Bacterial Ig-like domain (group 2)

Big_3 PF07523.7 Bacterial Ig-like domain (group 3)

Big_3_2 PF12245.3 Bacterial Ig-like domain (group 3)

Big_3_3 PF13750.1 Bacterial Ig-like domain (group 3)

Big_3_4 PF13754.1 Bacterial Ig-like domain (group 3)

Big_4 PF07532.6 Bacterial Ig-like domain (group 4)

Big_5 PF13205.1 Bacterial Ig-like domain

Bile_Hydr_Trans PF04775.9 Acyl-CoA thioester hydrolase/BAAT N-terminal region

Biliv-reduc_cat PF09166.5 Biliverdin reductase, catalytic

Bim_N PF06773.6 Bim protein N-terminus

Bin3 PF06859.7 Bicoid-interacting protein 3 (Bin3)

Binary_toxB PF03495.9 Clostridial binary toxin B/anthrax toxin PA

Bindin PF02084.10 Bindin

BING4CT PF08149.6 BING4CT (NUC141) domain

Biopterin_H PF00351.16 Biopterin-dependent aromatic amino acid hydroxylase

BioT2 PF15368.1 Spermatogenesis family BioT2

Biotin_carb_C PF02785.14 Biotin carboxylase C-terminal domain

Biotin_lipoyl PF00364.17 Biotin-requiring enzyme

Biotin_lipoyl_2 PF13533.1 Biotin-lipoyl like

BioW PF03744.8 6-carboxyhexanoate--CoA ligase

BioY PF02632.9 BioY family

BiPBP_C PF06832.7 Penicillin-Binding Protein C-terminus Family

BIR PF00653.16 Inhibitor of Apoptosis domain

Birna_RdRp PF04197.7 Birnavirus RNA dependent RNA polymerase (VP1)

Birna_VP2 PF01766.12 Birnavirus VP2 protein

Birna_VP3 PF01767.11 Birnavirus VP3 protein

Birna_VP4 PF01768.11 Birnavirus VP4 protein

Birna_VP5 PF03042.9 Birnavirus VP5 protein

BIV_Env PF05858.7 Bovine immunodeficiency virus surface protein (SU)

BK_channel_a PF03493.13 Calcium-activated BK potassium channel alpha subunit

BLIP PF07467.6 Beta-lactamase inhibitor (BLIP)

Blo-t-5 PF11642.3 Mite allergen Blo t 5

BLOC1_2 PF10046.4 Biogenesis of lysosome-related organelles complex-1 subunit 2

Blt1 PF12754.2 Cell-cycle control medial ring component

BLUF PF04940.7 Sensors of blue-light using FAD

BLVR PF06375.6 Bovine leukaemia virus receptor (BLVR)

BLYB PF05289.6 Borrelia hemolysin accessory protein

BMC PF00936.14 BMC domain

BMF PF15185.1 Bcl-2-modifying factor, apoptosis

BMFP PF04380.8 Membrane fusogenic activity

BmKX PF09132.5 BmKX

Bmp PF02608.9 Basic membrane protein

BMP2K_C PF15282.1 BMP-2-inducible protein kinase C-terminus

BNIP2 PF12496.3 Bcl2-/adenovirus E1B nineteen kDa-interacting protein 2

BNIP3 PF06553.7 BNIP3

BNR PF02012.15 BNR/Asp-box repeat

BNR_2 PF13088.1 BNR repeat-like domain

BNR_3 PF13859.1 BNR repeat-like domain

BNR_assoc_N PF14873.1 N-terminal domain of BNR-repeat neuraminidase

BOF PF04076.8 Bacterial OB fold (BOF) protein

BofA PF07441.6 SigmaK-factor processing regulatory protein BofA

BofC_C PF08955.5 BofC C-terminal domain

BOFC_N PF08977.5 Bypass of Forespore C, N terminal

BolA PF01722.13 BolA-like protein

Bombesin PF02044.12 Bombesin-like peptide

Bombinin PF05298.6 Bombinin

Bombolitin PF08096.6 Bombolitin family

BON PF04972.12 BON domain

BOP1NT PF08145.7 BOP1NT (NUC169) domain

BORA_N PF15280.1 Protein aurora borealis N-terminus

Borealin PF10512.4 Cell division cycle-associated protein 8

BORG_CEP PF14957.1 Cdc42 effector

Borrelia_lipo_1 PF05714.6 Borrelia burgdorferi virulent strain associated lipoprotein

Borrelia_lipo_2 PF06238.6 Borrelia burgdorferi BBR25 lipoprotein

Borrelia_orfA PF02414.10 Borrelia ORF-A

Borrelia_orfD PF02999.9 Borrelia orf-D family

Borrelia_orfX PF04160.7 Orf-X protein

Borrelia_P13 PF05628.7 Borrelia membrane protein P13

Borrelia_P83 PF05262.6 Borrelia P83/100 protein

Borrelia_rep PF03183.8 Borrelia repeat protein

Borrelia_REV PF03978.8 Borrelia burgdorferi REV protein

Bot1p PF12298.3 Eukaryotic mitochondrial regulator protein

Botulinum_HA-17 PF05588.6 Clostridium botulinum HA-17 protein

Bowman-Birk_leg PF00228.15 Bowman-Birk serine protease inhibitor family

BP28CT PF08146.7 BP28CT (NUC211) domain

BPD_transp_1 PF00528.17 Binding-protein-dependent transport system inner membrane component

BPD_transp_2 PF02653.11 Branched-chain amino acid transport system / permease component

BphX PF06139.7 BphX-like

BPL_C PF02237.12 Biotin protein ligase C terminal domain

BPL_LplA_LipB PF03099.14 Biotin/lipoate A/B protein ligase family

BPL_N PF09825.4 Biotin-protein ligase, N terminal

BPS PF08947.5 BPS (Between PH and SH2)

