A searchable database of multiple PSSMs of structural and sequence families


MulPSSM is a database of multiple position specific scoring matrices of protein domain families with constant alignments.
The paper explaining the MulPSSM database has been published in NAR database issue 2006 and can be accessed here : Nucleic Acids Research, 2006, Vol. 34, Database issue D243-D246.

Position Specific Scoring Matrices (PSSMs) corresponding to aligned sequences of homologous proteins are commonly used in homology detection. A PSSM is generated on the basis of one of the homologues as a reference sequence which is the query in the case of PSI_BLAST searches. Reference sequence is chosen arbitrarily while generating PSSMs for reverse BLAST searches. We have recently demonstrated (Anand et al, 2005. Bioinformatics, 21, 2821-2826) that use of Multiple PSSMs corresponding to a given alignment and variable reference sequences is more effective than using traditional single PSSMs and Hidden Markov Models.

MulPSSM consists of PSSMs corresponding to all known structural families of protein domains. For every family we provide multiple PSSMs corresponding to a given alignment which is of high quality. A RPS-BLAST interface enables one to query a sequence in this multiple PSSMs database by selecting structural families.

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