BpuJI_N PF11564.3 Restriction endonuclease BpuJI - N terminal

BpuSI_N PF15516.1 BpuSI N-terminal domain

Bradykinin PF06753.7 Bradykinin

Branch PF02485.16 Core-2/I-Branching enzyme

Branch_AA_trans PF05525.8 Branched-chain amino acid transport protein

BRAP2 PF07576.7 BRCA1-associated protein 2

Bravo_FIGEY PF13882.1 Bravo-like intracellular region

BRCA-2_helical PF09169.5 BRCA2, helical

BRCA-2_OB1 PF09103.5 BRCA2, oligonucleotide/oligosaccharide-binding, domain 1

BRCA-2_OB3 PF09104.5 BRCA2, oligonucleotide/oligosaccharide-binding, domain 3

BRCA2 PF00634.13 BRCA2 repeat

BRCT PF00533.21 BRCA1 C Terminus (BRCT) domain

BRCT_assoc PF12820.2 Serine-rich domain associated with BRCT

BRE PF06113.7 Brain and reproductive organ-expressed protein (BRE)

BRE1 PF08647.6 BRE1 E3 ubiquitin ligase

Brevenin PF03032.10 Brevenin/esculentin/gaegurin/rugosin family

BRF1 PF07741.8 Brf1-like TBP-binding domain

BRI3BP PF14965.1 Negative regulator of p53/TP53

BRICHOS PF04089.9 BRICHOS domain

Brix PF04427.13 Brix domain

BRK PF07533.11 BRK domain

BrkDBD PF09607.5 Brinker DNA-binding domain

Bro-N PF02498.12 BRO family, N-terminal domain

BRO1 PF03097.13 BRO1-like domain

BROMI PF14961.1 Broad-minded protein

Bromodomain PF00439.20 Bromodomain

Bromo_coat PF01318.13 Bromovirus coat protein

Bromo_MP PF01573.11 Bromovirus movement protein

Bromo_TP PF07524.8 Bromodomain associated

Brr6_like_C_C PF10104.4 Di-sulfide bridge nucleocytoplasmic transport domain

Brucella_OMP2 PF05244.6 Brucella outer membrane protein 2

BRX PF08381.6 Transcription factor regulating root and shoot growth via Pin3

BRX_N PF13713.1 Transcription factor BRX N-terminal domain

BSD PF03909.12 BSD domain

Bse634I PF07832.6 Cfr10I/Bse634I restriction endonuclease

BSMAP PF12280.3 Brain specific membrane anchored protein

BSP PF04450.7 Peptidase of plants and bacteria

BSP_II PF05432.6 Bone sialoprotein II (BSP-II)

BssC_TutF PF08201.6 BssC/TutF protein

BssS PF13991.1 BssS protein family

BsuBI_PstI_RE PF06616.6 BsuBI/PstI restriction endonuclease C-terminus

BsuPI PF12690.2 Intracellular proteinase inhibitor

BT1 PF03092.11 BT1 family

BTAD PF03704.12 Bacterial transcriptional activator domain

BTB PF00651.26 BTB/POZ domain

BTB_2 PF02214.17 BTB/POZ domain

BTD PF09270.5 Beta-trefoil DNA-binding domain

BTG PF07742.7 BTG family

BTK PF00779.14 BTK motif

BTP PF05232.7 Bacterial Transmembrane Pair family

BtpA PF03437.10 BtpA family

BTV_NS2 PF04514.7 Bluetongue virus non-structural protein NS2

Btz PF09405.5 CASC3/Barentsz eIF4AIII binding

Bt_P21 PF05560.6 Bacillus thuringiensis P21 molecular chaperone protein

Bud13 PF09736.4 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor of RES complex

BUD22 PF09073.5 BUD22

Bul1_C PF04426.7 Bul1 C terminus

Bul1_N PF04425.7 Bul1 N terminus

Bundlin PF05307.6 Bundlin

Bunya_G1 PF03557.10 Bunyavirus glycoprotein G1

Bunya_G2 PF03563.8 Bunyavirus glycoprotein G2

Bunya_NS-S PF01104.12 Bunyavirus non-structural protein NS-s

Bunya_NS-S_2 PF03231.8 Bunyavirus non-structural protein NS-S

Bunya_nucleocap PF00952.12 Bunyavirus nucleocapsid (N) protein

Bunya_RdRp PF04196.7 Bunyavirus RNA dependent RNA polymerase

BURP PF03181.10 BURP domain

But2 PF09792.4 Ubiquitin 3 binding protein But2 C-terminal domain

Bys1 PF04681.7 Blastomyces yeast-phase-specific protein

Bystin PF05291.6 Bystin

B_lectin PF01453.19 D-mannose binding lectin

bact-PGI_C PF10432.4 Bacterial phospho-glucose isomerase C-terminal region

bcl-2I13 PF12201.3 Bcl2-interacting killer, BH3-domain containing

bHLH-MYC_N PF14215.1 bHLH-MYC and R2R3-MYB transcription factors N-terminal

bPH_1 PF08000.6 Bacterial PH domain

bPH_2 PF03703.9 Bacterial PH domain

bPH_3 PF14470.1 Bacterial PH domain

bPH_4 PF06713.6 Bacterial PH domain

bPH_5 PF10882.3 Bacterial PH domain

bPH_6 PF10756.4 Bacterial PH domain

bZIP_1 PF00170.16 bZIP transcription factor

bZIP_2 PF07716.10 Basic region leucine zipper

bZIP_C PF12498.3 Basic leucine-zipper C terminal

bZIP_Maf PF03131.12 bZIP Maf transcription factor